My Experience at The Great Pumpkin Farm

I was fortunate enough to spend the first day of fall at The Great Pumpkin Farm in Clarence. I haven’t been to the farm since I was a kid, but it’s always fun to revisit childhood hot-spots with the love of your life. The main reason I wanted to go was to eat some freshly made pumpkin spice and apple cider doughnuts, and to show my sweet heart the fun side of the cooler weather. As soon as we got there though, I realized I was really young the last time I was there. Almost everything is tailored towards very young kids, with animals, little amusement rides, face painting, pony rides and so on.

That being said, we were there for hours. First of all, there is just so much to take in when you first arrive. There is a massive section of gourdgeous pumpkins displayed, then all the rides and games, little restaurants, an area to buy Halloween and fall decorations, and two animal sections. Most of our time was spent playing with the animals. There were just so many! There were goats, sheep, cows, yacks, alpacas, parrots and a camel! In the first section of mainly goats it cost 25 cents to feed them some dry corn bits, everyone was friendly for the most part, a few greedy goats here and there, but everyone was very gentle. In the other section of animals, food was a dollar and came in a little cup. There were a lot more animals in this area and the majority of them were little baby goats. These guys were a lot more friendly and paid attention to me even when I didn’t have food in my hand.

After we finished playing with the animals we wandered around and looked at all the rides they had set up, and then we saw the corn maze. The maze looked immense, and it was in a cool pattern. The maze was set up to look like the zombie version of the classic painting of the wife and husband with a pitchfork. We were going to wander through the maze but there was a warning that ‘zombies’ were roaming around so I encouraged my sweetie pie that we eat doughnuts instead.

The doughnuts were absolutely amazing, everything from their aroma, texture and crunch to their flavor was on point. After our doughnuts we checked out a barn with all of the fall and Halloween decorations, and it was beautiful. There is something for everyone in there, whether you are looking for silly/cute Halloween decorations to sophisticated and elegant fall décor, and everything was at a reasonable price.

We ended our experience with picking out some pretty gourds, some of which I took to my internship here are Red Door Real Estate. Whether you want to bring your family, spouse or sweet heart, this is a fall destination. You’ve goat to check it out! Painful puns aside, it really is fantastic and all ages fun.

If you are looking for a home in the Buffalo area and want an experience tailored to your needs, contact any one of our fabulous agents here at Red Door Real Estate at 716-768-1177.


Rachel Brogan

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Accomplishing my Fall Bucket List

So, I have never really sat down and watched a professional Football game, nor have I stayed and watched more than a quarter of a game on TV.  However, this Sunday with another non-native Buffalonian had Brunch at Thin Man Brewery.  We came for brunch but ended up staying for the game. When we were planning brunch, it had escaped both of our minds that Sunday are for the Bills.


I have completed roughly three fourths of an item off my bucket list for the fall.  I say three fourths of an item because, I did not go to an actual home game to tailgate.  My version of tailgating was at Thin Man, and happening upon the situation not explicitly seeking the situation.  So, in this situation I am saying it was half an experience- a whole experience would be at Bills stadium.  I am saying a quarter of an item, as I have only been to one brewery so far.  My goal is to hit two breweries total and two distilleries.


With my bucket list in mind I was absolutely in love with the whole day! Thin Man Brewery in association with other vendors sure knew how to put on the greatest football Sunday party ever.  And who knew that the Bills were going to kick some Vikings butt! But this was an unbelievable game to watch, as within the first few minutes there was a Bills touch down scored by Allen.  So, for every person who guessed correct score, there were prizes being given away.  In association with points scored there were also free shots of whiskey being given away as well.



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Sarah Little

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Sarah’s Fall Bucket List

Hi! So, I have been here in Buffalo now for roughly a month, and I am enjoying every moment of it.  From exploring Elmwood Avenue, and finding local craft breweries, to interning at Red Door Real Estate. Elmwood Avenue is just full of new adventures and multiple places of exploration.

With fall officially starting on September 22 I am creating my top fall bucket list of three items to do this season.

  1. Go to Pumpkin Picking
  2. Explore local Breweries and distilleries
  3. Go to a Fall Festival

Pumpkin Picking

When I picture pumpkin picking, I imagine being able to stroll through the fields- seeing apples, hay rides, farm animals, and eating pumpkin spice donuts.  Reading about all the options and places to go, I still cannot decide which farm might be the best farm to go to.  But I am just excited to check off pumpkin flavored food/ pumpkin carving off my bucket list this fall.

