Canalside Activities!

One of the most popular locations in Buffalo during the warmer months is Canalside! Canalside is a developing location along the water in downtown Buffalo at Pearl Street and Marine Drive. Canalside dates all the way back to the year 1825 when the Erie Canal Harbor was originally built. It was known during this time to be one of the most successful ports for the exchange of people and goods from around the world. As time progressed, Buffalo was considered to be the largest inland port in the nation! Eventually, as Buffalo became more populated, the Canal Harbor was covered with dirt and stones to make room to incorporate streets for travel. Unfortunately, the Erie Canal Harbor remained like this until 2005 when it began to be redeveloped into what we know today.

    The Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation works to provide an abundance of opportunities for activities in Buffalo involving art and culture, music and concerts, health and fitness, celebrations and festivals, family and kid-friendly events, games and activities, and charities and fundraising all of which contribute to the continuous development of Buffalo!
    The entertainment found at canalside is endless, there is something for everyone! On most days, there are events held in the morning, afternoon, and evening to assimilate diverse schedules. Each week canalside offers a variety of free outdoor workout classes designed to include everyone! Just as you thought canalside couldn’t get any better, every Thursday, as well as some other evenings during the week, Canalside hosts a free concert. Each week this draws large crowds of people of all ages where there is not just music, but also several of Buffalo’s favorite food trucks!

    If you are just interested in visiting canalside when there is no entertainment being offered, there is still the opportunity to rent kayaks and water bikes along with various boat rides, ranging from historical tours to sunset cruises offered throughout the day. That’s not all, there are many restaurants located along the water! Some of these restaurants include The Hatch, Liberty Hound, and (716) Food and Sports among others.
    When I go to canalside, I never want to leave, and some people don’t! Canalside is a desirable location for renting, or buying apartments and condos. These apartments and condos are right on the water surrounded by food and entertainment in the heart of the city of Buffalo. Canalside brings communities together, provides entertainment, and is full of history and fun for everyone!
To be more engaged in canalside, and their upcoming events visit their website,
To learn more about Red Door Real Estate please visit our website at or call us at (716)768-1177.
By: Regan Sheets

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Pet Adoption: Making a Difference

“Adopt, Don’t Shop” is a saying that many of us have heard at one time or another. It refers to adopting pets from shelters rather than right out buying them from retailers. But why? Have you ever stopped to think why this saying is so commonplace, and why it even matters in the first place? Adopting an animal from a shelter has a wide variety of benefits, that go beyond just owning an animal.

Adopting a pet means saving a life. According to The Humane Society of the United States, each year 2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized in the U.S. This is because there are far too many pets that are coming into shelters without enough owners coming in to adopt them. By adopting a pet rather than buying one, you are clearing up space in the shelter for another lovable animal to find a home.

Further, when you adopt your pet, you’re putting a huge roadblock in the way for puppy and kitten mills. These mills, which sell to stores, raise animals in very unsanitary and overcrowded conditions exclusively for profits. This means the breading animals spend the entirety of their lives in cages, and the health of all the animals is almost entirely neglected. To learn more, check out The Puppy Mill Project who aim to end puppy mill cruelty with education, outreach, and advocacy.

Not only does adoption save a life, but it is substantially cheaper than buying an animal. Adoption prices usually cover initial medical costs for the animal, including their first vaccinations. Also, a lot of adopted animals have already been house trained, which will end up saving you a lot of time and energy.

Adoption also allows you to find the animal that is just right for you. Whether you’re looking for an older or younger pet, high energy or low energy, or if you’re simply looking for an animal that runs up to you the first time you see it: you’ll find it. There are so many different animals that need to be adopted, and maybe you’ll end up taking home a friend that you didn’t expect to simply because they won your heart.

Not only will adopting a pet change your life, but it may even make you physically and mentally healthier. Having an animal has shown to have significant health benefits. According to the CDC, having a pet can lead to decreased blood pressure, cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels, feelings of loneliness, increased exercise and increased socialization. So there’s a lot to feel good about.

