Wish You Were Here

In this blog post I will be reviewing Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD Wish You Were Here Tour. This tour had 2 legs. The first leg started on November 8th, 2018 and ended on December 19th 2018. Stretching 26 dates from Toronto to LA with everywhere in between. The second leg started on January 25th, 2019 and went to March 24th stretching 21 dates. Now, Travis Scott is one of my favorite artist and inspiration, so naturally I needed to see him on this tour. Previously I had seen him 2 times before ASTROWORLD. One on the Birds Eye view Tour in Cleveland, OH in 2017 and when Drake brought him out as a surprise guest for his Aubrey & The Three Amigos Tour in Toronto in 2018. The differences with this tour and his previous tours is that this was an arena tour. Meaning that he will be in large arenas like Madison Square Garden. Previously he performed at smaller venues. The reason for this is that with Travis’ third album, ASTROWORLD, he gained a lot of mainstream attention, radio play and popularity. Being a fan of his work since 2013, seeing him become a superstar was insane to me. From small venues to selling out arenas.

Now it’s time to get into the details of the show. The closest show to Buffalo that I was able to attend (between school and lacrosse) was on November 21st 2018 in Toronto, CA. we arrive at the door at around 6 p.m. and eventually get in at 7 p.m.

The way the stage was set up was in two different parts. Stage A and stage B. Based off the shows before, Travis starts on stage B then moves to stage A. So, myself and 2 of my friends decideed to get as close as possible to stage A.

Leg 1 of the tour was accompanied by two opening acts: Sheck Wes (signed to Travis’ Cactus Jack label and known for his song Mo Bamba) and Gunna (know for his song Drip To Hard with Lil Baby). Sheck Wes started at 7:30 p.m. and preformed 7 songs. I was impressed with the energy he brought, being a new artist. The arena wasn’t full yet, but everyone there was vibing with Sheck Wes. Then around 8 p.m., Gunna came on. Performing 11 songs. Personally, I’m not the biggest Gunna fan, but he had a refreshing act. His set went to around 8:30 p.m. The part of the show that took the longest, was the wait for Travis after Gunna. The 30 minutes felt like a long time.

At 9 p.m. we hear “In the middle of Houston Texas is a world called Astroworld” Playing was a remake of one of the original 1980 commercials for 6 Flags Astroworld. It’s a real thing. An theme park in Texas. Houston is where Travis was born and raised and where a lot of the inspiration for his music comes from. Hence the name of the album and tour, ASTROWORLD.

After the commercial intro, Travis opens saying “I’m behind you…” as everyone is looking at stage A and he’s on stage B, then “Toronto make some m***********g noise!” This gets everyone super hyped up as STARGAZING drops. This song in full is a great opener. The whole arena knows the lyrics and with the beat switch the moshpits open and it really goes down.

Throughout the show he covers the majority of ASTROWORLD as well as older songs from all previous mixtapes, features and albums. Some highlights from the Toronto show include: Mamacita from Days Before Rodeo, way back from Birds Tn The Trap Sing McKnight, NO BYSTANDERS from ASTROWORLD, Upper Echelon from Owl Pharaoh, 90210 from Rodeo, SKELETONS from ASTROWORLD, and of course his three biggest hits: Antidote, goosebumps and SICKO MODE.

Based off pervious times I’ve seen him, this setlist really showcased his entire discography. 14 songs from ASTROWORLD, 5 songs from Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight, 4 from Rodeo, 4 from Days Before Rodeo, 3 from Owl Pharaoh and 2 features. It was a roller coaster of songs to rage to as well as some slower songs. During the show, Travis brought out three special guests. The first being NAV to perform their song Beibs In The Trap. Next was Gunna (who opened) for YOSEMITE. Lastly, was Don Toliver for CAN’T SAY. Unfortunately, Drake was not among the surprises.

The stage set up with everything from a giant circular screen, drop down screens with images projected, a circular roller coaster in stage B and a linear roller coaster with hills right above the general admissions pit. This really brought the theme park vibe to life. Travis even allowed fans to get up and ride the coasters during the show.

Over all the Toronto show of the ASTROWORLD Wish You Were Here Tour was an insane performance by all the artists there. Travis felt confident and energetic with each song he did. The background sound effects and shoutouts from Chase B also added a lot of elements to the shows production. This was a fantastic way to end Thanksgiving break. Actually, we were leaving Toronto Thanksgiving Day. Different holidays in Canada so we turned this year’s turkey day into a concert. By far one of the coolest experiences and shows ever.

