• Jul2020
    Just some pictures of my special day

    From car parades for birthday celebrations, weddings being cancelled, and the only people you are celebrating things with are the people you live with… Safe to say anything during Quarantine 2020 because of COVID-19 will never be forgotten.

    I personally can say having a birthday in May this year was not how I expected to celebrate at all- it also being my 21st!!! I was supposed to be going out with my group of friends to a bar or club, getting unreasonably drunk and not remembering how I got home that night, right? That is the stereotype that goes on for everyone’s 21st birthday?! Nope, not mine this year or my friend groups, since majority of us were turning 21 during the Quarantine. Great!

    I was having major FOMO- fear of missing out (just in case anyone reading this isn’t a millennial) ;). I’ve seen people a year or two older than me having these huge parties and going out for their 21st and I knew I wouldn’t be getting that this year and you only turn 21 once (sorry to break the news mom, you can’t change 51 to 21). Everyone always looks forward to this huge milestone- where we can get rid of the fake of ID’s and never have to ask anyone to buy us alcohol again… it’s a big moment people. Safe to say I was being a drama queen because this year had to be the best birthday yet and I truly don’t think it could be topped. But, that doesn’t mean we can try having another pandemic next year, I’ll do a hard pass for everyone on that.

    The morning of my birthday I woke up to my mom saying to come outside. My friends decorated my car, filled it COMPLETELY with balloons inside and my whole front yard and house was decorated. And of course, I was iced at 9am… true friends. Friends didn’t stay long because of everything going on obviously but I knew I would see them later during my friends car parade since we shared the same birthday- we did the same thing for her the night before with her car and lawn. I then got my favorite chocolate chip pancakes and mimosas and had my boyfriend show up with gifts. He got me bottles of wine, flowers, my favorite snacks, lottery tickets, a few other things, and of course Tim Hortons. I knew I wanted to take pictures all dressed up with balloons and a confetti blaster I had and the only other thing I knew was planned was dinner with just my immediate family. So I showered, got ready, had my boyfriend take pictures with our camera and then all of a sudden I realized I was home alone. My mom, sister and boyfriend had all very sneakily left the house without me noticing until they were all gone. I was too focused looking at the pictures on the camera, duh. About 10 minutes later my sister and mom came back and said, “Why don’t you come outside for a second”, in a tone of them trying to be completely cool and natural but totally bombing that. Then the beeping started and about 20 cars driving by filled with my closest family and friends all there showing me so much love. They did one lap around and came back a second time and parked and dropped me off gifts and I did get to talk to everyone- socially distracted don’t you worry Cuomo. Now my house looks like I could run a liquor store with how much alcohol I got. I think I am stocked until my 22nd birthday, but I am not complaining at all. During dinner my sister sent me a 5-minute video of my friends and family sending in their own clips wishing me a happy birthday, and that has to be the cutest video I have ever seen. I thought that was it of surprises until after dinner and my friends car parade, my boyfriend said he wanted to go for a drive. I didn’t think of anything of it since we would do it all the time. We ended up driving on my one friends street and I saw her outside. I obviously rolled the window down and said hi and she said, “Oh my gosh!!! Why don’t you park and come in for a little bit we can hangout Christina (our other friend) is here too!!!”. So of course, I made him stop and I told him we could go for a drive after. Christina was the one who also had the same day birthday as me. We walked in her backyard together to my whole friend group screaming “SURPRISE”. The whole backyard was decorated, there was snacks, shots, a birthday cake with a drunk Christina and I on it. Our friends went completely above and beyond for us. It was the best surprise ever.m

    It wasn’t a night at the club, but I can mark off my bucket list that I don’t remember how I got home on the night of my 21st birthday. But it was my boyfriend who stayed sober to take care of me for the night- what a keeper. He also got me drunk Mighty Taco, which is more brownie points.

    The day was filled with people who mean so much to me, going the extra mile to make me feel special and that whole day would not of went like that if it wasn’t for COVID. People had to get creative and think out of the box for anyone who had birthdays or something special during Quarantine.   A lot of the things people have come up with I know will stick around and become new traditions for celebrations which I love so much.

