Tyler’s last Blog

First, I would like to thank everyone at Red Door for this amazing opportunity. Gaining real life marketing and social media experience will be so valuable for me in my career and I cannot thank Liz, Renee and everyone else enough for everything they did for me!

The experiences of working in a real office and working on actual projects will be ones I will never forget.

I want to do marketing and social media work in my own career and this internship was a very good reflection on what type of work I would be handling daily. I learned a lot of useful tricks that will translate very well when I get an entry level marketing or social media job. I feel like overall I learned a lot and I gave a better understanding on how social media platforms work from the perspective of the business side, instead of the consumer side.

I’m glad I didn’t have to do the typical intern work of running errands or getting coffee for people. Everyone there had a lot of respect for the interns and they treated us as if we were normal workers. This type of work allowed me to reach more of a creative side and I feel as it helped me become a better problem solver because I always wanted to make my content better than the last as I learned new techniques and creative ways to do stuff. Having creative answers to problems is essential to marketing and social media because of how crowded it can be.

Overall, I will always remember my time with the other interns, workers and of course Percy! Thank you for everything Red Door!


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DIY Facial

Don’t ignore physical self-care during this pandemic. You deserve the best, so why not treat yourself to an at-home spa-day? Here is a step by step guide to giving yourself an Instagram worthy facial!

Shot of an attractive young woman getting a facial at a beauty spa

1. Set the mood.

Light a candle, light some sage, and play your favorite songs.

Here are some new songs I use to unwind:

Cayendo-Frank Ocean


Like I Want You- Giveon 

On My Mind (Acoustic)-Jorja Smith 

10k Hours-Jhene Aiko

In My Nightmares-Mariah the Scientist

Won’t Let You-MorMor

2. Cleanse!

Get rid of the dirt and grime of the day by using your favorite facial cleanser! The cleanser that I currently use is Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap in Rose. It is all-natural and can also be used as a body wash, shampoo, household cleaner, dog shampoo, and much more. Find a cleanser that works best with your skin type.  Some people have oily, dry, or a combination of both. Using the wrong cleanser during your facial can leave your skin worse than before you started. 

3. Steam.

Steaming opens the pores and makes the skin soft and ready for exfoliation. However, steam burns can ruin the skin if you are too close to the boil. Make sure you feel comfortable, place a towel over your head to trap the air and steam away. I use herbs and oils in my steams to add an extra calming effect. I add organic rosemary, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, and lavender essential oil. 

4. Exfoliate!

Exfoliate gets rid of the dead skin built up on your face. It is soft and ready to go after steam. I make my own exfoliator using Himalayan Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, and rose essential oil. Rub this is in carefully, hard movements can cause microscopic cuts in the skin. This may lead to acne and infection!

5. Mask.

We love a good mask. I make my own masks depending on the skin issue I want to tackle. If I feel like my acne scars are getting out of control I will mix Tumeric, lemon juice, and water for brightening. If I feel like my skin has been too greasy I mix Aztec Clay and apple cider vinegar to suck up the oil. I place both of these masks on my face for about 15 minutes.

6. Moisturize!

Moisturizers are just as important as cleansers. Don’t lose all of your hard work by leaving your skin dry after this facial. Moisturizing will leave you with a healthy, fresh out of the spa glow. 

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History of Dyngus Day

By Tyler Compo

Dyngus day is a very popular Polish holiday that is always celebrated the Monday after Easter. Dyngus day is meant to be a fun and romantic holiday after the Lenten season! According to the PolishPlate.com; ” Buffalo, New York is unofficially the Dyngus Capital of America with the largest concentration of festival locations and live polka music.”

On this holiday boys are encouraged to spray girls that they like with water using things like squirt guns, buckets, bottles or any other sort of container. Boys and Girls also strike each other with pussy willows. The reason pussy willows play such a big part in this Holiday is because these plants often bud while spring is beginning, which happens after Easter. Girls get their revenge by throwing dishes and crockery on the Tuesday after Easter. We do not recommend you follow this part of the tradition noways!

Historians believe that the origins of Dygnus day stem from thousands of years ago in Poland where on the day after Easter many peasant boys would storm girls houses and douse unsuspecting food coma victims in water to pull a prank.

It is also believed that Dyngus day stems from the baptism of  Prince Mieszko I in 966 A.D. This is why sprinkling water is now a huge tradition during this holiday, as it symbolizes the first Polish Kings baptism into Christianity, which symbolizes Christianity coming to Poland.

Even though the normal Buffalo Dyngus day activities are cancelled this year, you can still celebrate by spraying your unsuspecting significant other with water, just be sure to dodge any sort of dishes that may come your way!

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Why Soap and Hand-washing is so important.

All the buzz surrounding healthy practices may seem silly, but the amount of misinformation surrounding the subject is numerous. In a study reported by the CDC only 19% of the population reported washing their hands after using the bathroom. Astounding, considering that good hand-washing practices are assumed as a norm.

So Why Hand-washing why not sanitizer? Soap and water is always recommended as it effectively fights a wide spectrum of germs as well as helps prevent the spread and antibiotic resistance. Sanitizers can also be effective however they don’t work as effectively against all the germs that standard soap and water can remove.

Something simple like washing our hands seems so silly to stress but it is imperative for our health. It is our duty in this fight to wash our hands for at least 20 full seconds and avoid touching our faces. Social distancing and good hygienic measures may seem silly but as of now, while our nurses and first responders risk their lives on the front line, this is our opportunity to help and support them.