 Fast forward to December 2018. Leg 1 was completed. Travis then announced leg 2 starting at the end of the follow month. Looking at the dates, it’s in reverse order of the last leg, couple new dates, I see a Toronto date, okay okay, looking into it I see Buffalo, NY.  February 28th 2019 Travis will be in my hometown. I was shook when he announced a second leg of his tour and he’s coming to Buffalo. Details for this leg include Sheck Wes as the solo opening act. Unfortunately, that was a Thursday and between school and a lacrosse game the next day and practices there would be no way I’d be able to make it to that show. All other shows that are close by don’t like up with any weekend or break I have either.

So, it gets to the concert date. After lacrosse practice, I look at my phone to see if anything with the show happened yet. First thing I see is shows postponed. He tweeted to address the show saying that he was “under the weather” and Can’t pull up without the full rage” The new date was set for March 10th. Now that day was a Sunday. The Sunday my team and I get back from Florida where we played lacrosse for the previous week. Long story short, myself and two friends were able to secure tickets and once we got back to Rochester from Florida, we hit the road to Buffalo.

This show was 90% the same show as Toronto. Differences included only one opening act, a slightly different setlist and some production changes. Arriving at the show we decided to stick by stage B for this show just to get a different perspective. Sheck Wes opened and brought a lot of rage. Travis came on around 9:15 and I don’t know if it was Buffalo or where I was by the stage, but I felt that the moshpits were harder then Toronto’s. Don’t get me wrong Toronto’s moshpits and rage was insane, but Buffalo just felt slightly bigger in the begging of the show. Travis brought the energy but sounded slightly weaker then Toronto. This was probably due to doing a lot of shows.

So, there you have it. ASTROWORLD Wish You Were Here Tour overview review. This tour was one of the biggest and craziest I’ve ever seen. Even when compared to Kanye West and Drake. Travis Scott really killed the production, set up, setlist and more when creating this tour. Currently he is still on road doing festivals for this summer from America to Europe. In the meantime, ASTROWORLD is coming up on its one year anniversary this August and it’s still a album that I play every day. Between 55 sold out dates, a super bowl performance, SNL, Grammy nomination and a performance, along with his relationship with Kylie Jenner and their child, and collaborations from the likes of Nike to Recess’s cereal, Travis Scott really has set himself up for an incredible 2018, 2019 and will have an incredible 2020.

By Jack Laino  

Travis Scott performing SICKO MODE in Toronto – 11/21/2018
Travis Scott performing CAN’T SAY on the roller coaster with a fan in Buffalo – 3/10/2019
Waiting in line to enter ASTROWORLD in Buffalo – 3/10/2019
Travis Scott showcasing home Houston inspiration
Travis Scott & Gunna performing YOSEMITE in Toronto – 11/21/2018
Travis Scott performing way back in Buffalo – 3/10/2019

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3 NFL Teams to Watch out for in 2019

The NFL is one of the most unpredictable leagues in all of sports. Every year there’s teams that everyone expects to be great that fail miserably as well as a few teams that surprise everyone. Here are three teams that are flying under the radar that people should be sure to keep an eye on

  1. Atlanta Falcons:

The Falcons odds to win Super Bowl 54 are sitting at 40-1. I sincerely doubt there are 16 teams that finish with a better record than Atlanta. They didn’t make any fancy moves this offseason, but their roster should be good enough to make a playoff push. Veteran quarterback Matt Ryan provides good leadership, and overall, I think they just had a really unlucky season last year. They only won 7 games, but at the same time, they lost 4 games by a touchdown or less. Look for them to rebound in 2019.

2. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are coming into the season with 25-1 odds to win it all which I think is just absolutely ridiculous. They are being given the same odds as the 4-12 San Francisco 49ers. After a 3-4 start, the Cowboys made a trade for Wide Receiver Amari Cooper. He completely changed the dynamic of the offense. The team won 7 of their last 9 games after this trade. With the addition of Randall Cobb and return of Jason Witten this aerial attack will be of great compliment to an already strong running game. The defense is solid as well and this team has a very realistic chance to win it all in 2019.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars:

The Jaguars come into the season with 60-1 odds of winning the super bowl, which is actually the 13thlowest odds of any team in the entire league. This is a team that was just one game away from winning the AFC just two seasons ago. Blake Bortles is finally gone and former Super Bowl Champion Nick Foles is in at quarterback. They have a powerful running game and defense and are being overlooked in my opinion. Foles needs some weapons on the outside, and if they could pull off a similar trade to what Dallas did last season for Amari Cooper, watch out! I’m not saying they’re going to win the super bowl, but I do think they could surprise some people in 2019.