Explore local Breweries and Distilleries

Buffalo is known for its microbrewers and craft beer selection.  My goal for the fall, is to at least hit up two to three of these places on the list.  So far, I have tried Thin Man on Elmwood, when I went it was a mid-day Saturday.  The place was not super packed, and the crowd was not my cup of tea.  But I hope to try a few more I can find the ideal spot.  Beyond the breweries I do want to try some of the local distilleries.  Local creations are more unique and it supports the local industries.  Definitely will be taking a stop at a few of these.

Go to a Fall Festival

I know that most of the Oktober festivals have already passed.  But that does not mean that there are no other fall festivals.  Locktoberfest sounds like it could be a cool fun adventure.  Or even, the BBQ festival the weekend of September 21.  There are so many options and Step Out Buffalo has complied a cool list of the festivals into one location.


Check back in at the end of the fall season for the updated list on what I completed, and what I never got around to doing.

For your Buffalo area real estate needs, contact Red Door Real Estate.


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Sarah Little

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Everyday Beauty

As I stated in my last blog, I have many passions and one of those is photography. I enjoy taking pictures of my flowers, nature and landscapes, but I am not a fan of taking photos of people. I like to get in as close as possible, take 10 photos of each angle and add a light mist here and there. I am by no means a professional photographer, I don’t sell my photos and I rarely post my photos to social media platforms. I take photos so I can look back at where I’ve been and what I’ve planted. I only take photos with my phone, not some crazy expensive camera, and if I edit my photos I do so with a free, basic app. However, I do have a few neat tips and tricks to taking unique photos that you will be proud to display. I am not going to talk about actual camera settings like shutter speed, white balance or any of that other camera mumbo jumbo, because I’m not going to pretend like I understand it. I just like taking photos for the sake of taking cool photos. Below are some of the tricks I use that require little to no effort.

Morning Dew

Waking up early enough so that the sun is rising and the grass is still wet is a great time to take photos. It’s like the reverse Golden-Hour (those few hours at sun set where everything has a gold hue from the sun). The lighting is perfect, the sun is bright and low and shines through the dew on the flower.

Making Your Own Dew

Adding a mist of water to something ordinary can help you achieve a really unique photo. For example, adding a little water to a huge spider web will make the whole web visible. The water drops will be all different sizes so it really adds a bit of asymmetry to a normal web, or just a unique way to catch the light on an ordinary flower.

$10 Clip-on Macro Lens

Like I said above, I only use smart phones to take photos. The majority of my photos have been taken with a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, while some of my newer photos have been taken with a three hundred dollar cheaper phone, the One Plus 6. I have also used a macro lens that clips over the top of the phone so the lens is positioned over the camera. It’s obviously not as clear and intense as a real macro lens but it gets the job done. Macro refers to the type of photography so macro, in terms of photography, means extreme close ups of an object. Sometimes you can get so close and so much detail that no one knows what the actual subject of the photo is.












Camera Angle

Taking photos face on is boring, it’s what your great aunt or grandpa do when they take pictures. Try to find an angle most people do not see ordinary objects from. My favorite position is standing under a tree or angling my phone so it’s taking a photo directly upward at the object. Also centering the object in the exact center of the camera is boring and typical, offsetting the object can add a bit of a different perspective and it’s more pleasing to the eye. In addition, lighting can be incredibly important. If you see the most beautiful flower you’ve ever seen before and its cloudy, it can be hard to recreate that beauty you see into a photo. Finding the one flower that is illuminated can help draw someone’s attention to that specific area first.











Even though some like to claim photography is not an art because you are taking pictures of things that already exist and not making something by scratch, it takes a creative mind to see the beauty in something so insignificant as a blade of grass taller than the rest catching the sun as the sun sets, then getting down on all fours to take that photo. Just like at Red Door Real Estate, we see the beauty in every day Buffalo. If you are looking to move to the area or just move into a new home, call us at 716-768-1177. Or check out our Instagram page for new listings at reddoorrealestatewny.


Rachel Brogan

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Sean’s Top 5 Races in Buffalo

If you’re a runner or just a fan of post-race parties, this list is Sean’s definitive ranking of the best races located in Buffalo.