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By Tyler Compo

Recently, the #StayHome has made its rounds across all Social Media platforms. The idea is to get everyone to stay home to save lives and not spread any potential germs we may have. At this point I think its known by all that this is the most important thing we can do to do our part.

The #StayHome is being used on places like twitter, Instagram, youtube, snapchat and more. It’s more than a way to tell people they shouldn’t go out unless they have to. Many people have taken it upon themselves to use this hashtag to give each other advice, show what they are doing in quarantine and to motive each other.

I believe this can be a very powerful moveemnt where everyone can use this hashtag and start the trend of using quaratine to our advantage. Don’t think of staying home as a bad thing, this can be a time to be very motivated and start doing things you wouldn’t normally do. Use the #StayHome to tell people to stay home and stop the spread, but also to motivate eachother and keep each other positive. The longer we can stay busy and happy during this time, the faster and easier it will be for everyone.

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What We Can Do

Everything feels impossible right now. We are striving for normalcy with no hope that it is coming in the foreseeable future. With this, we crumble under the weight of uncertainty. This is the easiest thing to do. We mourn what we have lost. That graduation we were working towards, the wedding you spent hours upon hours planning, the vacation you already packed your bags for and the list can go on and on. All of these losses make it easy to slip into that what if’s and those thoughts that keep us awake at night. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Right now the World is more connected than it has ever been. Medical professionals globally are communicating and working tirelessly for the cure to save us. The government is communicating with us hourly to reassure our safety during these hard times. We finally have those precious moments with our family that we always wished we could have. We get to sit together and eat dinner every night. We wake up and work or study just feet apart. Our pet’s tails never stop wagging due to our endless presence in our homes. We are filling our parks and admiring the beautiful weather that is coming to light. The World’s lungs are healthier. All of these things are silver linings in a terribly dark time.

We have picked up hobbies we never thought we would. We are discovering things about ourselves that we wouldn’t have known for years to come. We have hit the reset button in a sense. We are discovering the artist, teacher, fitness guru within us. We are smiling in grim times showing just how strong we are. And when this all concludes; whenever it finally ends, we will have had discovered all these amazing things we can do. We will be thankful for those dinners when we are busy at work and missing the family. We will remember those walks we took without a care in the world about all of the work we have sitting for us at the office. 

I know it feels so incredibly hard right now. I know at this moment you feel so helpless and anxious with all the uncertainty hanging in the air.  We will pull through these times. We will make it through whether it is 2 months or 8 months from now. We will pick ourselves up with all of our new experiences and leave this behind us with strength and resilience that we never knew we had. I know everything is impossible right now, but focus on what we can do. Because at the end of this, 5 years from now we are going to look back on this 1 year and remember all of the amazing things we were able to achieve and smile that we made it through this kind of hardship nobody has faced before. 

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Binge Watch Olympics

During this quarantine, I have had a lot more time to catch up on new shows and subscribe to new streaming platforms. Here is a list of all the new shows I have binge-watched and their platforms!

Disney +

I have been feeling super nostalgic, so instead of catching up on the latest Marvel films, I have been watching old school Disney. I recently watched season 1 of Lizzie McGuire and That’s So Raven. I grew up with those shows so it’s very calming to watch, it brings me back to simpler days. Both shows have strong women as the main character and the storylines are still relatable no matter how old I get. Even those born after 2005 could still enjoy these early 2000s gems.


Hulu has a bunch of shows on their network and several add-ons such as Starz and HBO. One show on Hulu I have been hooked on is Big Little Lies. The show follows a group of moms all struggling with their own personal issues such as divorce, sickness, and dating in this modern age. Hulu also has a plethora of interesting documentaries about just about anything to zone ou with.


Netflix is my go-to for binge-watching thrills but with all of these new streaming sites, I haven’t been on it as much. I love anything Sarah Jessica Parker, so I have watched both Sex and The City movies and the rom-com Failure to Launch. Netflix doesn’t have Sex and The City as the TV show, those rights were given to AmazonPrime Videos. A show I have been watching on Netflix which is eerily similar to the current state of the world is “Containment”. A virus takes over a small portion of the city of Atlanta and everyone is forced into quarantine. If you want to escape the reality of today, I would not recommend this show. If you want to stick something lighter I would recommend the newly added rom-com “He’s Just Not That Into You”. You can never go wrong with a sappy love story.

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The History of April Fools

By Tyler Compo

Even though April Fools is a pretty well known day throughout the world, there isn’t much known about its origin or history. There are many different links that historians make to its origin.

One theory is that the holiday began back in 1582 after France switched to the Gregorian Calendar. The new year began with the spring equinox around April 1.

Many people didn’t know that the this change happened and continued to celebrate like normal. These people were known as April fools, because they weren’t aware of the year time change. April Fools would get something called the poisson d’avril or the April fish, which symbolized young and gullible.

Another theory is that it started in Ancient Rome with the Latin holiday called Hilaria. That is Latin for joyful. many people of the streets would dress up and be disguised as other citizens and mock them.

Another theory historians often follow is that April Fools day is actually tied to the first day of Spring. The Vernal Equinox is known as the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Historians believe these two are tied together because it is mother nature playing the pranks on all of us with her rapidly changing and unpredictable weather.

April Fools day has a very interesting backstory as nobody truly knows where the holiday started. Either way I hope everyone has a good April Fools day and a better start to the spring season!

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