End Of The Semester

It’s that time of the year again, the end of the fall semester. Meaning that my time here at Red Door has come to an end, it’s a bittersweet feeling. It seems just like yesterday that I started my internship here, I had no idea how fun and exciting it would be working here. My time here gave me an insight into the Real Estate industry, which I didn’t know much prior to starting here.

During my time here I had the chance to learn more about social media marketing and strength my skills. I enjoyed how we were allowed to be creative with the flyers and posts we created, and Liz would always give us feedback on them. I was also able to write and mail out expiring listing letters as well as postcards to potential clients, using real estate software.

 I really liked how this internship allowed me to implement what I had learned at school to real-world situations. I truly enjoyed coming each time because I got to learn new things and be surrounded by amazing people. If I have the chance to do this internship again I would because it has made me better at what I plan on doing in the future which is social media marketing.

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Last Day at Red Door

As this semester comes to an end, so does my internship here at Red Door. When I walked through that door 14 weeks ago, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I didn’t imagine I would meet so many different, wonderful personalities, all deep rooted in fun and determination. When I was immediately greeted by a rambunctious, energetic puppy, I knew that I was going to thoroughly enjoy this position. 
Being a marketing major, I feel like I have further developed and created key skills and abilities that will further my career in years to come. Even down to basic social media, such as Facebook, where I learned new tools which I had previously not known about. I felt a huge sense of independence and creative freedom when working on projects. Other than a vague idea of what certain media should look like, along with necessary information, I had free rein to explore different artistic skills to help create eye popping advertisements. Using combinations of social and digital advertising, intertwined with physical and more direct advertising (such as postcards and expired housing letters) I feel like I have learned an array of crucial advertising elements.
When it comes to the people, I could not have asked for a kinder, more friendly atmosphere. I never felt the authoritative presence that is so often the norm in an internship. Both Liz and Renee have been friendly faces and bubbly attitudes from the beginning, going deeper than the surface and genuinely caring about their interns. They go beyond giving assignments and projects, back take time to teach aspects of the business, even if they aren’t directly pertaining to our work at the time. They aren’t afraid to give you a challenge, because they genuinely believe we can handle it, and will always be footsteps and a helping hand away.
I will forever be grateful for the skills, people, and memories created at this internship. I only hope that incoming interns in years to come can share the same wonderful experience that I had. 

-Matt Murnane

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