A Semester of Firsts

I moved to Buffalo roughly a week ago.  This move was one of the bigger transitions as this is now a permanent home at least for the next two years, and it’s not a semester home any more.  I moved here to finish up my Marketing Degree at Buffalo State.  Being here in Buffalo for such a short amount of time, I already fell in love with the city in such a short amount of time.  My only complaint to date is, that I need to learn to drive.  The city is laid out in a way that buses and trains are convenient, but I can cut down my time in half by driving.   There is such a rich vibrant history that surrounds you.  In addition to the history there is booming community that just seems to be thriving and growing with the future.


To start, taking one of those water boat tours that tells you the history of the Erie Canal.  From this boat tour, I basically realized the Canal is the reason Buffalo became a major city in New York State.   The Canal and Buffalo are synonym of one another.  In addition to the history I think I was in love with the graffiti as well as the architecture of these former buildings as well as modern use ones.  Just look at this photo the image speaks words for the glory that these buildings were once.  And some TLC can bring use and life back to them, at least in my opinion.

Beyond exploring the canal, I am super excited for the number of sports teams that are in the Buffalo Area.  But not to mention the hockey season is roughly a month away.  (The first home game is the October 4.) So far since being here I have managed to see a Bisons vs. Pax Sox game, where the Bisons won in a landslide victory.  This game was the perfect thing to do on a Friday night- explore the city and experience the sports culture around.  My friend, and myself were beyond blown away by the spirit of the crowd, and how enthusiastic everyone was within the crowd.


First impressions of Buffalo: Moving here is the best decision ever.  I could not be happier with my decision, as everyone is super friendly.  This is for sure the city of friendly neighbors.

Beyond starting a new school, and moving to a new city- I started a crazy cool internship! It’s here at Red Door Real Estate.  I am so excited and cannot wait to see what the rest of the semester brings me.  It is for sure a semester of firsts.


To check for updates in a few months look on the Red Door Real Estate Blog.


If you have any real estate needs if it is buying or selling, defiantly check out:

Red Door Real Estate

982 Elmwood Avenue

Buffalo, NY 14221



Sarah Little

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My Red Door Intern Experience

My Red Door Experience

Hi, my name is David. I’m a marketing student at UB, going into my senior year. Towards the end of junior year, I realized it was critical to find an internship, but I was in Singapore studying abroad, all the other places I applied to wouldn’t even grant me the opportunity for an interview over Skype or the phone, because it was too inconvenient. Their loss. Feeling hopeless I started broadening my search and came across an inconspicuous red door.

I didn’t think much of it; small, independent real estate firm in the heart of Elmwood, sounded cool and I might be able to get some nice experience. When I finally got back to Buffalo, passed the interview, and started working, I was more than pleasantly surprised. My first day I was instantly greeted by two adorable little dogs who are basically the mascots of the place. Everybody seemed happy and laid-back. I had an urge to unbutton the top button on my shirt.

Red Door has a family vibe. The regulars working here are friends and have known each other for years. I discovered an environment that is casual, yet hard-working at the same time, fun, but down to business when the time comes. Most of all I experienced a sort of positivity in a workplace that I have never witnessed before, even after working 5 or so different jobs. It is a place that embodies the community, local people passionate about Buffalo, who seek to make it better in the most straightforward way possible, by literally bringing new life into the neighborhoods by selling houses and encouraging people to live here. It became clear to me that Red Door is not only a business, but a community enterprise.

Red Door helped me discover a new side of Buffalo I never knew. This was my first full summer in Buffalo, and through all the research about stuff to do in Buffalo I did on the job my eyes were really opened to what Buffalo really is. Beyond blog and Facebook posts, I actually went and experienced many of these things myself. I went to free concerts, festivals, and even took part in The World Naked Bike Ride, which was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. As an out of town student in Amherst, I would have never knew about this stuff if it wasn’t for my working here. I came to love and appreciate Buffalo and its people, something I truly think many UB students don’t get to do. I’m a New York City kid, and many of the things I love about the City I see in Buffalo. I strongly believe that Buffalo, with its multiculturalism, burgeoning underground arts and music scene, and affordability, will come to rival New York City, as it once did before. Buffalo is a phoenix rising out the Rust Belt.

In terms of my own professional development, this internship provided valuable experience, both in marketing and real estate, which are both things I am gravitated to. I’m glad I got to see what real estate is, as well as the people who compose it. My experience here is definitely encouraging me to become a licensed realtor myself, which im looking to do within the year.  

Overall, working here was more pleasure than work. I developed professionally, discovered Buffalo, and made new friends. Buffalo is rising, and Red Door is helping lead the way.By: David Feyder Reuveni

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Regan’s Intern Expereince at Red Door

I am a rising senior at Hobart and William Smith colleges in Geneva New York. I am a Media and society major and a History minor. For those who do not know what media and society degree entails, it is similar to communications. The goal of media and society at HWS is to analyze the influence that mass media has on society as a whole through cultural and artistic perspectives.

HWS, being a small liberal arts college, is very supportive of a small, independent business. In fact we have a major, entrepreneurial leadership, that is devoted to just that. I have taken a few classes regarding entrepreneurship, and I have also attended several talks from fellow HWS students who have gone on to develop their own businesses after college. Because of this background, I felt comfortable interning at a small local business, however I was not positive what to expect.

I learned quickly that Red Door is not your typical dreadful office. There is never a dull moment at Red Door. Everyone is energetic, lively, exciting to be around, and genuinely great people. Even on the days that I was tired and didn’t feel like working, I would come in to smiling faces that immediately made me feel happy to be there. From my first day at the office, I felt immersed in the community, from seeing familiar faces walking into work every morning and seeing other local business owners come in and out of the office to just say hello everyday.

