Huffin’ & Puffin for Turkey & Stuffin’

Trivia question: What’s the oldest footrace in the United States?

If you answered the Boston Marathon, started in 1897, you are WRONG.

The Buffalo YMCA Turkey Trot is one year older, which started in 1896 with just six runners competing in a five mile stretch in downtown Buffalo, entirely on dirt roads. Today, people travel from all over the country and some from outside the country to compete. The cutoff for registration of this race is set at 14,000 people.

Some will say that there’s no way that they’d enjoy getting up early on Thanksgiving morning to run or walk 5 miles in the cold, and to them I say POPPYCOCK. It’s the happiest time of the year!

Race course of the Turkey Trot

Just walking up to the start line, you start to see the herds of people going to the same place you are, and you realize because so many people are doing it too, that this will be awesome.  There’s pace markers set up to tell you where to line-up; if you’re a 6-minute mile, 10-minute mile, etc. Sadly, few seem to really pay attention to that, so you sometimes line-up at the 7-minute mile marker and then get stuck behind the people who think they’re in shape for this but they end up walking after a quarter of a mile in.

9AM rolls around and the national anthem plays, the crowd is fired up to go and then you start to move. And then you stop. Getting that many people through the chute at one time is not the easiest thing. Then you start walking again. Then you stop again. This year I crossed the start line about 8 minutes past the start of the race; good thing there’s chip timing. Everyone is just in a great mood to be doing it, and it’s shown when you get under the bridge and everyone is yelling “woo!” for how it sounds with the echoes. Not only are there a lot of people participating in the event but there’s plenty of spectators that come to watch the excitement. Also shout-out to the volunteers because this would not happen without them.


Along the course you have a cast of characters to remind you that it’s not just a race or a run, but it’s an event. People rock their Bills or Sabres jerseys along the way, with or without a helmet, depending on the person, people in elf costumes, a Scooby-Doo one, Santa and his reindeers, a mix of pilgrims and Indians, a guy blasting the Rocky theme song as he carries a portable speaker, and literally thousands more than I could see. Along the street there’s the obligatory water stop, but because Buffalo is amazing, there’s beer being handed out as well. Just a taste though to get you through the rest of the race where there’s plenty more at the post-race party in the Buffalo Convention Center. That’s a good party too. Along with snacks and beer, there’s also live music and video of the first few runners coming in replayed on giant screens.

This past Thanksgiving was my 13th year doing it. 12 more years and I get inducted into the Quarter-Century Club, which includes a fancy pin! It’s all around a great event that brings an entire community together for a great cause. Registration for next year begins in August if you want to sign up and join in on what should be a fantastic time.

Some of my past 13 bibs



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What my internship with Red Door Real Estate has taught me.

The first time I walked into Red Door Real Estate was to interview for a fall intern position. While I was having my interview I was holding the paws of an excited dog, and after that quick interview I couldn’t wait to start my internship. From the very beginning, there was a lot of excitement and busyness in the air. I was fortunate enough to intern in an environment that allowed me to find and peruse certain directions. For example, I saw that the company Instagram page was a little lackluster. When I thought of ideas and marketing directions we could take, I brought it up with my supervisor and she allowed me free will over Instagram. This was a perfect opportunity for trial and error because there would be relatively no consequences if my strategies did not work. I was able to learn how to use graphic and marketing tools that made posts look professional, learned how marketing on Facebook works and how it is different than marketing on Instagram. I also learned that I am actually creative. I thought that it was something I told students in group projects but it wasn’t something I really believed. However, having the freedom to do whatever I wanted and however I wanted and then receiving positive feedback online helped me believe in my creativity. The content and posts I created received positive feedback and interactions on Instagram and people were commenting on the quality of the company Instagram page in general.  

As a psychology major, I had to complete a course along with my internship that required APA papers almost every week. I would read research related to social media marketing, branding, and small businesses and after each article I had new ideas on how I can apply what I read to Red Door. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to explore and experiment when marketing.

From making flyers for new listings, to Instagram posts to being a part of an original social media campaign, I learned what marketing is like for a local small business and how hard it is to really make a presence for yourself online. I had the creative freedom to decide what I wanted to do and how I wanted to approach it. The environment was amazing as well. Most Mondays, all the company dogs visit, each one adorable and cute with their own little personalities, and the rest of the week I would work on what needs to be done. There were occasional small parties and meals and field trips and decorating breaks. But each day was exciting, the environment nurtures creativity and does not inhibit freedom and the fun low stress work environment makes me look forward to each day I get to intern with Red Door.

I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to gain experience in an environment that allowed me to flourish as an intellectual and as a creative. If you are looking for a memorable experience yourself in terms of home buying or selling, call Red Door Real Estate for a personalized and professional experience. You can reach a talented agent at 716-768-1177 or stop by and talk to an agent in person on 982 Elmwood Avenue.


Written by Rachel Brogan

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Questions about the Holidays

Every year I have so many questions about the holiday seasons….

Thanksgiving is roughly a week away. But the question is, when does the Christmas season start? Does it start November One, does it start the day after thanksgiving the year before or what? Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. This is because it is a day I can sit at a table not lift a finger and eat 600 pounds of food. The one thing I hate though is… thanksgiving is overshadowed by Christmas and Halloween. It is a a holiday that does not get its decorations showed, or displayed.

Do not get my wrong I love Christmas and I love Halloween. But I think every holiday deserves its own designated celebration period. Each holiday should not be overshadowed by surrounding holidays. And I just want to eat my food without thinking about the impending Christmas holiday.

Sharing this blog on Facebook I would love to hear everyone else’s response in a vote! What is your favorite holiday? If you are reading this only on the website, go check out the Facebook and other social media links for Red Door Real Estate!

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Let me know your thoughts! Sarah

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