Hello, my name is Charles Brucato and I am interning at Red Door Real Estate WNY this summer. My real name is Charles but everyone calls me Chuck. I am from Rochester, NY, more specifically the Town of Penfield, and I just finished my junior year in the University at Buffalo School of Management as a Business Administration major with a concentration in marketing. I have two older sisters and the majority of my family
As my four years of college are coming to an end, I can only sit back and reflect on all the memories. Attending Buffalo State College has matured me and gave me the experience to help mold me. I left the Bronx in order to obtain my bachelors and will be graduating on May 19th and starting my new job on June 10th. Senior year I decided to do two internships one at Red Door
With today being my last day at Red Door Real Estate, I can honestly say I’m shocked at how fast this experience went by. It feels like yesterday I was nervously walking into Red Door for the first time to have my interview. Prior to Red Door I had went to countless interviews for internships and caught myself thinking “I could never see myself working here,” after leaving every. single. one. When I walked into
Since 1983 Tops Friendly Markets has presented the Buffalo community with a special Kids Days in order to raise money for the John R. Oishei, Children’s Hospital, Cradle Beach and children of Western New York. The Buffalo community volunteers every year to help sell newspaper for a dollar. On April 30th, 2019 they celebrated their 37th year of raising money and have raised over $4.8 million dollars.  My involvement Buffalo State student life asks their
So, in some insane way five months have come and gone and the end of both my semester and internship are coming to a close. Over these past five months I’ve tried pushing myself out of my comfort zone because I realized I don’t push myself unless it’s related to academics. There is a quote that one of my professors introduced to me, “your comfort is a beautiful place, but nothing grows there.” This became
Hello Red Door! This post is going to be a little more serious then past posts because this blog will be about the plastic bag ban that will be going into effect. Now if you need some catching up, in 2018 Governor Andrew M. Cuomo proposed a plastic bag ban in an effort to aid the environment. About a month ago this was passed by New York State lawmakers and is expected to go into
As the weather is getting beautiful outside, it’s time to start exploring! I spent four years at Buffalo State College and have yet to explore the area but now that I have a car, I would love to drive around and get to know Buffalo. Buffalo has such amazing locations in which we can walk around and take some amazing pictures. Currently the weather  is 57 degrees and everyone is outside wearing a hoodie and
With it somehow already being the middle of April and the end of the semester quickly approaching, it is officially the most un-wonderful time of the year for college students: finals. All nighters in the library, large coffees on large coffees and stress that makes your head want to explode are right around the corner. I have seen finals week, or in UB’s case finals WEEKS, take its toll on my classmates- lots of tears
With the warm weather coming in, I like many others are beginning the “fun” activity of prepping flower beds for the upcoming spring. Now I am not blessed with a green thumb, but I still enjoy seeing the array of colors of different flowers. With this being said, I thought I’d do a little research to share on what to do to get your garden looking good. First off, fall and winter exposures garden beds
As Spring break was approaching and I was getting ready to head back to NYC for the break, I was excited to have a week off with no responsibilities and be able to just relax, sleep and enjoy a home cooked meal. For some reason my parents wanted me to come home Thursday night instead of Saturday so that I could sign a paper the next day. A one-way ticket was cost over $225, which
For spring break this year, my friends and myself got a group of 26 of us to go to Cabo, Mexico. We were planned to stay in Cabo for six days and five nights and our departing flight was scheduled to leave from Buffalo at 6:00 a.m. on March 17th. After weeks of preparing for the trip and packing, the night before we left finally came and everyone was so excited to trade Buffalo snow
40 more days. 40 more days. 40 more days. Now unless you can read my mind, you have no idea what I am talking about. There are only 40 more days until my much-needed summer vacation. After six classes, two jobs, and an internship I am more then excited for these days to pass. With the end of school and warm weather calling my name, I thought this would be a perfect time to say