End Of The Semester

It’s that time of the year again, the end of the fall semester. Meaning that my time here at Red Door has come to an end, it’s a bittersweet feeling. It seems just like yesterday that I started my internship here, I had no idea how fun and exciting it would be working here. My time here gave me an insight into the Real Estate industry, which I didn’t know much prior to starting here.

During my time here I had the chance to learn more about social media marketing and strength my skills. I enjoyed how we were allowed to be creative with the flyers and posts we created, and Liz would always give us feedback on them. I was also able to write and mail out expiring listing letters as well as postcards to potential clients, using real estate software.

 I really liked how this internship allowed me to implement what I had learned at school to real-world situations. I truly enjoyed coming each time because I got to learn new things and be surrounded by amazing people. If I have the chance to do this internship again I would because it has made me better at what I plan on doing in the future which is social media marketing.

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Last Day at Red Door

As this semester comes to an end, so does my internship here at Red Door. When I walked through that door 14 weeks ago, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I didn’t imagine I would meet so many different, wonderful personalities, all deep rooted in fun and determination. When I was immediately greeted by a rambunctious, energetic puppy, I knew that I was going to thoroughly enjoy this position. 
Being a marketing major, I feel like I have further developed and created key skills and abilities that will further my career in years to come. Even down to basic social media, such as Facebook, where I learned new tools which I had previously not known about. I felt a huge sense of independence and creative freedom when working on projects. Other than a vague idea of what certain media should look like, along with necessary information, I had free rein to explore different artistic skills to help create eye popping advertisements. Using combinations of social and digital advertising, intertwined with physical and more direct advertising (such as postcards and expired housing letters) I feel like I have learned an array of crucial advertising elements.
When it comes to the people, I could not have asked for a kinder, more friendly atmosphere. I never felt the authoritative presence that is so often the norm in an internship. Both Liz and Renee have been friendly faces and bubbly attitudes from the beginning, going deeper than the surface and genuinely caring about their interns. They go beyond giving assignments and projects, back take time to teach aspects of the business, even if they aren’t directly pertaining to our work at the time. They aren’t afraid to give you a challenge, because they genuinely believe we can handle it, and will always be footsteps and a helping hand away.
I will forever be grateful for the skills, people, and memories created at this internship. I only hope that incoming interns in years to come can share the same wonderful experience that I had. 

-Matt Murnane

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In less than 2 weeks, I will be on my way back to Westchester for Thanksgiving, and I couldn’t be more excited. I only really get to go home for breaks, so I treasure any time home. Even though the 6 hour drive seem intense, I will be driving home with two of my best friends, Siobhan and Claire. We basically grew up in the same house, living right next door to each other. We were pretty much destined to be best friends from the very beginning.
Our mom’s met before I was even old enough to talk, and since then we have basically seen each other every single day of our lives. We grew up in each other’s houses, spending the spring/summer in their huge yard and pool and spending the fall/winter in my house, making videos and dances. Siobhan, Claire and I, along with my brother Kevin were the original core four. Now, fast forward through middle school and high school, proms and graduations, three of us go to College together.
It really is kind of crazy to think that these childhood best friends, who grew up neighbors, are also neighbors when they went to school. Every week, the three of us will grab dinner, catch up, talk about home. It is the perfect break from the business of school and midterms, and really gives me that slice of home I crave throughout the semester. We have been going pretty steadily every week for the past 3 years which is so fulfilling. My friends know this semester not to plan anything on Thursday afternoons, because I’ll be on my weekly dinner with Siobhan and Claire. Sometimes we’ll invite friends and roommates and make an event out of it, which is great because we get to infiltrate each other’s friend groups. But, in the end, it is really only the time I spend with the two of them that matter.
My brother is away in California right now in Marine training, so he will not be able to spend Thanksgiving with us. I hope that by Christmas time, he will be able to come home and reunite the core four. Regardless in the months to come, we will all get to see each other again, and I cannot wait for that day.

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My First Buffalo Bills Game

After living in the Buffalo area for six years, I finally went to my first Bills game this past weekend. This year I told myself to attend a game even though I am not a football fan or even like the sport. That may be hard to hear for people in Buffalo since a majority are big football fans, even if our team is not the greatest. If you ask me, I think soccer is much more exciting since I know what going on, unlike football. I went with a few of my close friends who happen to be huge Bills fans, so you can imagine them cheering and booing in the right times while I have no idea of what is going on. The Bills were playing against the Dolphins, who are “the worst in the league” according to my friends and other people I talked to. Going into the game, I was told that this would be an easy game and that the Bills for sure would win. That is not what I saw in the first half of the game. They were actually down a few points, and I could tell people around were getting angry by the things they were shouting and the booing that happen after they left the field. However, during the second half, they did come back and won 21-31, which made everyone happy. Attending a Bills game is like no other event, I think people living in the Buffalo area and aren’t fans should at least attend a game once. I had such a great time and hope to attend more games in the future

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This past weekend, I visited a few of my best friends out in Boston. It was only my second time in the city, but with every visit I fall more in love with it. Living right outside of New York City, I’m used to the hustle and bustle and steel and glass. So when I walk alongside the brick and the cobblestone it is almost a surreal experience. You can feel the history as you meander throughout the city, down to the harbor, along Newbury Street. There were these hidden side streets, giving way to small flower shops and markets that you would only discover by accident. I felt new, like a different person adventuring a territory strange to me.

