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I am Manvika, travel and fashion blogger and a youtuber. I am a senior at the University at Buffalo, concentrating in Marketing and International Business. I am a transfer student from India, was initially into Engineering, later changed my major to Business, which was always my interest. I am so happy that I made this decision in my crucial year, now that i can do the things I love.

Being a Marketing major, I was really interested in interning at Red door as my tasks and jobs are the things that I do everyday, and the things I love. Today is my first day here at Red door, a women owned business, which I am very proud of. Social media is something that interests me, being consistent, making posts everyday, scheduling posts on Facebook, being my creative self, what else do I expect from my internship? Red door also interests me because it is about real estate which is something that interests me again. Any knowledge about business is what i expect from Red door, unveiling my potential skills, and experiences. I am very excited to get started!!

I’m Manvika

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This past summer was one of the busiest and most exciting summers of my life. My cousins, sister and I decided to go on a little vacation, we ended up going to Wildwood, New Jersey and New York City. It was fun being away from home and be able to make amazing memories with my family. We decided to Airbnb a house so we could have our own space and be able to do what we wanted without having to deal with others around. The majority part of our days was spent in the pool, eating pizza and watching Netflix. You may think that being at Wildwood we would go out an explore a bit, that wasn’t the case for us. We all come from families who manage or own a Mexican restaurant meaning we barely have time to do any of that at home, so we took advantage of that on our trip (mostly me). Since there were 8 of us that went it was also difficult to agree on places to go, hence us staying the house we rented out. We did end up going to the beach a couple of days later, but it didn’t go as planned. Half of the group enjoyed being at the beach and swimming in the salty waters, while the other half didn’t (including me). I had the worst experience ever, while some were in the water, I was sitting in the sand with the rest. I don’t know what I was thinking when I moved closer to the water to lie down, next thing I know a huge wave comes out of nowhere and I’m covered in sand. All my belongings, (including my towel) were ruined by the water and sand. It was also very hot that say which only made things worse and being covered sand and all your belongings ruined, you can only imagine how I was felt.

We ended up heading home after that incident since I was in no mood to stay at the beach, which made a few angry about the fact that they only enjoyed the beach for a couple of hours. The following day we decided to go to the boardwalk, which is pretty amazing! It was nice being with my cousins and spending time with them, making memories that we will never forget. I can’t wait to see where we end up going next year!

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What is Ordinary?

What is ordinary?

Life is pretty ordinary when you grow up in the suburban empire of Westchester, New York. Everyone spends their weekends in the city, exploring the alleyways and side streets coated with cobblestone and brick and glass and steel. Maybe we’ll take a break and go hike on a trail through the Hudson Highlands in our backyard, or take a ride down to the river to watch the sunset. We all eat at the same places, we go to the same mall, we went go to high school and watched the Friday night football games. We all had school spirit, practiced our evacuations in case of a nuclear explosion, went to college, and we… wait a second.

What? What do you mean not every high school practices their emergency evacuation routes in case of a nuclear meltdown? Believe it or not, this was an annual occurrence in which we would evacuate the school, ingest mock pills to simulate what we would take to help reduce radiation poisoning, and board our allocated buses that would take us away from the new Chernobyl I once called home. This was never weird to me. This was just another precaution, on top of the fire and lock down drills. It didn’t faze me because I grew up with them, and with the knowledge that there was a nuclear power center in my theoretical back yard. Indian point energy center was just a part of life in Westchester. Any time you go to the river, or take the train, you can’t help but notice the intense stone structures and smoke stacks that obscure the beautiful rolling mountains of lower NY. A center with the capability of killing thousands upon thousands and poisoning even more. This was always normal.

It wasn’t until I came to school that I realized not every high school student has the same experience that I had. I felt like the most ordinary of students in the most ordinary of towns, until someone put into perspective that it was insane to practice drills in case of a nuclear apocalypse, especially so close to NYC. It was at that moment that it finally hit me. What I knew as ordinary was completely unheard of by so many, to the point where they couldn’t even fathom my annual routine. I then went on imagining what other things I took as ordinary in my high school that may not be as normal as I thought, and the same for other schools. My ordinary suburban empire of a life, in a boring town, with a nuclear power plant capable of destroying everything I know. Ordinary, right?

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Meeting Jearim

Hi there! My name is Jearim Fuentes and I am currently interning at Red Door Real Estate doing social media marketing. I hope to gain new skills and implementing the skills I already know, to help Red Door. 

 A little bit about myself, I was born and raised in Apex, North Carolina but currently live in Springville, New York. On the weekends I work at my family’s Mexican Restaurant “Fiesta Bamba” down in Springville as a waitress and assistant Manager. I am currently a senior at Daemen College, majoring in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing and two minors in International Business and Entrepreneurship.

Being a Marketing major, I was attracted to Red Door because of the type of work I will be doing with social media. A majority of the work I will be doing is on Facebook and Instagram, by doing posts and ads. My plan after college is to either continue in the family business or open up my own marketing firm with specializing in helping small business with social media content. Real estate is something that I have always found interesting at a young age, which is why I wasn’t hesitant to apply for the internship. I always wondered what it would be like to work at a real estate agency and know I will get that opportunity with this internship.

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