Charles Brucato

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Pizza Review: Forno Napoli

Forno Napoli. A little piece of Italy right in Amherst. With ingredients straight from Italy, this pizza is truly a gem. From the workers to the Italian music playing in the background, you get the full experience. The pizza here is not like your average Buffalo pizza.

The first bite was just as good as the next. The pizza has just the right amount of sauce to make it not too dry and the cheese is as fresh as can be. Mix that combo with the pepperoni and you have a mouthful of different flavors that all pair well. The dough is so light that I, myself, could eat a whole pie.

While Buffalo has it’s own Pizza style, let’s not forget about where it all came from. Italy has some of the best ingredients for pizza because that is where it was created. Forno Napoli includes all these fresh ingredients straight from Italy and makes perfection here in Buffalo. Next time you are looking for a slice of authentic Italian pizza, look no further than Forno Napoli.

Marc Ayala

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The Sound of Buffalo

This past week I attended Alternative Buffalo’s Kerfuffle. With bands like Walk the Moon and Catfish and the Bottlemen I couldn’t turn down the opportunity – I basically listen to it when I wake up in the morning until I go to bed at night. Music has always been something that has deeply resonated with me. Music can send you into a plethora of emotions, it can make you laugh, cry or even both at the same time. It is something that unites strangers and makes everyone feel a little more alive.

person holding smartphone taking video of a concert near stage with lights during nighttime

During my time at Kerfuffle you could basically choose the experience you wanted to have. Want to get a little crazy? Go into the pit and jump around with some strangers. Want to chill out? Throw a blanket down on the grass and hang with your best mates. There was even a giant game of Jenga you could play with your friends. My friends and I pushed two tables together and played a fun drinking game. The weather was beautiful and the atmosphere of Canalside that day was a memory that will always bring me joy. The laid-back atmosphere that Buffalo embodies will forever provide opportunity for a good time.

Here in Buffalo we are blessed with a fantastic music culture. There are constantly live events happening year-round in our beloved city.  There’s the Elmwood Village summer concert series every Tuesday right outside Red Door Real Estate’s doors. There’s also live music at Larkin Square every Tuesday for Food Truck Tuesday. We also welcome iconic bands and performers at places like HSBC arena, Town Ballroom, the Bills stadium, Darien Lake and so many other unique venues.

Whether the music is home grown or the performers travel around the globe to come to Buffalo, we welcome them with open arms. Buffalonians are free-spirited (and a little crazy), we can make anything a good time no matter what the conditions are. So let’s throw it back to a couple of iconic concerts Buffalo has hosted:

Fleetwood Mac at New Era Field in 1978

band playing music at the stage

Rolling Stones 1975 (72,000 People showed) – Bills Stadium

photo of persons doing rock hand sign

Queen in Buffalo Memorial Auditorium (1978)

two woman standing on field of people

The Who, The Clash in Rich Stadium (1982)

people watching concert

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in HSBC Arena (2016)

person wearing black lace-up sneaker hitting the distortion

And with Buffalo on the come-up we hope to expect many more iconic acts to perform in this mighty city but until them – rock on.

Kerilyn Kostek

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Imagine if the Bills ever won the Super Bowl. It probably won’t happen any time soon, but if it did, I can only Imagine how crazy the city would go. Things being lit on fire, riots, etc.  That’s basically what is going down in Toronto as we speak. The Toronto Raptors have officially won the 2019 NBA championship behind superstar Kawhi Leonard and this is just amazing for the city. The team has been around since 1995 and this is the first time a Canadian team has ever won it all. From an economical and emotional standpoint, the city is in a good place right now.

