What is Ordinary?

What is ordinary?

Life is pretty ordinary when you grow up in the suburban empire of Westchester, New York. Everyone spends their weekends in the city, exploring the alleyways and side streets coated with cobblestone and brick and glass and steel. Maybe we’ll take a break and go hike on a trail through the Hudson Highlands in our backyard, or take a ride down to the river to watch the sunset. We all eat at the same places, we go to the same mall, we went go to high school and watched the Friday night football games. We all had school spirit, practiced our evacuations in case of a nuclear explosion, went to college, and we… wait a second.

What? What do you mean not every high school practices their emergency evacuation routes in case of a nuclear meltdown? Believe it or not, this was an annual occurrence in which we would evacuate the school, ingest mock pills to simulate what we would take to help reduce radiation poisoning, and board our allocated buses that would take us away from the new Chernobyl I once called home. This was never weird to me. This was just another precaution, on top of the fire and lock down drills. It didn’t faze me because I grew up with them, and with the knowledge that there was a nuclear power center in my theoretical back yard. Indian point energy center was just a part of life in Westchester. Any time you go to the river, or take the train, you can’t help but notice the intense stone structures and smoke stacks that obscure the beautiful rolling mountains of lower NY. A center with the capability of killing thousands upon thousands and poisoning even more. This was always normal.

It wasn’t until I came to school that I realized not every high school student has the same experience that I had. I felt like the most ordinary of students in the most ordinary of towns, until someone put into perspective that it was insane to practice drills in case of a nuclear apocalypse, especially so close to NYC. It was at that moment that it finally hit me. What I knew as ordinary was completely unheard of by so many, to the point where they couldn’t even fathom my annual routine. I then went on imagining what other things I took as ordinary in my high school that may not be as normal as I thought, and the same for other schools. My ordinary suburban empire of a life, in a boring town, with a nuclear power plant capable of destroying everything I know. Ordinary, right?

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Meeting Jearim

Hi there! My name is Jearim Fuentes and I am currently interning at Red Door Real Estate doing social media marketing. I hope to gain new skills and implementing the skills I already know, to help Red Door. 

 A little bit about myself, I was born and raised in Apex, North Carolina but currently live in Springville, New York. On the weekends I work at my family’s Mexican Restaurant “Fiesta Bamba” down in Springville as a waitress and assistant Manager. I am currently a senior at Daemen College, majoring in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing and two minors in International Business and Entrepreneurship.

Being a Marketing major, I was attracted to Red Door because of the type of work I will be doing with social media. A majority of the work I will be doing is on Facebook and Instagram, by doing posts and ads. My plan after college is to either continue in the family business or open up my own marketing firm with specializing in helping small business with social media content. Real estate is something that I have always found interesting at a young age, which is why I wasn’t hesitant to apply for the internship. I always wondered what it would be like to work at a real estate agency and know I will get that opportunity with this internship.

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New Beginings

Today I begin my second official day interning at Red Door Real Estate. I have already developed my skills on certain media platforms that I had thought I had mastered, along with learning new websites and media. As a non-resident of Western New York I am enamored with the opportunity of delving deeper into the Buffalo community.

Being from Westchester, New York, I am not used to the sense of pride, community, and unity that holds the Buffalo community together. We do not have a football team or signature foods, we are simply the passageway to the metropolis of New York City. I live 40 minutes from one of the largest cities in the world, and 25 minutes from some of the most beautiful hiking in the Hudson Valley. There are places where I can see the NYC skyline from the top of a mountain, which is such a mind bending thing to me.

As much as I love home, I was always seeking the independence of being away, and college was the perfect opportunity. Now six hours away from home, I get to learn new aspects of my own person and identity that you can only develop in a new environment. I am a business major at the University at Buffalo, majoring in Business Administration, with concentrations in marketing and supply chain operations. Focusing primarily on my marketing concentration, I immediately was attracted to the experience of working with marketing and social media that was required of the Red Door internship, along with a long time fascination with real estate.

Real estate is an area unlike most others, in the sense they get to truly delve into the lives of their neighbors and community members beyond the surface level. While some people may just see different names and addresses, I see individuals with families, stories, and history. Are they new to Buffalo? Have their roots been grounded here for generations? Maybe they have a dog, or maybe they even have big Sunday dinners!  These are the true Buffalonians who I get to witness, from afar, plan the next steps in their lives. That is what this small business means to me. People are ready to write a new chapter in their lives, and Red Door is there with a pen and paper to help. To me, opening up this Red Door is much more than the beginning of my 5 hour shift, it is opening my mind to the potential skills, values, and experiences I await eagerly to unfold.