Race: Subaru Buffalo 4 Mile Chase

Location: Bidwell Parkway

What makes this race so special? A very popular race in Buffalo. There’s $10,000 worth of prize money with the goal to attract high-end runners from different parts of the country. The idea is to have average runners be able to participate in the same race as these star athletes. There were 1,005 runners this past year with a post-race party that featured live music, deep age group awards and a Couples Division. This is a must-do for anyone that enjoys races.



Race: WNY Running Hall of Fame Presents Tom Donnelly’s Hall of Fame 5K

Location: Elmwood & Bidwell (Right outside from us!)

What makes this race so special? It’s BY runners, FOR runners. Often a 5k is put on by an organization that doesn’t really understand what makes a good race. They give you a cotton shirt with advertisements all over it, they limit the amount of food or beer, or they even just get food that doesn’t make a lot of sense to have, such as an entire chicken dinner. Since it’s put on by a running committee, it’s the perfect 5k. Dri-fit t-shirts with no advertisements and endless amounts of beer and tacos. It’s the tacos that make this race for me, I’ve put down close to 10 before and I’m not ashamed.



Race: Shamrock Run

Location: Old First Ward Community Center in South Buffalo

What makes this race so special? Do you like beer? This is the first and only race I’ve ever seen people tailgate for. Before the race even starts you see people dressed in green, drinking in the parking lot, like you would at a Bills game. During the race, it’s not any different because instead of water stops every mile, there’s beer stops! Aside from that, there are serious runners at this event and every year they give out a nice gift to all the runners such as an embroidered jacket. It’s worth the money to sign up, just for the jacket alone.


Race: Buffalo Half/Full Marathon

Sites to see along the course: Lake Erie, LaSalle Park, KeyBank Center, Forest Lawn Cemetery, parks designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and many other Buffalo highlights.

What makes this race so special? 5,000 runners crammed downtown to start the race. The national anthem starts and on cue, there fireworks from the start line. It really gets everyone excited, which helps with such an early start. The course is good with a lot to see, and you end with a finisher’s medal and all the post-race snacks and beverages you can dream of. This is also the only event that features an expo beforehand, so you can meet legendary runners, get health tips, try out new products, or even sign up for future races.



Race: YMCA Turkey Trot

Date: Thanksgiving. Nov 22. 09:00 AM

Location: Start at Delaware and Tacoma and end at the Convention Center in downtown Buffalo

What makes this race so special? It’s 123 years old. Started in 1896, it’s the oldest road race in America. That’s older than the Boston Marathon that started in 1897. 14,000 people pack the streets to run almost 5 miles down Delaware Avenue. Those who aren’t running, line the streets for the entire course to watch everyone go by. There’re costume contests for both individuals and teams, so people get creative; I’ve seen Santa and his reindeer, hockey players, a T-Rex, and so much more. At end, inside the Convention Center, there’s plenty of beer, lots of fruit and water, and even a band playing while you can watch video highlights of the race. Runners or walkers enjoy this race with all that going on and it’s the reason this year will be my 13th year doing it.

Buffalo has so many more races to offer both in the city and the surrounding suburbs. It’s a great running community. For assistance on any of your real estate needs, give us a call at 716-768-1177.


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A Buffalonian’s Guide to Oktoberfest’s

When it comes to Buffalonian’s and their beer, the two come hand-in-hand. And to no surprise, when the fall season comes around, Buffalonian’s are professionals when it comes to hosting parties surrounded by their favorite beverage – Oktoberfest. Get prepared these next few months for Buffalo’s most epic Oktoberfest festivals. For a weekend guaranteed of fun, and more importantly beer, check out WNY’s most noteworthy Oktoberfest festivals this season. Let the festivities begin!


Bisonfest 2018

When: September 15

Where: Flying Bison Brewing Company

Time: 12 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Suit up with your best German attire on Saturday, September 15! Flying Bison Brewing Company is hosting its annual “Bisonfest” party. 6 hours of live music will be provided by “The Frankfurters” (1-4) and “The Isotopes” (5-8), and German inspired fare by “The Flying Cock. There will be a $10 admission fee, which will include 1 free beer/soda ticket. Link for more details: Bisonfest 2018



RBC Oktoberfest Bash

When: September 15

Where: Resurgence Brewing Company

Time: 12 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.