My current position as a marketing intern at Red Door has prepared me for the future in ways that I would have never expected walking in on my first day. Although it is a marketing internship, it is not limited to just that. It was made clear from my first day, that whatever areas I was interested in exploring at Red Door would be made available to me without hesitation. When I first applied for the internship I was of course looking for marketing experience, but most of all I was looking for just any sort of experience in an office setting, and I have to say for the three short months I have interned for Red Door I have gotten more experience then I ever thought I would have. I’ll admit when I first applied for the internship, I was hesitant because it was unpaid. But I think that might just be the most important aspect of my time here because it will convey my dedication to a company which is what all business’ are looking for.

Although I learned a lot about marketing, I also learned a lot about myself. I am still not completely positive what my career path may be upon graduating in the spring of 2019. However, at this internship I was able to decipher what I enjoyed working on and what was simply not for me. Going forward in my career, I will view my internship at Red Door as building experience. 
Personally, my favorite part about Red Door was learning more about Buffalo! From researching events happening from week to week, and writing several blogs! One of these events was the Facebook community boost. The Facebook community boost taught me a lot about managing social media accounts, and engaging an audience to help build a company which helped me at Red Door, and also in my personal life! If you are considering doing an internship at Red Door, definitely do it!!! It was an amazing learning opportunity! Call the office at 716-768-1177 or email your resume to Liz at lizcurry@gmail.com

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Joe’s Experience at Red Door

My name is Joe and I am an intern at Red Door Real Estate in Buffalo, NY. I have been working here since mid May. Today just happens to be my final day here at the office. So in honor of this special day I am writing my final blog highlighting my overall experience.

I live in a small town an hour out of the city so my first day was pretty interesting. Between dealing with rush hour traffic and construction as far as the eye can see, along with the nerves of my big day I began to think I was in over my head. After struggling to find a parking spot that I felt comfortable enough there would be no ticket when I got back, I made my nervous walk into work. Since that first day, everyday I enter the building I am always greeted with warm welcomes. I was introduced to everyone and given the tour. Before I knew it I was given my first task. 

I am currently a Marketing student at Niagara University. I was hired at Red Door to help out with just that. The first project I was assigned was to create company shirts for the staff to wear when they are in and out of the office. It took a little while, but eventually we got the shirts printed and they were a success! I also had the pleasure of creating postcards for Red Door and one of our Realtors. Those three projects among many other smaller projects like writing blogs, sending emails, going door to door, and using Facebook and Instagram, have really helped me grow in confidence and professionalism. I was even given the opportunity to attend the Facebook Community Boost Event downtown, which showed me some useful skills In marketing I didn’t know much about before

Having this internship has made me grow in a lot of ways. You can only get so much experience in a classroom, and this was the perfect segway into the real thing. I’ve met a lot of amazing people that have helped me throughout this experience, whether I worked with them or I worked for them, everyone was awesome!

I started this internship as a nervous student heading into his senior year of college with a select amount of real life experience. Now I leave this Internship full of confidence and skills I didn’t have prior. Among everything I’ve learned here at Red Door, the most important thing I will take away is the community, hard work, and appreciation that comes with working in or owning a small businesses like this one. Striving to own a successful business myself one day I am beyond grateful for the opportunity and experience they have given me. 

If you’re considering doing an internship, you should. Check out Red Door’s Facebook page to see what kind of content you’ll be creating, look at our job posting on Indeed, or send in your resume to Liz at lizcurry@gmail.com.

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The Waters of Buffalo

The Waters of Buffalo

Buffalo is a city defined by water. With the Erie Canal forming it’s downtown area and the famous Canalside, Lake Erie forms the shore front of Western New York. A short drive to the North features the Niagara River and Falls, as well as Lake Ontario. To begin with Buffalo would have never become a city without the Erie Canal which connected the Atlantic Ocean to the West via Lake Erie. Buffalo became a major center of production, transportation, and storage.

A city defined by the waters surrounding it, it’s not surprising that there is a ton of aquatic activities to partake in. Buffalo and its surrounding areas offer beautiful beaches, water sports, or even just a place to relax with family and friends.

The development of the Canal specifically has been amazing over the past few years. The Erie Canal, opened in 1825, was responsible for the economic development of Western New York and America as a whole. With most commercial traffic dying down in the 20th century due to the development of alternative transportation methods as well as the construction of newer and bigger canals in New York State. Today the Canal is mostly used for recreation, and this is especially evident in Buffalo. In the Buffalo area today, you can go boating and kayaking on the canal. And of course, there is Canalside, which has become one of Buffalo’s best outdoor venues for festivals and shows alike. Every Thursday during the Summer, big name musicians perform at Canalside, with tickets going for only $5. Few cities sponsor public entertainment at such a scale and affordability.


Following the Canal to the end, we get to Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes. Within short driving distance one can access multiple beaches, including Sunset beach which has a bar and restaurant. Wilkeson Pointe in the Outer Harbor is a quaint small beach right out of downtown. Further South, the Hamburg and Angola also serve as great destinations for day trips. A little further out but offering equally nice beaches is Lake Ontario, with Olcott beach being one of the nicer ones closer to Buffalo. Water activities on these lakes are aplenty. With multiple marinas and harbors around, it’s easy to find a place to rent watercraft, with unique options like cycleboats. Well rated harbor cruises are also available, such as the Miss Buffalo harbor cruise.

Buffalo is known for Niagara Falls, but ironically, the Falls’ role in forming the city was minor. Instead Buffalo was created and shaped by the waters surrounding it. It would be hard to imagine Buffalo without its waterfront. The future is exciting, with the rise of Canalside, the development on the water is not slowing down anytime soon.

Written By:  David Feyder Reuveni

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