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The End of My Internship at Red Door Real Estate WNY

This summer I stared a new chapter getting a social media marketing internship with Red Door Real Estate. Over the Summer, I learned a lot about how a small company manages their social media as well as their work the real estate industry. I came into this with no knowledge or interest in real estate, so I learned and used my knowledge of other interests and applied them to this position. The main project I worked on and was very proud of was creating a whole social media guideline and rubric for Red Door so they can continue to have an awesome social media presence. This opportunity allowed me to experiment with different types of posts and have creative freedom that I would have in the real world at a social media position. Overall, this internship was a very cool experience in a field that I didn’t know much about, but learned and created content that I am interested in.

Jack Laino

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The End of a Chapter

It’s crazy to think that just a few months ago I started my internship at Red Door. I had no idea what to expect, but I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. It gave me an insight into a team of hard working women and gave me something to aspire to be.

During my time here at Red Door I had the chance to learn a lot about social media marketing. I expected to have strict reigns on what I could do here, but to my delight Liz gave each intern the opportunity to express themselves and offered each idea with open arms.

I also got the opportunity to get a glimpse into the world of real estate. I was able to write and mail expired listing letters, as well as postcards. I was taught how to use a real estate software to see houses and owners. I even learned more about Facebook than I could have ever imagined. I also created listings and videos, as well as flyers for each house.

During my internship I also learned about my love of French Bulldogs. Every day, I was greeted by the happiest puppy making my time here even better. The environment here at Red Door is joyful. It wasn’t strict top down management, instead everyone treated each other with respect and I could see how close the staff is.

To all the new interns- take in every moment. It goes by in the blink of an eye.

Thank you Liz and Renee for teaching me and showing me the ropes to your world. I can’t wait to come back and visit.

Tori Terrazzino

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My Red Door Internship

Starting out here, I didn’t know what to expect. As soon as I walked into the office, I was greeted by a nice puppy and I quickly learned that this was a cool environment to work in.

My role here has been to market the listings that the company has. From creating eye-catching flyers to advertising on
Instagram, I have been able to help Red Door expedite their process of selling a home.

I have worked side by side with Liz, who is the office manager, and I have really enjoyed my time with her. She has taught me many techniques about marketing a house that is for sale. She has a vast knowledge in applications that can be used as tools to help in marketing. Also, Liz has a very good attitude during every task that she does and during the tasks assigned to me. With a go-getter attitude like hers, a lot can be accomplished in a day.

I have learned a lot of things here at Red Door. Making flyers and making engaging posts on Facebook and Instagram have allowed me to see how marketing works when trying to sell real estate.

Those who work at Red Door are self-driven and motivated to do a good job at what they do. I am very lucky to have had an opportunity to intern here and share my talents with them, as well as learn new tools that I can use in the future.

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A Hard Goodbye

As summer comes to a close so does my journey here at Red Door. While I am incredibly sad my experience here is ending, I am so grateful for my time spent here. Red Door has opened my eyes to what I will be looking for in my future employer; a kind, open, and welcoming environment. An environment that doesn’t think twice about having puppies in their work space, an environment with fresh ideas and natural lighting tucked away in a cute part of the city.

A fluffy new pal Red Door introduced me to

From creating videos and posters, to brainstorming ideas to up our social media game, it has solidified the career path I would like to pursue. My dream is to work in a progressive thinking company, an environment slightly laid back and relaxed so you feel comfortable bouncing back and forth ideas with your coworkers. I would like to work in a job centered around social media and how to use it to spread ideas, positivity, and to build a mini community.

A home away from home

Returning to Geneseo in the fall I can’t wait to tell my advisor all about my internship. While I hear mixed experiences from my friends about their internships I have nothing but good things to say about my experience here at Red Door. Red Door was so immersive, they gave us free reign to express ourselves as social media marketers. Instead of running around and grabbing coffees we actually did things to help the company grow and expand. It felt nice actually feeling like a part of the company and not just some clumsy intern doing the tasks that no one else wanted to do.

Red Door is truly a modern company – but in the very best way. I cannot thank Liz and Renee enough for the experience I had here. Their understanding and accommodation has made working enjoyable. Although summer felt like it went by in the blink of an eye I will forever remember my first internship here at Red Door Real Estate.

Leaving Red Door with a smile 🙂

Kerilyn Kostek

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So I feel like I’m joining a trend visiting Nashville this summer. It seems like a hot tourist spot that everyone’s visiting. I was really excited to go and see what all the hype was about.