    So to make a long story still long, my 21st birthday was one of the best days of my life in such a weird timing of the world and I’m sure a lot of you can relate in some way.


  • Jun2020

    PC Building


    After being stuck inside in quarantine for a couple months now, I decided to take on the project of building my own PC (Personal Computer). I’ve never taken on such a big task like this before. Gaming has always been one of my favorite hobbies, so being fortunate enough to have the opportunity to build my own computer, I decided to take advantage.
    From picking out the correct parts and waiting for them to come in the mail to spending a whole day building, the process has been exciting but very long. For all my friends interested in gaming, or computers, I highly reconmmend the fulfilling experience of building a PC yourself.

  • Fireworks, parades, family barbeques- all of what we usually only think about when it comes to The Fourth of July. But why is it really celebrated and what is the purpose behind this national holiday?

    Way back in the 18th century the United States was not considered the United States. In fact, what we now call states were called colonies. The United States was an extension of England, but eventually differences in life, thought, and interests began to develop which caused a rift between Britain and America. Things abruptly changed in 1763.

    Britain decided that the colonies needed to return revenue to the mother country and they needed to pay for the colonies defense, which was being provided by Britain. But the colonies did not agree with these new rules at all. They felt that since they were not represented in Parliament that they should not have to pay any kinds of taxes to the mother country, hence the saying “no taxation without representation?” When Britain continued to tax, the colonies formed the First Continental Congress to persuade the British government to recognize their rights. When this did not work a war was declared, which is known as the American Revolution.

    After the First Continental Congress failed to persuade Britain to recognize the colonies’ rights, and war was declared, things began to heat up. During the American Revolution a second Continental Congress was formed. It is this group that adopted the final draft of the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence was drafted by John Adams, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Robert R. Livingston, and Roger Sherman. After the first draft was written by Thomas Jefferson, it was revised by Ben Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson before it was sent to Congress for approval. All thirteen colonies stood behind the Declaration of Independence and adopted it in full on July 4, 1776.

    This is where the Fourth of July holiday comes in. The Fourth of July is known as Independence Day because that is the day that the Second Continental Congress adopted the full and formal Declaration of Independence. Even though we had declared that we were independent, the American Revolution was still being fought, which meant that we were still not independent. Regardless of the ongoing war the following year, people in Philadelphia celebrated a muted Fourth of July.

    While celebrations on July 4th during the American Revolution were modest, after the war ended in 1783 the Fourth of July became a holiday in many places. The celebrations included speeches, military events, parades, and fireworks. To this day the Fourth of July is the most patriotic holiday celebrated in the United States.

  • May2020

    Hello! My name is Michael Barady. I am a communications major at the University at Buffalo. I was born in West Virginia and moved to Buffalo when I was 6 years old. I’ve lived in Lake View, New York most of my life but in Tampa, Florida for a year. Some of my hobbies include snowboarding, video games, and reading. I am very excited to start out at RedDoor and I know I will learn a lot! I’m interested in real estate and eventually would love to get my real estate license as well as own a few properties in the future.

  • New Intern Alert


    My name is Nicole Catalano and I just finished my Junior Year at Buffalo State College. I am majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. I have a strong interest in Marketing, but I also have wanted to get my real estate license. When I came across this internship, I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me to get a taste of both my interests! 

    I was born and raised in Buffalo and is a true Buffalonian. The Bills, chicken wings, and sponge candy is all I need; Well, along with my family and friends as well and I wouldn’t be complete without online shopping 🙂

    Besides being a student, I have two other jobs. I am a server at Anchor Bar in Downtown Buffalo and have been there for three years now. I also am a dance teacher at Carmarie’s Dance Studio. I have been a dancer since I was three and have been a head teacher there for 2 years now. Dance is something I am so passionate about, and I have never seen me teaching there as a “job” since I enjoy it so much. I am hoping to find the same feeling when I got into the business world looking for a full-time job. I am looking forward to this internship in the hopes of building and forming new connections, learning new skills, and building on the excitement I already have for these interests of mine. 