Make way over to Resurgence Brewing Company on Saturday, September 15 for a day filled with food, beer, live music, dancing, and..yodeling perhaps? Upon entering, pick up a $10 stein granting a complementary first fill, and $0.50 off of all of your following fills. Food will be provided by Wayno’s BBQ, while Team Beer Games carry on throughout the day. Games will include barrel racing, a stein carry relay, stein hoisting competitions, and cornhole. Each individual team member will receive a stein and a free first fill. To sign a team up, proceed to the link: RBC Oktoberfest Bash



Hamburg Oktoberfest

When: September 15

Where: Memorial Park

Time: 3 p.m. – 11 p.m.

Hamburg’s authentic German themed Oktoberfest will be held on Saturday, September 15. Head over to Memorial Park for a day consisting of beer, food, wine, live music, entertainment, and a car show. Purchase your tickets at Hamburg Oktoberfest 2018




When: September 21-23

Where: The Great Pumpkin Farm

Oinktoberfest is almost here! The Great Pumpkin Farm will be hosting its annual BBQ Competition, September 21-23! See how Oinktoberfest makes a twist this Oktoberfest season, with its Mexican BBQ theme. Whole Hog competitions, outdoor cooking contests, and a Rib Oink-off will carry out throughout Saturday and Sunday, and BBQ vendors will be present all weekend. Saturday and Sunday include $8 admission fees (discounted tickets are available at Wegmans), and is FREE all day Friday! Times will vary each day, so be sure to check their website for more details: Oinktoberfest



Oktoberfest Williamsville

When: September 21-22

Where: Island Park

Time: 4 p.m. – 11 p.m.

Williamsville will be hosting its annual Oktoberfest festival on September 21-22. German inspired cuisine, beer, music, and events will be offered throughout the weekend. Music will be provided by “Nerds Gone Wild”, “Die Auslanders”, “Bergholz Blitz German Music”, and “Hit n’Run”. For more information, check out the festivals event page on Facebook: Oktoberfest Williamsville



Buffalo’s Own Oktoberfest

When: September 22-23, 29-30 and October 6-7, 13-14

Where: Canalside

Time: 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Canalside will be hosting its annual Buffalo’s Own Oktoberfest every Saturday and Sunday this fall season! Totaling up to the next 4 weekends, September 22-23, September 29-30, October 6-7, and October 13-14.   Weekly activities will include a hay maze, traditional beer hall, a pumpkin patch, several pop-up vendors, and water front hay rides. Head to the link provided, for more information about the events that will be occurring throughout each individual weekend: Buffalo’s Own Oktoberfest



Old Falls Street’s Oktoberfest

When: September 29

Where: Old Falls Street

Time: 1 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Old Falls Street, of Niagara Falls will be participating in this year’s series of Oktoberfest’s. Sharing with you all of its German inspired festivities. Authentic German cuisine, music and beer will provided. Upon entering you’ll receive a complementary German stein, be sure to fill it up with German and Craft beers that will be available on tap! Games and all sorts of fun activities, including live music by the German American Music Association will be happening all day! More information is provided at its Facebook page: Old Falls Street Oktoberfest



Springville Oktoberfest

When: September 29

Where: Fireman’s Park

Time: 2 p.m. – 11 p.m.

Have a day at Springville’s Oktoberfest! Saturday, September 29 Fireman’s Park will be hosting an assortment of festivities in celebration of the Oktoberfest season. As its 13th annual, the event will offer a selection of food and beer! Live music will be performed by WNY’s very own, “The Frankfurters”, and fireworks will proceed to close the event! Admission is free! For more details, head to their Facebook page: Springville Oktoberfest



Oktoberfest at the terminal

When: September 29

Where: Buffalo Central Terminal

Time: 3 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Saturday, September 29 Buffalo’s Central Terminal will share its take on Oktoberfest. The event will consist solely of authentic German fare, beer, and music. Live music will be performed by “Those Idiots” (German-style). Oktoberfest at the terminal is strictly for those who are 21 and over. Tickets are available for $10! More details at, Oktoberfest at the terminal



Black Rock Riverside Oktoberfest

When: September 29

Where: Artisan Kitchens & Bath

Time: 3 p.m. – 12 p.m.