When we landed I was soon greeted with true Southern Charm. Everyone was so friendly and would stop you on the street just to say hello, they were genuinely nice human beings.

When we landed we went for lunch around 11am. When we first hit Broadway it was amazing. There were pedal tours and monster trucks full of women and men dancing and singing, and it was only 11. I immediately fell in love. I didn’t realize the extent to which this was a hot spot for Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, but they were everywhere.

That night, we decided to go to dinner and eat true southern chicken. It was amazing. The service at the restaurant was even amazing. Not to mention the chicken paired so well with beer.

The next day we had an event where they closed a street off of Broadway. It almost reminded me of a carnival. They had pizza on a stick and street performers. People were coming around and serving drinks and appetizers. The restaurants on the side of the street were even closed down and opened just for the party. It was an amazing experience.

On Tuesday we learned how to line dance. It was so fun to try something new with my family. They were good sports the entire time. We also visited the Gulch. I couldn’t leave without taking the typical Nashville picture.

Wednesday we had a Lady Antebellum concert. What a fun thing that was! We had the entire Music Convention Center for a buffet and drinks. The show started with dancers and then Lady Antebellum came on stage, it was such a good performance.

All and all I loved Nashville. I can’t wait for the next time I go back to have even more fun. Disclaimer… There is country music everywhere you turn there, so if you’re not a fan maybe this isn’t the place for you.

Tori Terrazzino

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Bone Church

While being abroad in Europe I discovered one of my all-time favorite cities – Prague. I wasn’t expecting to fall in love in Europe but Prague had stolen my heart and I have yet to get it back. I think about Prague all the time, whenever I get an itch to travel I picture myself walking down the old streets of Prague in the warm summer heat being greeted by beautiful old architecture and friendly street vendors.

During my time in Prague we took a trip to the outskirts of the city to visit a church called Kutná Hora or otherwise known as, the bone church. This church is exactly what it sounds like, it is decorated from wall to wall in human bones. Creepy right?

Story goes that a local abbot made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and brought back sacred soil to spread across the Sedlec cemetery in front of the church. After the public got ahold of this knowledge, Sedlec cemetery became one of the most famous places to get buried. Between the plague and the crusades over 40,000 people were buried at the here.

While Kunta Hora was being built all the bones began to get stacked around the church, sitting undisturbed until about the late 1800s when a local woodcarver named Francis Rint was hired to make something beautiful out of the remains.

Although may some might find it unsettling or creepy I couldn’t help but feel fascinated by my surroundings. So many humans and so much history kept in one place fills you with a sense of wonder and awe. Prague – even though you have a church filled with human bones I still love you and your weirdness.

Kerilyn Kostek

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Fisher Family

This past weekend, my Fisher Lacrosse team participates in a summer tournament at RIT. We’ve been doing this since before my freshman year, 3 years ago. The whole point of the tournament is to get the team together over the summer and to meet the incoming freshman. We take pride in how close our team is that it really is like a family. Each player cares for each other. Overall, we won 2 games on Saturday and lost 1 on Sunday. To us, the games weren’t as important to us when compared to getting our team together and meeting the incoming players. Making them feel comfortable and at home with all of is really important. It was a weird feeling that, now being an upperclassman, it’s our responsibility to take care of the freshman and make sure they have a place to stay and are meeting the other players. I still remember my freshman year, coming to this tournament over the summer, not knowing anyone and then meeting 50 people instantly. That’s what’s it’s all about. Having 50 brothers instantly that would do anything for you. Everything came full circle from my freshman year to my junior year and how the perspectives have changed. Having everyone together and meeting the new players has me even more excited for the season than I already was.

By Jack Laino

SJFC Mens Lacrosse Team at the Summer RIT tournament this past weekend

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A Glimpse into Ghanaian Life

This past January I had the opportunity to travel to Ghana with my college business program. I still think about my trip to this day, so I’m going to take this opportunity to share some of my favorite parts of the trip.

My first day in Ghana we visited a chief’s castle in the mountains. While there we met the medical team, who were giving aid to the elderly. This was my first look into true Ghanaian hospitality. It was the chief’s birthday and on his special day he chose to welcome us into his home. Not to mention he also had his servants cooking and bringing food down to the elderly patients of the village. I was taken back by this selfless act from the chief. To a certain extent I almost felt upset that I was surprised by such a kind act. Why was I not used to seeing kindness around me? That was when I knew Ghana was going to be unlike anywhere I’ve ever been or anything I’ve ever seen.

