New Kid on the Block

Hello! My name is Michael Barady. I am a communications major at the University at Buffalo. I was born in West Virginia and moved to Buffalo when I was 6 years old. I’ve lived in Lake View, New York most of my life but in Tampa, Florida for a year. Some of my hobbies include snowboarding, video games, and reading. I am very excited to start out at RedDoor and I know I will learn a lot! I’m interested in real estate and eventually would love to get my real estate license as well as own a few properties in the future.

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New Intern Alert

My name is Nicole Catalano and I just finished my Junior Year at Buffalo State College. I am majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. I have a strong interest in Marketing, but I also have wanted to get my real estate license. When I came across this internship, I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me to get a taste of both my interests! 

I was born and raised in Buffalo and is a true Buffalonian. The Bills, chicken wings, and sponge candy is all I need; Well, along with my family and friends as well and I wouldn’t be complete without online shopping 🙂

Besides being a student, I have two other jobs. I am a server at Anchor Bar in Downtown Buffalo and have been there for three years now. I also am a dance teacher at Carmarie’s Dance Studio. I have been a dancer since I was three and have been a head teacher there for 2 years now. Dance is something I am so passionate about, and I have never seen me teaching there as a “job” since I enjoy it so much. I am hoping to find the same feeling when I got into the business world looking for a full-time job. I am looking forward to this internship in the hopes of building and forming new connections, learning new skills, and building on the excitement I already have for these interests of mine. 

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Thank You Red Door Real Estate!

As my time at RedDoor comes to an end all I can say is how thankful I am for this experience. From the moment I walked in for the interview I was welcomed and laughing. This experience is truly something I will be grateful for as I move forward into my career.

The company has such strong ties to the community and truly cares for all of their customers. I cannot wait to continue this work ethic as I move into new positions in my life. I learned how important it is to treat each and every person with kindness and respect and although it was a digital marketing position this may be the most important lesson I’ll take away from my time as an intern. 

That doesn’t mean I haven’t learned technical skills. I now feel confident moving forward in my life understanding how social media marketing works, how to actively interact with customers and how to express ideas.

My time with Red Door Real Estate will always be something I am extremely grateful for. I have grown so much as a person but also feel more prepared for my career. These memories will always be something I will have and the only words I can think of is Thank you.

Thank you Red Door Team! 


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Farewell Red Door

For months I would walk by the Red Door Real Estate office on my morning commute and glimpse at the creative listing fliers in the window. I never would have thought one day my fliers would be hanging on the window! I am so glad I decided to do some research in January and land this internship. I would like to thank Liz and everyone at Red Door for their kindness and openness in and out of the office.

Prior to this position, I was an intern at a very cold, and quiet office in Manhattan, NY. It was fun and taught me the basics of working in an office setting as a student. Although I was performing similar tasks, the energy of the office was off. I felt like something was missing from that experience. At Red Door’s office, I felt at home to eat, talk about my day, and listen to music to really get my creative juices flowing. 

These are unprecedented times. Even during this pandemic, my experience at Red Door has been amazing. I will never forget my time there and I am grateful for this positive experience during these dark days. I will miss you all!

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