But let’s not forget the heart of having an animal. You’re not just adopting a pet, you’re making a best friend and adding a new family member to your home. Someone who you’ll love and cherish despite them constantly waking you up in the middle of the night, or barking out the window at each and every dog that passes by. And they’ll love you more than you would’ve ever expected. They’ll change your life as much as you’ll change theirs. You will make incredible memories that will last you the rest of your life.

If you’re looking to help a furry friend in need, check out one of the many amazing shelters and pet adoption agencies in the Buffalo Area. Or, if you’re not ready to adopt yet, volunteer! Pet shelters need all the help they can get.

Awesome Paws Rescue – Blasdell

Buffalo Animal Shelter – Buffalo

Buffalo Pug and Small Breed Rescue, Inc. – Buffalo

SPCA Serving Erie County – West Seneca 

By: Ashley Dressig

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Elmwood Village Summer Concert Series



With the Summer Solstice done and over with, summer is officially here! Time to lounge around, enjoy the sun, and spend the next few months doing whatever you want. Living in Buffalo provides no shortage of activities. With so much to do, there is only so much money to spend. We have an exciting option for those of you that want to have fun and not worry about having to spend money.

The Elmwood Village Association is a hub that brings together the community to make a change for the good. Focusing on participation, culture, positivity, and stability they are helping the neighborhood one step at a time. Not only do they focus on the support of the city and surrounding areas, they like to have fun!

For the 21st year, the EVA kicks off their Elmwood Village Summer Concert Series. A series of concerts held every Tuesday from 7 pm – 9 pm from June 9th to August 14th in Bidwell Parkway. The best part about this event is that it is free to attend! If you choose to, the only thing you will be buying is food and refreshments from the local shops and vendors supporting the event.   


Here is a list of the bands that will be playing this summer!


June 19th – Tom Stahl and the Dangerfields

June 26th – Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

July 10th –  The Tins

July 17th – Sol Y Sombra  

July 24th –  Randle and the Late Night Scandals

July 31st –  Workingman’s Dead


August 7th – The Skiffle Minstrels

August 14th –  Neville Francis and the Riddim Posse


For more information about EVA and their events check out their website.


Here at Red Door Real Estate, we support the great city of Buffalo and all it has to offer! Whether you go to one of the concert dates or all of them you won’t be disappointed. If you find yourself walking down Elmwood, feel to stop by our office, or go ahead and give us a call!

982 Elmwood Avenue Buffalo, NY 14222


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Ways to Kick Off Summer (Adult-Style)

Leave the cookies and cake at the kid’s table for the next cookout. Do yourself a favor and make these enticing and delicious desserts. With just enough, you’ll be able to turn up your summer!

Winesicles & Sangria Ice Pops








Cool off with a Raspberry Mango Sangria Ice Pop or Melon Mint Wine Sicle. Just some fruit and wine is all you need for a good time!!! The Cherry Merlot Wine Sicle prove that the combinations are endless.

Adult Milkshakes


It doesn’t have to be your birthday to earn a Birthday Cake Oreo’s Boozy Milkshake. Whether you’re out and about or at home, it’s nothing to enjoy a creamy and surprise of a drink like Samoas Cookies and Cream Coconut Milkshake or

Boozy Creme De Menthe Mudslide Milkshakes!

Poke Cake Anyone?


Sure, you could do a rum cake, like abuela would. Or you can make some Guinness Chocolate Poke Cake or Margarita Poke Cake. Bake and take a spoonful of Kahlua Chocolate Poke Cake to make happy hour the divine hour.

Bars or Bars?


Your squad could get ready for the bars. Or they could get some Boozy Brownies With Salted Caramel Rum Sauce instead of going out! Margarita Bars and Spiked Mocha Mousse Bars will be all the party you need!!

Cupcakes Please!


Before you can enjoy some Strawberry Margarita Cupcakes, Rum and Cola Cupcakes, and Mojito Cupcakes. Set these away and out of sight of the children. We can’t have them thinking they’re the only ones entitled to cupcakes!

Sorbets and Ice Cream


If you think you can’t make this, no worries, these recipes are easy to come by. Enjoy Cucumber Gin and Tonic Sorbet,  Red Wine Granita with Vanilla Ice Cream, or Mudslide No Churn Ice Cream. No hassle. No problem. Just scoop, eat, and relax!