One of the more fascinating parts of the trip was when we visited a local fish market. I went in not really sure what to expect, but it was incredible. To an outsider looking in one would think it was hectic. However, I thought it was beautiful. The way it worked was like a community. They all watched out for one another, working in harmony. This was their livelihood, something that had most likely been in their family for generations. It was clear to me how amazing it was that they created their own little business sector.

Later in the trip we traveled to Cape Coast. Our first night there we visited a slave castle. The beauty of the castle made it hard for me to picture what terrible and horrendous things had occurred there. In a previous travel, I had visited a concentration camp in Germany. I had a very similar heavy feeling while being at the slave castle. It was hard for me to take in what had happened directly beneath my feet. Before this trip slavery felt like it was long gone history. Little did I know was how prevalent it still is today and how little time had elapsed between then and now. It was hard for me to process and still is to this day. How as human brothers and sisters could one race do this to another? How could something as simple as a physical characteristic make one person more important than another? In what ways was any of this justified? Walking throughout that castle made me linger on these questions and feel sick to my stomach. I prayed for those who had lost their souls there. I made a silent vow to myself to always stick up for what I think is ethically right.

The following day was spectacular. We went on a jungle walk along the top of the jungle. On the way to the jungle walk I noticed the innovations of Ghanaian people. On the dirt roads, the people of the town would create their own speed bumps by moving the dirt to one area. I assume this was to decrease the amount of dirt flying around their town. I absolutely loved that little innovation. We also passed through beautiful rainforests and I got the opportunity to spot some monkeys. When we arrived to the jungle walk I was in awe. The beauty around me was unreal. The walk up the mountain was so educational as I got a glimpse into Ghana’s ecosystem. When we reached the jungle walk at first, I was intimidated by the vastness. As soon as I stepped on the walk however, I was elated. The natural beauty around me was stunning. I looked down and could just see the tops of the trees. At first it was scary, but I soon got comfortable with it. Hearing the laughter of my group while we were there made all the jitters I experienced before getting to the walk worth it.

After being in Cape Coast we headed back to Accra. While back in Accra I had the opportunity to teach young children at a school. The school was ecstatic to have us there. Upon arrival, we were greeted with a traditional African dance by two students. It was an amazing thing to experience. I remember being introduced to the children and having them be so beyond excited to simply say my name back to me.

We broke up into classrooms and I was put with class 3. They ranged from around 7-10 years old if my memory serves me correctly. The energy in the room was crazy. I was supposed to be teaching coding on the computer, but after arrival we soon learned that there was only one computer for all of the school. My team and I quickly adjusted and decided to go with a different lesson plan. We would have them create sounds (or beats) with their hands and feet to help them understand that there’s different components to making a computer work, similar to there being sounds in music to have it come together and make a song. The kids loved it.

Upon coming home, I finally looked through all the pictures and videos I took. The entire trip I had my camera glued to my side as I tried to capture whatever I could. I was so amazed by the eagerness of people who didn’t know me and still wanted to be captured on my camera. It was so wonderful and pure. A lot of the people and children I photographed had never seen themselves on a camera before. Their reactions are something I will never forget.

Overall this was an experience I will never lose touch with and will always keep very close to my heart. It was such an honor to be received into Ghana with such open arms even though I was a complete stranger. The knowledge I have gained from this trip will last me a lifetime.

Tori Terrazzino

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Buffalo Bills Training Camp

I’m excited to see how the Bills kick off their season this year. With the same QB as last year, but a more mature, Josh Allen will be in control of our offense. We also added another WR Cole Beasley.

As the players begin to compete for the 53-man roster, they will have to play their hardest and finest. We drafted Ed Oliver earlier this year as well. This is a big key player to add from the University of Houston because we need a threat to the opponent’s QB that is fast. He reminds me of Mario Williams in his prime. So he should be very fun to watch at training camp.

With the NFL, anything can happen. Cody Ford, who is a substantial player, might not make the starting roster this year. He is good enough to play in the starting roster but the Bills currently have Ty Nsekhe in that position ready to go for the next 2 years at $10 million.

Something that I am disappointed in is not being to see Frank Gore play. Gore was put on the NFI (non-football injury) list right before the start of training camp. I would have liked to see Gore in full motion at training camp but I will just have to wait until the season starts as he will be complementing McCoy in the running game.

Overall, the Bills have added some new talent to their roster and have the potential to become a good team this year. In training camp, now is the time that the Bills have to see who will make the team and who will not. I am very excited to see all the players play because anyone can have a shot at making the team. They just have to work hard enough.

Marc Ayala

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