It’s been real. It’s been fun. It’s been real fun.

It’s been real. It’s been fun. It’s been real fun. Cue the sad music because my days as a Red Door intern have officially ended. And honestly just thinking about this is hitting me right in the feels for a number of reasons.

Since the start of September, I’ve been coming to Red Door consistently each and every week. In other words, it’s been about 15 weeks, or just over 3 months since I started. Science told me that it only takes 21 days to form a routine, which puts me in a sort of dilemma. It has been well over 21 days since I first started, so naturally Red Door has become a part of my weekly routine. So here’s where the dilemma kicks in: I’ve managed to create this routine which initially worked quite well for me, but just a quick flip of the switch and suddenly I’m forced to break from it entirely. As if breaking routine wasn’t challenging enough, what makes matters even worse, is that basically me breaking from this routine requires me to say goodbye to all of the super cool people I’ve met here *insert crying face emoji*. So now you might understand why this whole routine thing poses a dilemma for me, I’m saddened that my Red Door days are over but I’m also having a hard time grasping that I won’t get to see any of these people next week, the week after that, or the week after that. Of course I’m going to visit as often as I can, but I think we can all agree that it’s not the best feeling when you spend all of this time and form awesome relationships with people, and then suddenly you have to leave them behind and/or not see them remotely as frequently. Next to the people, there’s also the doggos of the office. Anyone that knows me knows that I adore dogs, all dogs, and all things dog related. No discrimination here.  I mean I literally have stickers of my own dogs faces on the front of my laptop. But, that’s besides the point. The point is, I’ve spent way too much time with these people (including the dogs… dogs are people too you know) and now i’m forced to leave them. I’m truly going to miss everyone, the crazy antics, the laughs… etc. and I can’t thank the Red Door team enough for providing me an awesome experience and opportunity.

Interning at Red Door has taught me a TON. Before I came into this internship, I had not a clue as to what I wanted to do after I graduate. As a marketing major, the career possibilities are what it seems to be endless. There are so many potential paths that I could take, and it’s extremely overwhelming when trying to figure out which path will be the perfect one. I’ve always hated when people ask what my plans are after college. How am I supposed to make this decision when I still can’t even choose between Chipotle or sushi for dinner. But all thanks to Red Door, I think I finally have an idea as to what I want to do, and can actually see myself doing. I was tasked with posting content on Red Door’s social media platforms, as well as designing graphics and flyers for open houses, new listings, announcements, and the most recent being an announcement looking for new interns this Spring. Being a part of the behind the scenes and seeing what it takes to market and advertise for a business, truly helped me find my path… or at least I think. Both social media and creating new content are things that I find I genuinely enjoy doing. I guess you could say that me leaving Red Door is sort of bittersweet. I’m sad that I won’t be able to see everyone regularly, but at the same time I can look at it as a steppingstone on my career path.

Before I go, just a quick thank you again to everyone who has made my first intern experience a special one. To the future interns, you’re in for good time at Red Door, as I promise there will never be a dull moment. You’ll see what I mean when you get here, and just make sure to hold down the fort while we (the retired interns) are gone! On that note, I’m intern Baylee and I’ll be signing off for now!

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The Last Farewell

Before you read this blog, watch this video.

There is no way I can top Sean’s blog- his over the top cheesy good-bye,  farewell, hasta la vista, adios blog.  But I sure hope that there are some ways I can top the blog in my own cheesy corny way.  Yes I am saying cheesy corny. I will miss my daily dosage of Sean’s words of wisdom and everything else in between. But I will certainly miss the field trips (that majority of the time include Starbucks or Tim Horton’s) to meeting Aunt Debby.  

I learned to broaden my thoughts on social media.  I never thought a real estate company could post on their accounts about things beyond real estate.  But content is content- and content draws individuals attention into the feeds to look at the properties.  

Good-byes are not good-bye forever, as much as they are good-byes for now and see you again soon.  So on this note I am signing off for now, and I look forward to reading next semesters interns blogs.  