The team at Red Door not only work hard to match homes with potential homeowners, but they take the time to relax and unwind responsibly. If you take the time to make one of these scrumptious desserts, post it and tag us to let us know how you did!!!

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A Living Museum: The Architecture of Buffalo

Walking through the streets of Buffalo is like visiting a museum exhibition of 100’s of years of architectural history. Formerly one of the largest and most important cities in America, Buffalo’s rich history is evident in its construction. Two-hundred years of American architectural traditions are represented in Buffalo, spanning from the Colonial Era to the postmodern period. It has historically called one of the best designed American cities. From the unique Art Deco style of the City Hall to the Prairie School design of the Frank Lloyd Martin house, Buffalo has buildings that draw visitors from around the world.

Built in 1901, the classic Buffalo Savings Bank is one of Buffalo’s most well-known buildings. Its characteristic gilded roof and the neoclassical Beaux Arts style makes a building difficult to forget.

Besides the classic buildings from Buffalo’s heyday, the newer modern buildings add to Buffalo’s character. The postmodern Key Center at Fountain Plaza stands as an example of this.
Many of Buffalo’s most acclaimed residential neighborhoods, such as the Elmwood Village, were built in the late 19th century, when Buffalo was at its height. A great example of this is a house Red Door sold last year on Richmond Avenue, located in Elmwood Village:
Built in 1883, this beautiful Victorian style 3-bedroom home standouts in the neighborhood as a prime example of Buffalo architecture. The umbrella term “Victorian” applies to the architecture style(s) of the European 1800s, specifically during the reign of Queen Victoria. Victorian architecture has its own unique varieties depending on where it’s found, and here we see a classic Buffalo design, with its prominent large windows and a porch. Buffalo would not truly be the Buffalo we know without houses like this.
Sold by Red Door in April, the following house is a local classic, the Buffalo Double, of the Industrial Vernacular style. It is one of the most common residential buildings in Buffalo and was built between 1890-1930. The Buffalo Double consists of a two-floored building containing two, usually three bedroom flats, porch and balcony included. These houses were very popular amongst immigrants because they allowed extended families or friends to live together.
Rich history and aesthetics aside, the homes of Buffalo are the physical manifestations of the people who have lived and currently live here. The soul of Buffalo lives through its architecture, and that is why it so important to understand it.
By: David Reuveni

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Next Adventure: House Hunting!!!

At some point when you were younger, you imagined what your first home would be like. Some may have imagined living in a castle, or maybe the home their parents lived in as a child. Before you can make your dream home a reality, there are some things everyone needs to consider.

The process of buying a home can be difficult, dragged out, and not the slightest bit of fun if you aren’t prepared or ready to make some serious decisions. So before you start watching HGTV to get inspiration on how to decorate and furnish your new home, grab a notepad and pen to write out a plan, budget, and needs/want list.


#1 – Are you ready to be a homeowner?

Are you ready to be a grown up and buy your first home? Ready to move out of an apartment with your roommates or out of your family’s place to be in a place all your own? Are you ready to a pay a mortgage for 10 years, or possibly longer? Not to mention paying for lawn care, house maintenance, and other house bills? If some of your answers were a no, it’s okay! What you can do to change the answers is to start saving. Saving until you are confident that the money you have will and can afford the type of home you want. You’ll want to make sure you have enough saved up to cover a down payment, broker fees, closing costs, and obviously extra money to cover costs of getting new appliances or house fixtures if needed.

When talking to a lender, make sure you ask about all your options for financing your new home. How much can you afford, and what options are best for you? Work with someone who will be able to hear what you want and takes into consideration your situation. Work with someone who can work with you.

#2 – Look for a realtor that works with you

While you may have started searching for homes in newspapers and online at sites like Realtor, Trulia, or Zillow, or began to think about what you want in a home. Take time to research realtors that can make the process easier and friendlier for you! Make sure the realtor that is helping find your home, is the one that is working with you so they can show you all your options. They can guide you through the process keeping in mind all that you’re looking for, including what you can afford! So put a little time and energy into finding a real estate company that will treat you well and accomplish all that you are looking for!