As warm days gradually shifted to chilly nights, we got dressed and explored this new side of Boston. The bar scene was absolutely incredible. Drawing people from the dozens of colleges in the Boston area, it was like a scene out of a movie. Live music, huge open spaces with towering ceilings and exposed brick. Bar, dance floor, bar, dance floor. It was one of the coolest places I have ever been. To make it even better, I got to spend that time with my best friends who I haven’t seen since the summer. We picked things up as if we had seen each other the day before, which is one of the most key elements in a good friendship. When you have that continuity after separation, void of awkwardness. We danced and mingled and met new people all night.

But, as they do, night turns into day and weekends come to an end. We were up early Sunday morning, grocery shopped and ate cinnamon rolls, an easy start. By noon I had called my Uber and my friends walked with me to the pickup spot. It was sad to go, leave these beautiful people and beautiful city, both of which I adore. Flying back to my realty in Buffalo, dreaming of my next visit. Or really planning their next visit so I can show them around my host city. It was a great weekend.

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Rainy Days

As I’m writing this post, my ears are filled with the steady patter of rain on the road, intertwined with sliding car tires and soft horns. It is a cool and rainy autumn day, the leaves just beginning to abandon their green gowns for a more bold color. Today is wet, dreary, cold and grey. One of my favorite types of days. I’ve always loved the rain, the thunder and lightning, the wind and the cold. I feel like a good rainy day is always overshadowed by the bright blue skies of summer, with cotton candy clouds and beams of light. Don’t get me wrong, this is my favorite type of day, but sometimes you need to appreciate the beauty that is the grey rainy days. The way the light reflects off of the glistening roads, making everything appear brighter. The fresh smell when you first take a step outside, almost as if it’s your first time outdoors, like everything is clean and new.

Even if you don’t want to be outdoors in that weather, it gives you the perfect excuse not to go outside. Nothing is better than curling up in bed or on the couch on a cool rainy day with a book or Netflix. Throw in some hot chocolate or tea and a fuzzy blanket and I can camp out for hours in the solitude of my room. I am getting chills just thinking about it. Or if you want to be social, it’s the perfect time to go see a movie, or kill a day at the mall! So many of these indoor activities that I feel guilty partaking in when it’s  sunny outside are available!

So I am completely content on this rainy day, with the patter of rain and sliding car tires and their soft horns. Excited to relax tonight and enjoy. 🙂


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Hola! Meet me


I am Manvika, travel and fashion blogger and a youtuber. I am a senior at the University at Buffalo, concentrating in Marketing and International Business. I am a transfer student from India, was initially into Engineering, later changed my major to Business, which was always my interest. I am so happy that I made this decision in my crucial year, now that i can do the things I love.

Being a Marketing major, I was really interested in interning at Red door as my tasks and jobs are the things that I do everyday, and the things I love. Today is my first day here at Red door, a women owned business, which I am very proud of. Social media is something that interests me, being consistent, making posts everyday, scheduling posts on Facebook, being my creative self, what else do I expect from my internship? Red door also interests me because it is about real estate which is something that interests me again. Any knowledge about business is what i expect from Red door, unveiling my potential skills, and experiences. I am very excited to get started!!

I’m Manvika

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This past summer was one of the busiest and most exciting summers of my life. My cousins, sister and I decided to go on a little vacation, we ended up going to Wildwood, New Jersey and New York City. It was fun being away from home and be able to make amazing memories with my family. We decided to Airbnb a house so we could have our own space and be able to do what we wanted without having to deal with others around. The majority part of our days was spent in the pool, eating pizza and watching Netflix. You may think that being at Wildwood we would go out an explore a bit, that wasn’t the case for us. We all come from families who manage or own a Mexican restaurant meaning we barely have time to do any of that at home, so we took advantage of that on our trip (mostly me). Since there were 8 of us that went it was also difficult to agree on places to go, hence us staying the house we rented out. We did end up going to the beach a couple of days later, but it didn’t go as planned. Half of the group enjoyed being at the beach and swimming in the salty waters, while the other half didn’t (including me). I had the worst experience ever, while some were in the water, I was sitting in the sand with the rest. I don’t know what I was thinking when I moved closer to the water to lie down, next thing I know a huge wave comes out of nowhere and I’m covered in sand. All my belongings, (including my towel) were ruined by the water and sand. It was also very hot that say which only made things worse and being covered sand and all your belongings ruined, you can only imagine how I was felt.

We ended up heading home after that incident since I was in no mood to stay at the beach, which made a few angry about the fact that they only enjoyed the beach for a couple of hours. The following day we decided to go to the boardwalk, which is pretty amazing! It was nice being with my cousins and spending time with them, making memories that we will never forget. I can’t wait to see where we end up going next year!

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What is Ordinary?

What is ordinary?