I have been a fan of the Brooklyn Nets my entire life but the Raptors grew on me throughout this season. At the start of the season nobody would’ve predicted them to win the Eastern Conference let alone the finals. They traded arguably the most beloved player in team history, Demar Derozan, in a blockbuster deal for Kawhi Leonard and he proved to be the difference maker. The team wasn’t even on the radar until the final weeks of the season and that is what makes all of this so much better.

people standing in front of building

Every game, thousands of Toronto fans would come together outside of the stadium to watch the game and cheer their team on. It was known as “Jurassic Park”. These people didn’t even have tickets to the game, but it just goes to show you how everyone was coming together to cheer their team on throughout the postseason. I thought this was amazing and my friends and I wanted to go but couldn’t despite our work schedules. The city really did come together as a whole during this magical run.

The Raptors winning the finals also helped the city financially. Hosting the NBA finals is absolutely tremendous for revenue. It attracts tourists. For instance, people such as myself who aren’t even Raptors fans wanted to visit the city to check out Jurassic Park. The Raptors ended up playing 13 home playoff games during this run. That’s 13 more home games than they would’ve had had they not made the postseason. The arena holds about 20,000 people and multiply that by 13 and that is a lot of revenue. From ticket sales to television exposure to merchandise to tourists, the city greatly profited from this playoff run.

This ultimately shows that there is still hope for Buffalo. Our neighbors up North finally pulled it off after 24 years of existence. Hopefully the Bills can one day win the Super Bowl and the city will go crazy.

Charles Brucato

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DJ Dream

So, here’s a little story about the beginning of my DJ career. One of my passions is music, specialty hip-hop. I’m always playing music for myself and friends, everything from throwbacks to mainstream to lesser known tracks to everything in between. Starting last summer, I thought it would be something cool to make mixes of songs that are about 45 minutes to 1 hour long. The mixes would contain cool transitions and cuts of songs my friends and I enjoy. It just made playing music easier. Pressing play on a mix and not having to worry about what song will come up next. It kept the music entertaining.

Eventually, I started to make more and more mixes. Just for fun and for my friends’ birthdays. I then found some free DJ software and decided to play around with that on my laptop. Messing around with transitions, loading different songs, FX features, sound effects and more. It was all very cool to me. I thought myself how to work the software and transition songs live through it.

Around mid-April of this past year, I noticed flyers around school for a music festival. The festival is called Roc For The Homeless. They were looking for more student acts to be a part of the festival to support homelessness in Rochester. At that point I was like why not reach out to them to see if I can DJ it. So, I sent an email and it just so happens that one of my good friends was the talent manager for the event and it was then their job to reach out to me. At the festival I was able to get my own 30 minute set, play songs in between acts, as well as collaborate with 2 other acts in the festival. Overall, it all went better than I could’ve thought and was a fan favorite

All my close friends and about 20 of my lacrosse teammates showed up to support. I couldn’t have asked for a better audience. Everyone was engaged with the music – singing, the lacrosse team was mosh-pitting. Just all around very good vibes. Others who were there that I didn’t know and the people who organized the event thought that I killed it. They loved how it all went. And want me back next year. Also, one of the organizers asked me to then do the club part of a dorm bar crawl for senior week. That was pretty cool.

Sometime pasted and I get a text from someone on PRIMA, which is St. John Fishers integrated marketing communication firm, saying how well of a job I did with Roc For The Homeless. They were asking if I am interested in having my own hour for the Teddi Dance For Love. The Teddi Dance For Love is a 24 hour dance-a-thon that the school does to support childhood cancer and Camp Good Days. This will be a very special event and cannot wait to perform at it.

Over the summer, I also DJ’d at my high schools post senior prom. The organizers at Roc For The Homeless thought I had a little talent, so I took that into consideration and its turning into a nice little side gig. I picked up a DJ controller so scratching, effects and transiting is easier.

As for the future, we’ll see how this all pans out. It’s all for my friends and their enjoyment. I like playing the mixes for anyone who enjoys them.

By Jack Laino

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Smoking gun

During my time with Labcook, a multi-platinum music producer, I have came across many situations that were impromptu. One incident that arose was when I was managing his social media accounts. On my birthday, at 3 in the morning, a hacker successfully attempted to get into Labcook’s Instagram account.

After tracking down the hacker by seeing whose pictures and accounts they liked, I was able to get into communications with the hacker. The hacker was a 15-year-old kid from North Carolina. My first thought was to call the police and have them handle the situation but when I called the local department they said they would be of no help because they needed a warrant. I told them I did not have time to obtain such a warrant and decided to handle this situation myself. I was able to negotiate a deal with the hacker and get him to give back the Instagram account in exchange for a Paypal fee. Note that the hacker was threatening to delete the account and all that the producer has gained in followings.