#3 – What type of home and neighborhood do you want?

Figure out what type of home and what type of area you can see yourself living long-term. Do you plan on starting a family in the future, or maybe having pets? Maybe you’re looking for a neighborhood with an environment that is welcoming and amicable. Maybe the area has regular get-togethers? Do you see yourself on a quiet street with few noise complaints? A community that provides the peace you’re looking for?

Another thing to consider, is the commute to your job going to be easier or a little longer due to more traffic? If you have a family or are planning on expanding it, consider the area’s school district. What’s the school’s reputation? What’s the commute time like?

For your home, do you want a spacious lawn and a finished deck with room for entertainment? Or maybe something low maintenance with a couple bushes or trees? Can see yourself putting effort into to your lawn care, or wanting something with no extra landscaping but a driveway and a bush or two?

#4 – Know your needs and wishes

Begin a list of the things you need in your home for life to be easy, like a large kitchen if you regularly entertain or host parties and get-togethers, or having a spacious walk-in closet for both you and your partner’s belongings to fit. Compile a list of the things you need now and may need in the future.

For your wishlist, be realistic about the things you would like to have in your new home. If you’re dreaming of having a four-car garage when you only need two, spend more time weighing out what’s important to have and what’s nice to have. A wishlist should be the sprinkles on top of the sundae that is your home. The extra features that make your “yes”, turn into a YES, let’s buy this home! Even if you end up in a home that doesn’t have all your wants, you can always save and make those additional home renovations to include your wishlist.

#5 – Home inspections and walkthroughs

When viewing homes in person, keep in mind that not every house is going to be your home! Be ready for some disappointment and some hope as to what you’re looking for. Also, keep an open mind when viewing a home. If there’s room in your budget to buy and make future renovations, then keep the house a viable option. If you know a home is in need of many renovations that exceed your budget then you may have to let it go.

Also when touring what could be your future home, pay attention to the foundation, its electrical work, windows, walls, any sort of things that stick out. You wanna make sure that before you buy a home, that the keys aren’t the only thing coming with the place. Any sort of past issue or current problems should be brought up while looking at a home and especially before considering a down payment!

#6 – Closing the deal

If you believe you have found a house that can meet most, if not, all your needs and wishes, gives you good vibes and fits your budget, then proceed to negotiate the price. If you did notice things that stuck out in the home inspection, then renegotiate the price or see what the current owner can do before you place a down payment. You are always able to negotiate toward a deal that works for you!

If you lucked out and found a home with little to no problems, fits your budgets, and suits all your needs then claps for you! If you found a fixer-upper that with some time can give you your dream home, still a claps for you! No matter what home you end up closing on, you get to call it your home!

If you lucked out and found a home with little to no problems, fits your budgets, and suits all your needs then claps for you! If you found a fixer-upper that with some time can give you your dream home, still a claps for you! No matter what home you end up closing on, you get to call it your home!

If you think you want to begin your journey with us at Red Door then feel free to give us a call or an email to meet and get things started!

Red Door WNY

By: Kaitlin Tillman

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Digital Marketing and How to Make the Most of it!!

If you’re a business owner and have never considered using digital marketing to promote your business needs; what’s stopping you? Digital marketing in this age has gone far beyond billboards and newspaper ads. It allows businesses to market to an online community. You can get to know what the online public is looking for, what they’re talking about, and what ads and posts create the most buzz. After sitting in on a presentation of two marketing and public relations specialists at J&E Media Corp of Rochester, NY, I learned how they were able to really focus in on why every business should have a basic social media account for today’s business needs.

For the businesses that don’t have at least a Facebook page, both specialists explained how you’re missing out on half the world. In terms of business, if you’re not a national business in terms of the world, you’re still missing out on half of your local community. Facebook, created in 2006, has become the patriarch of social media. With over 1 billion users, you’ll begin to realize how much you’re missing out on.

If you’re thinking that maintaining social media is gonna cost you big money, it’s not! Facebook has rates that start as low as $5 a day for ads and posts. From the likes, shares, and engagement you get from your posts, it will reward you with business growth and an online following.