For all of your real estate needs contact Red Door @ 716-

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Preparing for Christmas

As the semester is ending, I am focusing on all the things that will come after my last day ever at school. The day after my last presentation I will be going to a spa for the first time and experience what stress free feels like for the first time in 21 years. I am going to get my hair cut, and new glasses that day as well to leave the old college me behind. I will have to clean my room in its entirety since it has not even been vacuumed in close to a year, and go Christmas shopping for my friends and family as well as make cookies with my mom.

We have 6 different types of cookies we make each year. We make Christmas nuggets which are almond based dry cookies with colored sprinkles on top. Spritz which we make in the shape of poinsettias and are a cream cheese and vanilla base. Rugelach, which is my favorite and a cookie my great grandmother used to make. They are crescent shaped cookie filled with walnuts, nutmeg, cinnamon, and sugar and then baked and sprinkled with powder sugar. Christmas balls which are peanut butter and rice crispy treats formed into a ball and then dipped in dark chocolate. Rum balls, mom moms favorite, and are dark cocoa powder and rum, and finally shortbread cookies we make in the shape of rhombuses and coat them in dark chocolate.

The best part about making all of these cookies is eating the batter, and then spending time with my family while we make them. The worst part of making these cookies is the preparation and the stress the Spritz cookies give my mom, as everything has to be perfect for the cookies to come out in their perfect poinsettia shape. The best part about making any of these cookies is eating the batter or licking the spoon or bowl, oh and family time. For my 21 years on this earth, we have never once tried to make a new Christmas cookie because everything we do make has a deep personal connection to all of us. The Spritz cookies, Christmas nuggets, rum balls and Christmas balls were something my grandmother used to make with my mom, and the Rugelach was my great grandmother’s recipe. I have never made cookies with a cookie cutter and decorated them, it sounds like fun but also stressful. My mother is a cook, not a baker so there is a lot of preparation and anxiety and sweat that goes into making the obscene amount of cookies we make.

Even though my time with Red Door is now over, and the Christmas season has many stressed and busy, it is also time for family and for engagements. If you and your new fiancé are looking to buy your first home together, consider working with Red Door Real Estate, whose agents make you feel like you are celebrated all year round. Call 716-768-1177 or stop in and talk to one of the agents at 982 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo NY 14222.

Written by Rachel Brogan

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Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed colleges, and random guy that reads the blogs: it is with great sadness that I am writing my “goodbye blog”. We knew this day was coming, but we’re all still not prepared for it. As the great Dr. Seuss once said, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

My name is Sean, and this is my story:

I didn’t need to take an internship, I did it just for fun. This fall is my last semester at Niagara University as I’m finishing my MBA in marketing. I wasn’t looking for an internship, I just came across an Indeed posting for Red Door and decided it was a great resume builder in my spare time. 4 months later, here we are. Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

So, what made life so much fun here at Red Door? The answer is obviously the people. Such a great cast of characters. It’s not every day that you get asked what kind of fun colored socks you’re wearing – wait – yes, it is. I even wrote a blog about the history of my fun socks. You’ve raked leaves I’m sure, but not too many get a broom and dustpan, and then a shovel to get rid of the leaf buildup out front. I’m not going to sit here and bore you with how much fun I had making lists in Excel, or how I mastered the art of addressing postcards. I’m going to tell you that Wednesday Field Trips were a highlight of mine, especially any trip that took us to Tim Hortons. I’m also not going to bore you with the details about what I posted on Facebook – rather I’m going to tell you that I had a blast meeting the lovely Aunt Debbie.

So, what did I learn from this internship with the greatest collection of people in the world? The answer isn’t so easy. I’m reminded of something the great Mr. Feeny of Boy Meets World once said: “Education is not about obscure facts and little test scores. Education is about the overall affects of years of slow absorption. Concepts, philosophies, approaches to problem solving. The whole process is so grand and all-encompassing”. This quote is my favorite to live by because we are always learning and are always able to take away things from our experiences to help us grow and become better individuals.

I leave you now with one final quote from author, Chuck Palahniuk: “The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.” This internship wasn’t going to last forever, it had an expiring clock on it from the time I first set foot in this office but what WILL last forever is the memories and the friendships I have built.

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