After the hacker gave back the account, he deleted our SoundCloud and we lost all of our songs on there. Granted we only had about 3 songs at the time, it was still a loss nonetheless. The good thing was that in the end, we were able to get his social media back and retain all the followers without too much damage. The damage that the hacker did do, was direct message famous people like Rich The Kid and tell them some incoherent things. Rich The Kid knew Labcook was hacked and responded to the hacker saying, “No one likes a hacker”.

This all goes to show, that in situations that are impromptu and all the sudden, you can take the best course of action to get you to your determined spot. Thinking critically is a big part of staying on your toes and having new ideas. In this situation, the hacker wanted a monetary value for the account back and the police weren’t able to help because this is a grey area in the law. I was able to negotiate and get access back to our social media accounts.

Marc Ayala

Instagram of Labcook that was hacked..

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How to make your yard look the best this summer!

Do you have a boring yard? With just a few simple tricks and tips let me help you create the most beautiful yard and garden.

To start, do you know what plants are best for our Buffalo climate? Clematis jackmannii, goatsbeard, and a meadow rue are plants that withstand harsh weather and many feet of snow, some standard requirements for being planted in a city famous for long winters.  

If you have a small yard and your goal is to try and make it bigger use horizontal layers of different heights to create the illusion of depth. For example, use low shrubs in front of a high fence and tall shrubs right in front of your home.

Did you know that it’s better to give your lawn and plants a good soaking less frequently than several sprinklings more often? The roots underneath the plant are the only part of the plant that can really absorb water. Small waterings tend to get quickly absorbed by the topsoil or even the matting that covers it and the roots remain dry and thirsty. In order for them to really drink, the water needs to penetrate the roots, about four to six inches down for most plants.

Do you really want to transform your garden into an oasis? Add an arbor. The addition of an arbor is a beautiful place to showcase vines and climbing flowers. Use unexpected planters for a cute quirky addition. Old rain boots are always fun to plant flowers in. Adding a winding garden path to your garden is also a great idea. Use gravel to pave a pathway for visitors to view your flowerbeds. Make sure to avoid rigid lines, instead let the path mimic the free-flowing nature feel.

Plant full-petaled, luxurious flowers. Roses, bellflowers, and peonies are a perfect addition. It will kick up your curb appeal tenfold. Choose a material like wire or wood as a base for your flowers and let them bloom!

Still can’t keep your plants alive? Have your soil tested to see if it is sufficient in magnesium and iron. These nutrients produce the grass’s green rich color. If your lawn is sufficient in those nutrients and it’s still not looking how you want it too it will probably have something to do with how often your trimming your lawn. Grass should not be cut shorter than two inches.

Keep in mind that creativity when it comes to your yard and garden is crucial. Don’t be afraid to take chances and have it become a part of you. Create a personal workbook and store notes, ground plants, and inspiration in it. At the end of each season not your plants, how well they did, and problems that were faced along the way. By doing this you will create an extremely rich resource.

Tori Terrazzino

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Exploring Ireland

After living the entire 20 years of my life in Buffalo I mustered up the courage to pull of the Band-Aid and pack my life away to live in Dublin, Ireland for five months.  I remember the day I was preparing to leave, January 27th, the air was chilled and the snow piles were high. Although I hated this type of weather I couldn’t help but feel sentimental about leaving my home city for the next five months to experience a whole different culture.

One of the first pictures I took of my new home, Dublin

In my hometown, Irish culture tends to resonate with people but the experiences I had in Ireland were nothing like I could have expected. Buffalo may be known for its crazy party culture and wild sports fans but I’d say the Irish could probably out drink us. My friends and I would go out on Monday nights for €1.50 drinks but going out on a Monday in America? Basically unheard of. I still don’t think my liver has bounced back from my lifestyle there. From drinking in the streets for St. Patrick’s Day, going to the Guinness storehouse sky bar, to (overly) expensive pints in Temple Bar, there were truly memories made that I will never forget.

Posting up in front of Trinity College for St. Patrick’s Day 2019
Posing for a pic after pouring the “perfect” Guinness at the Guinness Storehouse
Strolling through Temple Bar with friends that will last a lifetime.