Life is pretty ordinary when you grow up in the suburban empire of Westchester, New York. Everyone spends their weekends in the city, exploring the alleyways and side streets coated with cobblestone and brick and glass and steel. Maybe we’ll take a break and go hike on a trail through the Hudson Highlands in our backyard, or take a ride down to the river to watch the sunset. We all eat at the same places, we go to the same mall, we went go to high school and watched the Friday night football games. We all had school spirit, practiced our evacuations in case of a nuclear explosion, went to college, and we… wait a second.

What? What do you mean not every high school practices their emergency evacuation routes in case of a nuclear meltdown? Believe it or not, this was an annual occurrence in which we would evacuate the school, ingest mock pills to simulate what we would take to help reduce radiation poisoning, and board our allocated buses that would take us away from the new Chernobyl I once called home. This was never weird to me. This was just another precaution, on top of the fire and lock down drills. It didn’t faze me because I grew up with them, and with the knowledge that there was a nuclear power center in my theoretical back yard. Indian point energy center was just a part of life in Westchester. Any time you go to the river, or take the train, you can’t help but notice the intense stone structures and smoke stacks that obscure the beautiful rolling mountains of lower NY. A center with the capability of killing thousands upon thousands and poisoning even more. This was always normal.

It wasn’t until I came to school that I realized not every high school student has the same experience that I had. I felt like the most ordinary of students in the most ordinary of towns, until someone put into perspective that it was insane to practice drills in case of a nuclear apocalypse, especially so close to NYC. It was at that moment that it finally hit me. What I knew as ordinary was completely unheard of by so many, to the point where they couldn’t even fathom my annual routine. I then went on imagining what other things I took as ordinary in my high school that may not be as normal as I thought, and the same for other schools. My ordinary suburban empire of a life, in a boring town, with a nuclear power plant capable of destroying everything I know. Ordinary, right?

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Meeting Jearim

Hi there! My name is Jearim Fuentes and I am currently interning at Red Door Real Estate doing social media marketing. I hope to gain new skills and implementing the skills I already know, to help Red Door. 

 A little bit about myself, I was born and raised in Apex, North Carolina but currently live in Springville, New York. On the weekends I work at my family’s Mexican Restaurant “Fiesta Bamba” down in Springville as a waitress and assistant Manager. I am currently a senior at Daemen College, majoring in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing and two minors in International Business and Entrepreneurship.

Being a Marketing major, I was attracted to Red Door because of the type of work I will be doing with social media. A majority of the work I will be doing is on Facebook and Instagram, by doing posts and ads. My plan after college is to either continue in the family business or open up my own marketing firm with specializing in helping small business with social media content. Real estate is something that I have always found interesting at a young age, which is why I wasn’t hesitant to apply for the internship. I always wondered what it would be like to work at a real estate agency and know I will get that opportunity with this internship.

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New Beginings

Today I begin my second official day interning at Red Door Real Estate. I have already developed my skills on certain media platforms that I had thought I had mastered, along with learning new websites and media. As a non-resident of Western New York I am enamored with the opportunity of delving deeper into the Buffalo community.

Being from Westchester, New York, I am not used to the sense of pride, community, and unity that holds the Buffalo community together. We do not have a football team or signature foods, we are simply the passageway to the metropolis of New York City. I live 40 minutes from one of the largest cities in the world, and 25 minutes from some of the most beautiful hiking in the Hudson Valley. There are places where I can see the NYC skyline from the top of a mountain, which is such a mind bending thing to me.

As much as I love home, I was always seeking the independence of being away, and college was the perfect opportunity. Now six hours away from home, I get to learn new aspects of my own person and identity that you can only develop in a new environment. I am a business major at the University at Buffalo, majoring in Business Administration, with concentrations in marketing and supply chain operations. Focusing primarily on my marketing concentration, I immediately was attracted to the experience of working with marketing and social media that was required of the Red Door internship, along with a long time fascination with real estate.

Real estate is an area unlike most others, in the sense they get to truly delve into the lives of their neighbors and community members beyond the surface level. While some people may just see different names and addresses, I see individuals with families, stories, and history. Are they new to Buffalo? Have their roots been grounded here for generations? Maybe they have a dog, or maybe they even have big Sunday dinners!  These are the true Buffalonians who I get to witness, from afar, plan the next steps in their lives. That is what this small business means to me. People are ready to write a new chapter in their lives, and Red Door is there with a pen and paper to help. To me, opening up this Red Door is much more than the beginning of my 5 hour shift, it is opening my mind to the potential skills, values, and experiences I await eagerly to unfold.

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The End of My Internship at Red Door Real Estate WNY

This summer I stared a new chapter getting a social media marketing internship with Red Door Real Estate. Over the Summer, I learned a lot about how a small company manages their social media as well as their work the real estate industry. I came into this with no knowledge or interest in real estate, so I learned and used my knowledge of other interests and applied them to this position. The main project I worked on and was very proud of was creating a whole social media guideline and rubric for Red Door so they can continue to have an awesome social media presence. This opportunity allowed me to experiment with different types of posts and have creative freedom that I would have in the real world at a social media position. Overall, this internship was a very cool experience in a field that I didn’t know much about, but learned and created content that I am interested in.

Jack Laino

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