Celebrate this season and join in on the Black Rock Riverside Oktoberfest festivities, Bavarian style. Local music, beer, and food will be provided at participating venues within the Black Rock Riverside neighborhood. Shuttle busses will available starting at 5 p.m., bringing you to all of your desired venues – services will end at 1 a.m. Participants include: Artisan Kitchens & Bath, Amvets Medallion Post 13, Croation Club, Hot Mama’s Canteen, The Phoenix at 269, Rohall’s Corner, The Unknown Club, and Roaming Bison Tavern. Head to Black Rock Riverside Oktoberfest for more information.



Oktoberfest 2018 at Thin Man Brewery

When: October 13

Where: Thin Man Brewery

Time: 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Thin Man Brewery knows how to party! Keeping with the theme of a German inspiration, Thin Man will offer a selection of beer and food. Upon entering, you’ll be supplied with your own glass stein to fill up on Thin Man Brewery’s craft beer. Music will also be provided by the German American Music Association. Tickets are available at: Oktoberfest 2018 at Thin Man Brewery. General admission ticket purchases are $15 in advance and $20 on the day of the event, which includes a stein glass and a complementary first pour. VIP ticket purchases are $60 in advance and $70 on the day-of, including a stein glass and unlimited beer and food throughout the event.


Buffalo is the perfect place to celebrate the upcoming Oktoberfest season! If you’re in the area, and looking for assistance on any of your real estate needs, give us a call at 716-768-1177.


Or check us out at:


Red Door Real Estate

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Baylee Casper


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How to Garden in Western New York

My name is Rachel Brogan and I am a senior at Daemen College. I will be graduating a semester early with a Major in Psychology and a Minor in Marketing and Spanish. I am also a garden sales associate at The Home Depot with three years of experience and garden certification under my belt. I am passionate about many things; video games, nature, photography, but most importantly gardening. The following information and advice is not something researched and reworded but actual experience I acquired from working with flowers and maintaining a garden of my own.

The Basics

The most common and basic question is what the terms ‘perennial’ and ‘annual’ mean. Perennial refers to any flower, tree, or shrub that survives the winter, while staying in the ground, and comes back year after year. Most importantly, we are in zone 6a, which means perennial plants will survive ground temperatures up to -10 degrees. This is important information to consider if you are moving from another, more tropical environment as plants you may be use to planting one time will not survive the winter here. For example, if you move from Florida the Mandevilla, a drought tolerant continuous bloom flower, will not grow again the following summer. Something simple like rosemary from a less so far away area, like Long Island will also not grow again in the spring. Another small bit of information that helps novice gardeners be a little less confused when starting a new garden is understanding the different type of soils you can purchase. Some common soils include garden soil, top soil, raised bed soil, potting soil, and organic versions of all of these. These soils are slightly different and range quite a bit in terms of price. Garden soil should only be used outside in garden beds while potting soil is a lot less compact than garden soil, and it has vermiculite and pearlite to help with drainage as well as over or under watering. Top soil is pretty much just dirt. Certain companies jazz up the dirt with peat moss so its texture is better and easier to work with. This soil is not the best to use when planting vegetables, flowers, trees, or shrubs, and should really only be used for filling holes in your lawn. Raised bed soil is used if you are creating an elevated garden bed, this bed is usually for vegetables or fruits and is made with wood and plastic so you don’t have to create a bed from scratch in your lawn. The soil is a combination between garden soil and potting soil where it is dense but has added slow release fertilizers for your fruits or vegetables.

Does Organic Gardening Really Matter?

Everyone has their own preference, but for those who don’t get the hullabaloo over organic gardening there are some occasions where organic makes a difference. Organic anything is going to be more expensive therefore spending money on organic soils, like potting soil and raised bed soil, is where you should spend the money if you are going to be eating what you are growing. It is also best to fertilize your fruits and vegetables organically as well, consuming crazy chemicals from a blue powder may not be best for some people.

Soil in Most of Buffalo/WNY

A lot of the top soil in WNY is clay, i.e. incredibly hard to dig through. If you need to create a new garden bed, its best to bring in the machinery, like gas or electric garden tillers/cultivators. Otherwise, if you are digging a relatively small hole for a bush, it is best to water the ground before digging in to make it a little less difficult.


Low Maintenance Gardening

Every garden is going to need some maintenance like watering and occasional trimming. However, some perennials like Cone Flowers, Dianthus, Butterfly bushes, and certain Allium are very low maintenance. Cone Flowers are unique and effortless, and attract bees. Butterfly bushes possess a deep color with a delicate fragrance which attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. In addition, some annuals offer low maintenance varieties like marigolds, geraniums, and lantana. Lantana is probably the lowest maintenance as they do not have to be dead headed and can survive drought. They are a variety of colors and also attract butterflies.

