Places to Spend Taco Tuesday in Buffalo

LETS TACO ‘BOUT TACOS!  Let’s be honest here- if you ever meet someone that does not appreciate a good taco, do you really trust them? Buffalo is very lucky to have some wonderful places to spend Taco Tuesday.  Feel free to try all of them- there is a total of 5 on our list today which means that you should be set starting Monday to have tacos until Friday. We’re just going to say you’re welcome in advance.

Deep South Taco
WIth two locations there is almost no excuse to not have been to this wonderful place yet. The tacos are absolutely wonderful. The newer one being on Hertel Avenue, it is always a fun time no matter which you go to. The possibilities are endless here! With everything from tacos, to burritos, to nachos, to the BEST guacamole in Buffalo it is fair to say that if you leave here hungry it is 100% your own fault. The tacos all come in handmade corn tortilla shells and there are so many options that there is something for everyone. One we thing we have to tell you about is the Three Cheese Tequila Queso. I mean, if we are being honest here- anything with Tequila sounds like a fun time but this queso dip will knock your socks off.

Colosso Taco
Let’s just start off by saying that their tacos are actually colossal. Located in North Tonawanda, with another location opening soon in Niagara Falls, they have proven that they know what they are doing. If you ever find yourself in either of those areas go check them out. What’s even better about them- they are open late, just as late as our last call. Their tacos come in three sizes to cater to what type of hunger you’re having that day- small, large, or super. You can basically do anything you want to them to fit your taste buds. One personal favorite is the classic chicken taco. Unlike other places in Buffalo, Colosso uses almost a roasted chicken over ground chicken and it makes it taste a little fresher. It’s actually a place that is perfect for everyone. They offer pizza and wings and also have a chicken finger taco that everyone should have once. You’re mixing to amazing foods together- why wouldn’t you try that!

LLoyds Tacos
Starting off as a food truck only a few years ago, Lloyds is probably one of the most well
Taco places in Buffalo. The food is all hormone free and you can taste it. What makes Lloyds so great is that the Lloyds truck always seems to turn up when you need it the most. For example- when it is parked on Allen at 2 am and you smell those tacos just coming towards you- it is pure bliss. The minute you taste what it is that burrito it just feels right. Tacos can be very generic, but Lloyds has taken one of the most beloved foods in the world and made it their own. Which in turn means you can make it your own. If you have not eaten here yet, you are doing a disservice to yourself.

Elmwood Tacos & Subs (ETS)
ETS is THE spot to go to on Elmwood when you want food. Nothing else compares. Especially those waffle fries? Come on. Seriously, it is a favorite among most people living in the area. Their tacos just taste so fresh. You can literally taste how fresh their ingredients are. If you have ever watched any cooking show you probably know that the most important thing to give customers is fresh food over everything frozen.  That is exactly what you’re getting here. Their tacos are a good size portion, they taste fantastic, and it is the best place on Elmwood Avenue when you’re looking for your weekly taco splurge.

Mighty Taco
You can’t have a list about tacos without including Mighty if you live in Buffalo. It is a Buffalo classic. Most people in Buffalo will have some serious debates over Mighty Taco over Taco Bell and overall, at least in Buffalo, Mighty Taco always prevails. Wherever you go, there’s bound to be a Mighty right by you. With everything from traditional beef tacos, to fish tacos, to pork barbeque tacos, one of the best things about Mighty is that there is usually something new all the time. They try to stay current. However, personal favorite will always be a hard shell taco, with ground beef and medium sauce. It is literally the perfect crunch and combination of ingredients.

Tacos will always be a classic favorite for most people. Buffalo is no exception. Our favorite part about the places we listed is that they have taken a favorite that everyone knows how to make and they have made it their own. Hopefully we have given you a few more ideas in case there was one included that you have not heard of yet. Buffalo is like a hidden gem of food that most people in the world have never heard of and we’re happy we get to eat here all the time! If you are interested in eating as much Buffalo food as possible, it is probably time to think about moving here. Red Door Real Estate is opening doors all over WNY, we want to help you open yours! Give us a ring at 716-768-1177 and we can help you!

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Parking In Buffalo Just Got Easier


Parking in a city is never easy. Now thanks to a new app called, Buffalo Roam you can forget your change. Let’s be honest, you probably forgot it anyways. Buffalo Roam was released on May 26th of this year by PassportParking, Inc.

I’m sure you’re wanting to know more about the app. Most importantly, I’m sure you’re wondering how much it costs, it’s free! The app has an average of 4.5 stars. Customers are pleased with how convenient and easy it is to use. There have been no major issues so far. It’s as simple as being able to park, pay, extend, and manage your parking session right from the palm of your hand.

There are drawbacks like anything. One complaint in the reviews being there is not an option to pay less than $1 for short amounts of time for parking. The only other con I could seem to find about this app is there is a .10 convenience fee.

Onto the pros. You can keep track of your parking session, easily navigate a growing list of features and use a unique 4-digit PIN to keep all your information safe. You will receive notifications when your parking session time is almost out. The option to extend your parking session through the app is available. For future reference, you receive email receipts at the end of your session and manage your parking history.

So far this seems to be a great attribute to Buffalo and will make commuting in the city a little easier. If you are parked on Elmwood and are looking for a home, stop by Red Door!