  • As my time at RedDoor comes to an end all I can say is how thankful I am for this experience. From the moment I walked in for the interview I was welcomed and laughing. This experience is truly something I will be grateful for as I move forward into my career.

    The company has such strong ties to the community and truly cares for all of their customers. I cannot wait to continue this work ethic as I move into new positions in my life. I learned how important it is to treat each and every person with kindness and respect and although it was a digital marketing position this may be the most important lesson I’ll take away from my time as an intern. 

    That doesn’t mean I haven’t learned technical skills. I now feel confident moving forward in my life understanding how social media marketing works, how to actively interact with customers and how to express ideas.

    My time with Red Door Real Estate will always be something I am extremely grateful for. I have grown so much as a person but also feel more prepared for my career. These memories will always be something I will have and the only words I can think of is Thank you.

    Thank you Red Door Team! 


  • Farewell Red Door


    For months I would walk by the Red Door Real Estate office on my morning commute and glimpse at the creative listing fliers in the window. I never would have thought one day my fliers would be hanging on the window! I am so glad I decided to do some research in January and land this internship. I would like to thank Liz and everyone at Red Door for their kindness and openness in and out of the office.

    Prior to this position, I was an intern at a very cold, and quiet office in Manhattan, NY. It was fun and taught me the basics of working in an office setting as a student. Although I was performing similar tasks, the energy of the office was off. I felt like something was missing from that experience. At Red Door’s office, I felt at home to eat, talk about my day, and listen to music to really get my creative juices flowing. 

    These are unprecedented times. Even during this pandemic, my experience at Red Door has been amazing. I will never forget my time there and I am grateful for this positive experience during these dark days. I will miss you all!

  • Apr2020

    Tyler’s last Blog


    First, I would like to thank everyone at Red Door for this amazing opportunity. Gaining real life marketing and social media experience will be so valuable for me in my career and I cannot thank Liz, Renee and everyone else enough for everything they did for me!

    The experiences of working in a real office and working on actual projects will be ones I will never forget.

    I want to do marketing and social media work in my own career and this internship was a very good reflection on what type of work I would be handling daily. I learned a lot of useful tricks that will translate very well when I get an entry level marketing or social media job. I feel like overall I learned a lot and I gave a better understanding on how social media platforms work from the perspective of the business side, instead of the consumer side.

    I’m glad I didn’t have to do the typical intern work of running errands or getting coffee for people. Everyone there had a lot of respect for the interns and they treated us as if we were normal workers. This type of work allowed me to reach more of a creative side and I feel as it helped me become a better problem solver because I always wanted to make my content better than the last as I learned new techniques and creative ways to do stuff. Having creative answers to problems is essential to marketing and social media because of how crowded it can be.

    Overall, I will always remember my time with the other interns, workers and of course Percy! Thank you for everything Red Door!


  • DIY Facial


    Don’t ignore physical self-care during this pandemic. You deserve the best, so why not treat yourself to an at-home spa-day? Here is a step by step guide to giving yourself an Instagram worthy facial!

    Shot of an attractive young woman getting a facial at a beauty spa

    1. Set the mood.

    Light a candle, light some sage, and play your favorite songs.

    Here are some new songs I use to unwind:

    Cayendo-Frank Ocean


    Like I Want You- Giveon 

    On My Mind (Acoustic)-Jorja Smith 

    10k Hours-Jhene Aiko

    In My Nightmares-Mariah the Scientist

    Won’t Let You-MorMor

    2. Cleanse!

    Get rid of the dirt and grime of the day by using your favorite facial cleanser! The cleanser that I currently use is Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap in Rose. It is all-natural and can also be used as a body wash, shampoo, household cleaner, dog shampoo, and much more. Find a cleanser that works best with your skin type.  Some people have oily, dry, or a combination of both. Using the wrong cleanser during your facial can leave your skin worse than before you started. 

    3. Steam.

    Steaming opens the pores and makes the skin soft and ready for exfoliation. However, steam burns can ruin the skin if you are too close to the boil. Make sure you feel comfortable, place a towel over your head to trap the air and steam away. I use herbs and oils in my steams to add an extra calming effect. I add organic rosemary, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, and lavender essential oil. 