Attracts Butterflies

How to Save Money without Sacrificing Beauty

An impressive garden doesn’t have to cost you a lot. You can always start your garden from seed, and if you have a lot of free time and are looking for a new hobby, it is a fun thing to do. Otherwise buying cheap small flowers in the beginning of the season from nurseries is the way to go. A 98 cent seed geranium will thrive given the right care and condition. Annuals tend to beef up much quicker than small perennials as their roots need to establish before the plant can flourish.

DIY Deer Repellants that Actually Work

We have all heard some obscure tip to get rid of deer, but not so surprisingly, the deer still linger. For example, clumps of human hair, pepper, or cyanine pepper has not worked, in my experience. I live directly in front of woods and I have a bulb and Hosta shmorgishborg for the deer. One of the cheapest and most effective things I have used is Ivory soap. Cutting the bar of soap into large chunks and stuffing them in the leaves of Hostas and on the ground near plants keep the deer away. The large pieces of soap take a long time to dissipate so there is no need to worry about the rain. Another solution that is a little less accessible is coyote urine. Yes it smells, but it doesn’t take a lot to keep the deer away, but it does need to be reapplied after a hard rain or a few rainy days. Another option for a totally deer resistant lawn is using Milorganite which is refined, pelletized human sewage. It is a little smelly, which keeps the deer away, but full of nitrogen so it’s a great organic fertilizer for the lawn.

All of this information, and so much more, is important to know when moving to or living in Buffalo. Having a well-groomed and eye-catching garden is not hard to come by, and you don’t need to pay to have a landscaper create or maintain your garden for you.

If you are looking to move into a new home and start a garden of your very own or just move out and venture from home or college, stop by Red Door Real Estate on beautiful Elmwood Ave at 982 Elmwood, NY 14221.

Or call and talk to one of us at 716-768-1177.


Rachel Brogan

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Summer Soccer in Buffalo

Are you a male living in the Western New York and have a love for soccer? I bet you didn’t know that Buffalo has one of the best Amateur Soccer Programs in the US, the BDSL. The Buffalo and District Soccer League (BDSL) is comprised of 80 teams across six divisions. Competition ranges from the highly competitive Premier Division, with college players and coaches, to the fun, but still competitive Third Division. Championship, 1st and 2nd make up the middle portion of the league. The league is designed to run like it is in England where teams are promoted up a division or relegated to a lower division for the next year, based on how their season goes. The games are primarily played on Sundays but there’s also an Over 35 league that plays on Friday nights. The BDSL consists of over 1,600 players and runs from the first week in May until (hopefully) early August, depending on if your team makes the championship game.

I play in the third division, the most fun division, because it’s what many refer to as a glorified beer league. It’s a perfect balance of competitive but still fun. Our team name, Big Green SC, is based off a 1996 Disney movie and we went from a 2-9 record last year (including a 13-2 opening day loss), to squeaking into the playoffs this past summer. Our team was started with my friends and their friends, but what we built as a team, everyone is now friends with everyone. This past summer, I built one of the closest-knit teams I’ve been a part of. It’s the perfect way to spend a summer; running around for an hour and a half and then heading over to the bar win or lose.

For more on what I thought about going into the 2018 season, you can check out my interview with the President of the BDSL here:

While you might be thinking, you’ve played on a sports team before where you just pick a silly team name and you’re done, right? Well in the BDSL world, each team has their own crest, there’s semi-serious name regulations (‘Tequila Mockingbird’ got rejected), and one of the best Twitter presences I bet you’ve seen. 95% of the teams are on Twitter, tweeting out things such as; starting lineups, scores and stats, players who have been added to the roster, and even a little trash-talking back and forth among team accounts. Everything and more that you might see from a professional sports team’s Twitter account.

Whether you think you’re the next Leo Messi, or just a guy rocking a dad bod who used to play in high school, there’s probably a team for you, especially with so many suburbs of Buffalo having teams. You could either get in contact with a manager who already has a team or do like I did and start your own.

Now that I caught the eye of all the soccer players out there that are looking to relocate to the area. For assistance on any of your real estate needs, give us a call at 716-768-1177.


Or check us out at:


Red Door Real Estate

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Sean Somerville

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