When creating posts to advertise your business, include photos and text to draw out more people to like your page and follow what your business does! A key rule in posting is to follow the 80/20 rule. When posting photos, make sure only 20% of the text is in the image and the rest should be above or below it. Too much text will make the image hard to read and can confuse your audience.
Another key rule in digital marketing is to keep your page updated!! The worst thing you can do as a business owner is having products or services to offer, but not updating them to meet the needs of customers. The same thing applies to social media, keep your accounts updated with relevant promotions or specials for what your business does. Don’t have a facebook page’s most recent post be something Christmas-themed when it’s almost the Fourth of July!


If your posts are intended to advertise your business, share funny memes that relate to your business or posts about the employees that make up your business, and create a weekly/monthly calendar of your post content. Having scheduled posts will make your page more organized in terms of events. Your readers will be able to follow what specials to look for, they will get to learn about some of the employees and the business too.

A key rule in digital marketing is that everything is trackable. Not only will your Facebook page be easy to find, but as a business owner, you will be able to navigate and learn how social media behavior can work for your business. For example, if you own a nail salon, you can set up a Facebook page for your business, posts ads to promote your services and offer specials to those who like your page or recent post. As a business owner, you can navigate how social media behavior can work for your business. For a nail salon, your prime demographic is going to be women, young and mature, single, in a relationship, married, etc. You can promote your nail salon specialties or its location to drive more clicks, likes, shares, and eventually in-store visits to your business.

A great bonus of having social media is that your customers and clients can review and rate your business. As scary yet exciting as this capability is, you can work to get yourself the 4.0 and higher rating you want to see your business have. On social media, the online community has a voice in the comment section. The comment section can make or break your restaurant. If the majority of the comments mention great customer service, good value in prices or just in general how much they love your business, you’re instantly going to get more page likes and more attraction to your business. If you find that your comment section is filled with complaints or suggestions, then maybe you need to scroll through and see where your business is falling short. The comment section is a business’s opportunity to engage with their online audience. If they see that a past client wasn’t happy with their service or product, they can reach out and find how to fix their mistake and see a second visit from them. If a current customer is happy with their services and sends a shout out online, you have an opportunity to thank them for their continued business with you and your company!

What’s even more refreshing about digital marketing is that there are more and more social media channels for your business to use. So you don’t own a facebook page for your business, that’s okay. There’s Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Maps, Airbnb, Youtube, Fandango, Zillow, and other types of social media and applications that can bring your business more buzz than you think! All the rules of social media can be applied to all social media channels.

Ask Red Door Real Estate WNY! You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Maps, and the Red Door WNY website. If you’re interested in conducting business with Red Door Real Estate give us a call or email!

Phone: 716-768-1177


By: Kaitlin Tillman

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Volunteering in WNY

June 6th was National Hunger Awareness Day, and I spent my day volunteering through VolunteerWNY at the Matt Urban Hope Center in Buffalo. During my time, seven other volunteers and I made PB&J sandwiches and packed lunch bags with fruit and water bottles. The goal of the program was to make 100 meals for their Outreach team to distribute to those in need.

VolunteerWNY is funded under the Volunteer Generation Fund and the New York State Commission on National and Community Service. Its main initiative is to address the root causes of hunger throughout the WNY area. Besides the Matt Urban Hope Center, VolunteerWNY has several other partners as well, such as Community Missions of the Niagara Frontier, Compass House, Heart Love & Soul, Food Bank of WNY, and University at Buffalo Community Engagement Program.

My experience involved collaborating with a variety of new people from different backgrounds to learn about the importance of volunteer work and the issue of hunger. We ended up making over 100 lunch bags and helped the center prepare them for pick up. This experience was not only fun but also rewarding. It made me realize why volunteering is so essential to our community and has made me grateful for the things I have.

There are many privileges in our lives that we don’t often question or even consider privileges in the first place, for instance, having food on the table, access to an education, or a roof over our heads. There are millions of people in the world who struggle to gain access to these necessities, some of whom can found right here in Buffalo.

An article by The Buffalo News found that new census information indicates that 54% of children in the Buffalo area live in poverty. This information further shows that poverty in WNY is gradually increasing, with one-third of residents considered poor. Increased poverty rates are shown to have an indirect relationship with learning ability as well as education overall.