Along with Ireland knowing how to party, I have seen sights and towns that have taken my breath away. From Galway, Kilkenny, Killarney, to the Cliffs of Moher – Ireland has infinite beauty.

The tour guide on the way to the Cliffs couldn’t stop raving about how lucky we got with the weather; sometimes you can’t even see the cliffs!
We also coincidentally found a Buffalo Bills clock during our Ring of Kerry Tour
To colorful homes that are #goals in Galway
Making the most of windy and rainy days by exploring the Kilkenny Castle

My experience in Ireland has changed my life for the better. I owe so much to this small yet charming country and hope to return as soon as possible. Although I saw a lot of Ireland there are still so many places I wish I could have gotten to during my time there. I could talk about Ireland forever but my best advice is if you get the chance to go definitely go! And drink a Guinness for me while you’re at it.

Kerilyn Kostek

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Meeting Keri

Hi! My name is Kerilyn Kostek but I usually just go by Keri. I’m currently interning at Red Door Real Estate during the summer of 2019. My main focus here is to utilize my social media marketing skills and gain new ones along the way.

I was born and raised in the South side of Buffalo. I went to an all-girls private school called Mount Mercy Academy which was also located in South Buffalo. I am a rising senior at the State University of New York at Geneseo majoring in Communications with a focus in Media and Journalism. I also have a double minor in Art History and Urban Planning. As you can tell my interests are all over the place – I’m definitely still trying to figure it all out. (Aren’t we all?)

Although I believe this opportunity with Red Door Real Estate is guiding me into a direction I tend to be very interested in – social media marketing. There are various brands across the internet that inspire me when it comes to marketing; seeing the unique ads, catch phrases, and designs to pull viewers in fascinates me. I plan on utilizing those interests to excel in my position here at Red Door Real Estate.

In terms of personal interests, this past spring I lived abroad in Europe for about five months. Located in the heart of Dublin I experienced the joy of Irish culture while also taking weekend trips to places like Lisbon, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and more. The beautiful sights I’ve seen, the diverse people I met, and the valuable lessons I learned along the way have given me a diverse set of skills I wouldn’t not have obtained if not for travel. I am passionate about travel and believe if you have the means to travel- do it. It’s the best way to not only find yourself but experience a great deal of personal growth.

From boat rides along the canal in Amsterdam
To rainy days in Lisbon
To shockingly sunny days in Ireland
To breathtaking cathedrals in Barcelona
To thermal baths in Budapest

And through all of this I have learned that life is really what you make it and that there are so many beautiful places and people all around you if you look hard enough. I am happy to be in my home city for the summer to experience its opportunity and beauty from within.

Kerilyn Kostek

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Have some free time? Check out these summer weekly activities around Buffalo

Never be bored in Buffalo during the summer again! There’s limitless activities to do and with my help you will never find yourself bored at home again! 

Start your Mondays off by joining Slow Roll Buffalo! Join hundreds of bicyclist’s weekly as you explore neighborhoods all around the city. Each week there’s a different starting point so you see all around Buffalo! This is a great family and friend activity while also getting exercise. One of my favorite things to do on Mondays.

Start your Tuesdays off right by going to food truck Tuesday in Larkin Square. This is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. Between the live music and endless amounts of food and options how can you go wrong? Did I mention that there’s also a bar?!? Stop by one of my favorite food trucks – Macarollin- and try their caprese mac n cheese. It is amazing! 

Another great thing to do at night is to go to Shakespeare in the park. It runs Tuesday-Sunday at 7:30pm. The atmosphere is incredible and the actors are great! This show never fails to put a smile on my face. 

Start your Wednesday mornings bright and early with a free workout at 6am! This is sponsored by BlueCross BlueShield. It goes from strength training to cardiovascular endurance and every week has a different theme! The energy is great and it always feels great to start your day with a work out!

Later in the day on Wednesdays– starting around 5- head to Larkin Square for a live concert series. Larkin Square transforms from food trucks on Tuesdays to a rock and rollin live music concert on Wednesdays.

It’s not a Thursday without Canalside’s concert series! With only a price of $5 go enjoy some great musicians right on the water! With food trucks and beer on deck this is a great way to ensure some summer fun!

Is it the first Friday of the month? If so you’re in luck! Go enjoy a free gallery walk from 6-9pm in Allentown’s bohemian district. Before that make sure to get your free entry into the Albright Knox Gallery to go look at some beautiful and famous pieces of art. Second Friday of the month? You get free entry into Burchfield Penney Art Center.

