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Todd Nibbe

Todd Nibbe

Todd has over 12 years experience and a lot of deals under his belt. His real estate expertise lies primarily in the investment property and bank owned home arenas. Todd focused on property management, maintenance, broker price opinions, and interior home inspections for national asset managers for his first seven years in the business. His knowledge from this boots on the ground training can provide a lot of insight to both new and seasoned investors. He is ready to put that experience to work for you. If you have any questions about the City of Buffalo and the local government regarding investment properties, Todd is your go to guy. As with everyone at Red Door, his love of animals comes second only to his love of Buffalo and its awesomeness! In his spare time, he loves his dogs, fostering other dogs, and petting any other dogs that will let him. Todd’s other passion is trying new plant based recipes with lots of fresh local ingredients. Cauliflower wings anyone?

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