According to the Food Bank of Western New York, within the Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Erie, and Niagara counties 1 in 8 people is at risk of hunger or is food insecure, and 1 in 5 children is food insecure. Food insecurity refers to “not having consistent access to enough nutritious food to living a healthy life.” Though poverty is not necessary for food insecurity, it is usually an indicator of it.

Numerous factors can lead to poverty and hunger. It is important not to discriminate or judge, rather help those who are facing situations that are out of their control.

It’s never too late to start. If you’ve never volunteered before, I highly recommend it. 

Volunteering is an extremely humbling and enlightening experience that teaches you to give back to your community. When going into a volunteering experience, you don’t expect to take anything away from it, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Despite not being monetarily compensated for your time and effort, you receive a whole lot more that you can’t put a price on. You’re doing something bigger than yourself that has widespread benefits and it changes your life and perspective, as well as the lives of others. Your actions are directly benefitting other individuals in need who require the help you’re providing. No matter whether you’re spending years, a month, a week, a day, or even an hour dedicating your time to volunteer work, you are making a discernible difference that will hopefully lead to lasting change.

For more information about volunteering opportunities, please visit VolunteerWNY at

By: Ashley Dressig

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A Bite of Buffalo

For those who are thinking of moving or relocating to Buffalo, here’s your chance to see how Buffalo moves and grooves. Now that the snow is gone, Buffalo reawakens as the summer begins. To understand the sense of community that has made Buffalo the Queen City, you have to experience it for yourself. The summer is the perfect time to see Buffalo in action. You can explore its history, culture, and vibrant community that is unlike most mid-size cities. Starting as early as May, you can get a feel for what Buffalo has to offer. Don’t miss out on the 20 and more festivals and events this summer!

This weekend is the Pride Parade and Pride Festival to mark the end of Pride Week activities start May 29th – June 3rd. Elmwood village will be filled with spectators as the road fills with people of all backgrounds marching and celebrating the diversity and advocacy of the LGBTQ community.

The Allentown Art Festival showcases an array of local talent from the many artists that thrive in Buffalo. Tents filled with hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind art that would be a great addition to anyone’s home or make for a great souvenir for your time spent in the city, you can check out this festival June 9th -10th.


If you’re interested in how locals spend their weekends in Buffalo. in Bidwell Park, Elmwood Village holds their Farmers Market every Saturday Morning 8AM-1PM that brings out locals to live music, fresh produce, and that usual Buffalo “charm”. Local artists and entertainers sing and strum along to the morning stir of the weekend. Locals can buy from a fresh selection of fruits, veggies, breads, wines, beers and other goods from local bakeries, breweries, farms, and wineries of WNY.

Another exciting part of living in WNY is living within miles of historic landmarks. Niagara Falls, a household name and major attraction that draws millions each year. The Darwin D. Martin House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright from 1903 – 1905 that defined his famous Prairie-style architecture. The Richardson Olmsted Complex, once an insane asylum but now an architectural jewel that has been renovated and preserved. The building was designed by Henry Hobson Richardson and Frederick Law Olmsted who also designed Central Park. Buffalo’s other “must see” places include the Outer Harbor and Canalside were you can walk past retired battleships at the Naval Park or go and take a selfie with Shark Girl! You can also take a stroll through nature and the outdoors featuring Delaware Park, Hoyt Lake, and Glen Park or spend the day at a beach such as Bennett or Woodlawn.

If you’re in need of a place of good eats, then look no further than Buffalo, the cornerstone of chicken wings and pizza. Yes, we do take our pizza and wings seriously, but don’t think that that’s all we eat! Buffalo’s food scene has expanded its palette with local restaurants and food trucks that have transcended buffalo in its current renaissance. Every July, The Taste of buffalo draws at least half a million people. Popular names like Black and Blue Steak and Crab, Lloyd’s Taco Truck, Salvatore’s Italian Garden, Paula’s Donuts Restaurant and Water Lily of the 50 and more restaurants that are locally owned and operated. If you’re up to the challenge of getting a small bite of all that Buffalo has, then come hungry and ready to chow down July 7th-8th!