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4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Your First House

Buying a house is a huge deal. It’s not easy either. A lot of times you look for months for the perfect house and sometimes it doesn’t even pan out. Sometimes you put in an offer and it doesn’t work out. Why put yourself through that if you’re not ready? We put together a list of 4 main questions to ask yourself before you go through it. Be honest with yourself. The housing market is not going anywhere!

  1: Why do you want to buy a house?
One of the worst things you can do is buy a house because people are telling you to invest while the market is great.  Your parents, friends, coworkers may have some good advice for you after you decide that this is the right move for you but don’t do it just because other people are telling you. Buying a house is a major step in anyone’s life and the worst thing you can do is buy one because others are pressuring you. If you want to buy a house because it feels right, or youre looking for a place to start a family, or you just think its time to move out of the apartment you’ve had since you’re early twenties than do it! A lot of homebuyers that start want a house for one main reason: freedom. If you want to paint orange polka dots on your ceiling and have lime green as an accent wall you can do that. If that’s the real reason you’re buying than do it! Only start the process until you have come to that decision on your own.

2: Can you save up?
Owning is a lot more work than renting. Whenever your hot water tank doesn’t work, the lights flicker, or there’s no heat it is on you to fix it. The costs of owning a home are more than a lot of people realize until after they buy it. Once you sign on the dotted line that house and all of its issues have now become your issues. Most of the time, home buyers think of this when they do their inspection and they see what kind of things will have to be replaced. Keep these things in mind when you start to put in your offer. Remember- you’re going to need to save up some money in order to cover those times when things come up for your house. When the sewer goes or a pipe bursts-all of those things are a surprise. Just ask yourself how much of your income you’re willing to save in order to cover those costs.

3: Will you stay there for the next 5 years?
It will take a normal homebuyer about 5 years to recover from the closing costs alone when buying a home. If you move out sooner, there is a chance you will end up losing money on your initial investment.  Also, 5 years is pretty short in the grand scheme of your life. When you’re looking around certain areas ask yourself if you will still want to be here 5 years from now. Can the home accommodate a growing family? Will the area still be safe in the future? All of these things are important to think of- especially if you’re buying your first house.

4: What kind of house do you want?
Think of what you are going to do with the house when you are done with it. Let’s say after 5 years you and your family decide that you need something different. Are you going to sell it? Are you going to fix it up and re-sell it? Are you going to rent it out? If you are going to fix it up make sure that it is something you could foresee in the future or work on it as live in it. Do you have the costs to cover that? If you are going to rent it out after a certain period ask yourself about the location. For example- if you are near a college campus is the area walkable? It may seem far-fetched and into the future but at least you’re thinking ahead and can plan according to what you kind of think may happen.

If all of these questions have easy answers for you then you’re ready! Buying a house is an exciting process. It’s one of the greatest adventures you will ever take in your life. We just want to make sure you’re prepared. If you are buying or selling, we truly do wish you the best of luck. Happy buying! If you are looking to have an easy home buying process, Red Door Real Estate is more than happy to help you. We are opening doors all over WNY- let us help you open yours, just give us a call at 716-768-1177!

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Evolution Vs. No Wrecking Ball – What we think.


Over the past year or so, two major arguments have been building over the progress on Elmwood Avenue. One argument- the ‘No Wrecking Ball’ movement, does not want the charm of the older buildings to go away. The movement stands to keep Elmwood the same which contributes to the overall character of the neighborhood. The counter argument is the campaign for the progress of the Elmwood strip. “EVolution”, which stands to facelift the surroundings of the Elmwood strip to better meet the needs of the modern world. One side believes that progress is not measured by the amount of construction tape that surrounded new exciting endeavors, but rather the preservation of history in a modern world.


We took this time, with a team of our three interns, to ask generally what people thought of both sides of the argument. Both sides are equally as passionate about what they believe in. The consensus was the people were okay with the idea if historical aspects were kept intact. Elmwood Avenue is a big part of the history of Buffalo. Just looking at some of the old pictures of it gives it a sense of pride. But the main argument here is that change is the only constant in life. There are so many benefits of the progress of Elmwood and it is time that we accept it and work within that.

The Evolution campaign stands for the renovation of parts of the Elmwood strip, known as the Reverie project. The project will change parts of the strip. 1006 -1028 Elmwood avenue would be demolished and rebuilt. A building on Potomac avenue would go through some minor improvements and 721 Ashland Avenue would be replaced with a 51 unit residential complex. The Reverie project will take 18-24 months to complete. They will try to preserve the brick store fronts of 976-982 Elmwood- which includes Red Door.

As a resident and business owner of Elmwood Avenue, we stand behind the EVolution of Elmwood Avenue. Speaking from experience, as current, past and future stakeholders in the evolution of Buffalo, it’s safe to say that progress is not only measured by outward entities investing in our city. It has everything to do with the feeling of pride that is in the heart of every true Buffalonian, we are officially on the map. Not just for wings and beef on weck, but for the development of our city for the future. We have taken pride in our city, the only way we can stay true to that is by continuing to make strides and instead of disagreeing with progress when it presented; coming together in unity for a better Buffalo. We need to continue to make strides in growing our city, which will only bring in more business, residents and add to the value of our already beautiful Buffalo.







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