Second Friday of the month? You get free entry into Burchfield Penney Art Center.

Third Friday of the month? Free entry into Buffalo History Museum.

Last Friday of the month? Go check out Buffalo Arts Studio for free entry!

On Saturday’s one of my favorite things to do is to check out the Framer’s Market to support local farmers. Did you know by taking a small step as simple as this we’re also saving our environment? Make sure to stop by the Elmwood/ Bidwell Farmer’s Market from 8am to 1pm. It doesn’t get fresher than this!

Calling all jazz fans- Sunday’s are your lucky day! Enjoy jazz at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Starting July 8th going to August 5th. Overlook Hoyt lake on a warm Sunday while enjoying some jazz.

Hopefully with some of these tips you’ll find yourself with more things to do during your summer in Buffalo. Make sure to check out Buffalo’s weekly calendar for special events.

Tori Terrazzino

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Going Dancing

In the past school year my lacrosse career has been an insane trip. It starts in my freshman year. That year our new head coach recruited very heavily in order to create the best program at Fisher. Throughout my freshman year, we were the underdogs. Even though we finished 12-6 that year, no one expected us to do as well as we did. For the second time ever in program history we made an appearance in the Empire 8 Conference Championship game. We ended up losing the game 13-9 vs Stevens, who at the time was ranked number 11 in the country for DIII lacrosse. This was just the start.

So, getting into this past year. My sophomore year. Our coach again recruited the best he could. We had the goal all year of getting to the Empire 8 Championship and beating Stevens. We weren’t the underdogs to anyone anymore. What I was really not expecting is how we blew out teams by a lot of goals. When we played Stevens during the regular season, we lost 9-11 to them. That was pretty sour feeling. We all took that loss and the loss from them in the championship game the year before as motivation to get better and beat them. The time then came to play then in Hoboken, NJ in the championship game. We played one of the best games we’ve ever played in. We won 16-6.

Winning your conference in DIII, like we did, is an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. Basically, this is like the same tournament that everyone follows in basketball, but its DIII lacrosse. At this point we are the only team not previously ranked in the 2019 NCAA tournament, so back to being underdogs. We all tuned in to watch live the bracket be made and who were going to play. Our next game was versus Gettysburg. We then got back on the bus a week later to head down to Pennsylvania. The Cardinals are going dancing.

At this point schools done and I’m a full time DIII lacrosse player. Its w weird feeling that the only this I had to do was practice and prepare to play Gettysburg. Since beating Stevens, the rankings changed. Stevens went down to number 15 and we got officially ranked at 18. It was an insane feeling to be in the top 20 team in the country. But we still had business to take care of.

When the time came to play Gettysburg, it was back and forth all game. They’d score then wed score. They went on a little run, so did us.  Eventually it’s the end of the 4th quarter. Tied 10-10. Overtime. First to score wins. 10 minutes. That clock then runs out. Double overtime. That clock starts to run down and in the last minute of play a freshman score. We all go wild. First time making the NCAA tournament and first time winning. We made history for Fisher lacrosse that day.

Then we advance. Next up is the Sweet Sixteen. There’s 300+ DIII lacrosse teams in the country and as of May 11, there was only 16 teams playing. That really hit me. Our next opponent was Williams college in Massachusetts. At the time they were ranked number 5 in the country. Were still 18. It was a battle for the whole 60 minutes we ended up losing 17-12. Tough loss, but our coach and team were wo proud of each other as we made our own history.

The tournament ends and the rankings get updated. Stevens finished at number 15, Gettysburg finished at number 13 and Williams finished at number 4. We finished at number 12.

To be ranked that highly and finishing 17-3 overall was more than I could ever ask for in my current lacrosse career. To be a part of history in a top 15 school. It just blows my mind. The media and news in Rochester loved this. First time a program making the NCAA tournament. They were at our games and practices interviewing players and coaching. We even had a videographer follow us on the bus to record and make videos for before and after our games. It all felt so legit and official.

As for the future, we plan on continuing to build on what we accomplished this past year and work harder to make it farther next year. However, our coach said that other teams will look at us differently from the outside and there are new standards for us in the next year.

By Jack Laino

The St. John Fisher College Cardinals mens lacrosse team after a double overtime victory over the Gettysburg bullets

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