    4. Exfoliate!

    Exfoliate gets rid of the dead skin built up on your face. It is soft and ready to go after steam. I make my own exfoliator using Himalayan Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, and rose essential oil. Rub this is in carefully, hard movements can cause microscopic cuts in the skin. This may lead to acne and infection!

    5. Mask.

    We love a good mask. I make my own masks depending on the skin issue I want to tackle. If I feel like my acne scars are getting out of control I will mix Tumeric, lemon juice, and water for brightening. If I feel like my skin has been too greasy I mix Aztec Clay and apple cider vinegar to suck up the oil. I place both of these masks on my face for about 15 minutes.

    6. Moisturize!

    Moisturizers are just as important as cleansers. Don’t lose all of your hard work by leaving your skin dry after this facial. Moisturizing will leave you with a healthy, fresh out of the spa glow. 

  • By Tyler Compo

    Dyngus day is a very popular Polish holiday that is always celebrated the Monday after Easter. Dyngus day is meant to be a fun and romantic holiday after the Lenten season! According to the PolishPlate.com; ” Buffalo, New York is unofficially the Dyngus Capital of America with the largest concentration of festival locations and live polka music.”

    On this holiday boys are encouraged to spray girls that they like with water using things like squirt guns, buckets, bottles or any other sort of container. Boys and Girls also strike each other with pussy willows. The reason pussy willows play such a big part in this Holiday is because these plants often bud while spring is beginning, which happens after Easter. Girls get their revenge by throwing dishes and crockery on the Tuesday after Easter. We do not recommend you follow this part of the tradition noways!

    Historians believe that the origins of Dygnus day stem from thousands of years ago in Poland where on the day after Easter many peasant boys would storm girls houses and douse unsuspecting food coma victims in water to pull a prank.

    It is also believed that Dyngus day stems from the baptism of  Prince Mieszko I in 966 A.D. This is why sprinkling water is now a huge tradition during this holiday, as it symbolizes the first Polish Kings baptism into Christianity, which symbolizes Christianity coming to Poland.

    Even though the normal Buffalo Dyngus day activities are cancelled this year, you can still celebrate by spraying your unsuspecting significant other with water, just be sure to dodge any sort of dishes that may come your way!

  • All the buzz surrounding healthy practices may seem silly, but the amount of misinformation surrounding the subject is numerous. In a study reported by the CDC only 19% of the population reported washing their hands after using the bathroom. Astounding, considering that good hand-washing practices are assumed as a norm.

    So Why Hand-washing why not sanitizer? Soap and water is always recommended as it effectively fights a wide spectrum of germs as well as helps prevent the spread and antibiotic resistance. Sanitizers can also be effective however they don’t work as effectively against all the germs that standard soap and water can remove.

    Something simple like washing our hands seems so silly to stress but it is imperative for our health. It is our duty in this fight to wash our hands for at least 20 full seconds and avoid touching our faces. Social distancing and good hygienic measures may seem silly but as of now, while our nurses and first responders risk their lives on the front line, this is our opportunity to help and support them.

  • #StayHome


    By Tyler Compo

    Recently, the #StayHome has made its rounds across all Social Media platforms. The idea is to get everyone to stay home to save lives and not spread any potential germs we may have. At this point I think its known by all that this is the most important thing we can do to do our part.

    The #StayHome is being used on places like twitter, Instagram, youtube, snapchat and more. It’s more than a way to tell people they shouldn’t go out unless they have to. Many people have taken it upon themselves to use this hashtag to give each other advice, show what they are doing in quarantine and to motive each other.

    I believe this can be a very powerful moveemnt where everyone can use this hashtag and start the trend of using quaratine to our advantage. Don’t think of staying home as a bad thing, this can be a time to be very motivated and start doing things you wouldn’t normally do. Use the #StayHome to tell people to stay home and stop the spread, but also to motivate eachother and keep each other positive. The longer we can stay busy and happy during this time, the faster and easier it will be for everyone.

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