If you are curious about why Buffalo is the place to live. Come visit and explore! Your questions are bound to get answered! If you need help finding a place in the area visit us at Red Door Real Estate at 982 Elmwood Avenue, or you can give us a call at (716)768-1177.

By: Kaitlin Tillman

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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream About Buffalo’s Ice Cream!

It’s summer Western New York, and if you’re anything like me you’re probably looking for a way to stay cool in this summer heat. And if you’re anything like me at all then you LOVE ice cream. Ice cream is the perfect way to beat the heat this time of year, and Buffalo is home to a variety of local ice cream shops that’ll really knock your socks off this summer. I’ve compiled a list of five of the many options that you should definitely check out.

King Condrell’s Candy and Ice Cream

Located in Kenmore, King Condrell’s packs a sweet punch selling treats that range from milkshakes, cones, truffles, melt-away fudge, and out of this world sundaes. It is home of the Kitchen Sink Sundae, a massive dish that holds 16 scoops of ice cream, 2 sauces, 4 toppings, whip cream, and some cherries to top it off. Grab all of your closest friends, and maybea few more people, and bring them to dig in! Andif you’re brave enough you can try the maximum brain freeze challenge. If one person eats all ten scoops of this fruit-filled dish, it’s free and they receive a free T-Shirt!

Anderson’s Frozen Custard

Anderson’s is no ordinary ice cream shop. The store can be found all over the Buffalo area with six different locations and a food truck. Anderson’s provides high-quality products and services and received Artvoice’s 2015 Best Ice Cream in Buffalo award. The store is open year-round with changing favors to match the occasion. You can find many delicious items on their menu such as frozen yogurt and custard, sundaes, arctic-swirls, handmade ice cream cakes and pies, and local Buffalo specialties including beef on weck. Its products contain no high fructose corn syrup or growth hormones, and its beef is all natural, so you can feel good about all that food and ice cream you’re about to eat.

Lake Effect Artisan Ice Cream

Lake Effect Ice Cream was established by native Western New Yorkers Erik Bernardi and Jason Wulf, and is located in a historic location in Buffalo right above the Flight of Five lock system on the Erie Canal. This great location has even greater ice cream flavors to match. Its unique flavors are what keeps people coming back for more. Flavors range from Frozen Hot Chocolate, Chicken and Waffles, Paula’s Glazed Donut, Couch Potato, and so many more. It doesn’t stop there, Lake Effect has other fun creations to choose from including Lake Effect icicles, artisan sundaes, and cakes. If you’re looking to try something you’ve never had before, this is definitely the place to go.

Jerk’s Soda Fountain and Ice Cream

Jerk’s is located on Main Street in Buffalo and has made a name for itself by reinventing an old school concept of an American tradition. The idea of a “soda jerk” is a pun off of the traditional job “soda clerk”. In the spirit of its name, Jerk’s menu includes old-school classical favorites as well as newfound twists. For instance, it servesclassical milkshakes, over the top milkshakes, colorful celebration shakes, a pancake wrap chocolatey chippy, ice cream sandwiches, jerkos nachos, as well as their signature black ice cream. What really makes Jerk’s special is that you can create your own signature soda flavor from 30 different syrup options and pair it with any ice cream of your choice. Jerk’s also has vegan and dairy free options as well so that nobody misses out on the ice cream experience. There’s no excuse not to go, there’s something there for everyone!

Churn Soft Serve

If having ice cream paired with a warm churro sounds as delicious to you as it does to me, then I have the place for you. Churn’s products include churro sundaes, cones, sundaes like Rocky Road Trip and Cookie Monsta, or you can order a single order churro to enjoy. It also has vegan-friendly options as well. Churn is the sister brand of Lloyd, Buffalo’s first food truck. It opened in 2017 and is located at 1501 Hertel Avenue. It also prides itself on utilizing grass-fed cows whose milk goes through minimal, natural processing and their ice cream contains no artificial flavors or colors.

All of these selections are absolutely delicious and you cannot miss if you’re in the Buffalo area. But don’t take my word for it, you have all summer to try out all of these frozen treats and find your top five for the summer.

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By: Ashley Dressig

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