Just some pictures of my special day From car parades for birthday celebrations, weddings being cancelled, and the only people you are celebrating things with are the people you live with… Safe to say anything during Quarantine 2020 because of COVID-19 will never be forgotten. I personally can say having a birthday in May this year was not how I expected to celebrate at all- it also being my 21st!!! I was supposed to be
After being stuck inside in quarantine for a couple months now, I decided to take on the project of building my own PC (Personal Computer). I’ve never taken on such a big task like this before. Gaming has always been one of my favorite hobbies, so being fortunate enough to have the opportunity to build my own computer, I decided to take advantage. From picking out the correct parts and waiting for them to come
Fireworks, parades, family barbeques- all of what we usually only think about when it comes to The Fourth of July. But why is it really celebrated and what is the purpose behind this national holiday? Way back in the 18th century the United States was not considered the United States. In fact, what we now call states were called colonies. The United States was an extension of England, but eventually differences in life, thought, and
Hello! My name is Michael Barady. I am a communications major at the University at Buffalo. I was born in West Virginia and moved to Buffalo when I was 6 years old. I’ve lived in Lake View, New York most of my life but in Tampa, Florida for a year. Some of my hobbies include snowboarding, video games, and reading. I am very excited to start out at RedDoor and I know I will learn
My name is Nicole Catalano and I just finished my Junior Year at Buffalo State College. I am majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. I have a strong interest in Marketing, but I also have wanted to get my real estate license. When I came across this internship, I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me to get a taste of both my interests!  I was born and raised in Buffalo
As my time at RedDoor comes to an end all I can say is how thankful I am for this experience. From the moment I walked in for the interview I was welcomed and laughing. This experience is truly something I will be grateful for as I move forward into my career. The company has such strong ties to the community and truly cares for all of their customers. I cannot wait to continue this
For months I would walk by the Red Door Real Estate office on my morning commute and glimpse at the creative listing fliers in the window. I never would have thought one day my fliers would be hanging on the window! I am so glad I decided to do some research in January and land this internship. I would like to thank Liz and everyone at Red Door for their kindness and openness in and
First, I would like to thank everyone at Red Door for this amazing opportunity. Gaining real life marketing and social media experience will be so valuable for me in my career and I cannot thank Liz, Renee and everyone else enough for everything they did for me! The experiences of working in a real office and working on actual projects will be ones I will never forget. I want to do marketing and social media
Don’t ignore physical self-care during this pandemic. You deserve the best, so why not treat yourself to an at-home spa-day? Here is a step by step guide to giving yourself an Instagram worthy facial! Shot of an attractive young woman getting a facial at a beauty spa 1. Set the mood. Light a candle, light some sage, and play your favorite songs. Here are some new songs I use to unwind: Cayendo-Frank Ocean Bloom-Raveena  Like
By Tyler Compo Dyngus day is a very popular Polish holiday that is always celebrated the Monday after Easter. Dyngus day is meant to be a fun and romantic holiday after the Lenten season! According to the PolishPlate.com; ” Buffalo, New York is unofficially the Dyngus Capital of America with the largest concentration of festival locations and live polka music.” On this holiday boys are encouraged to spray girls that they like with water using
All the buzz surrounding healthy practices may seem silly, but the amount of misinformation surrounding the subject is numerous. In a study reported by the CDC only 19% of the population reported washing their hands after using the bathroom. Astounding, considering that good hand-washing practices are assumed as a norm. So Why Hand-washing why not sanitizer? Soap and water is always recommended as it effectively fights a wide spectrum of germs as well as helps
By Tyler Compo Recently, the #StayHome has made its rounds across all Social Media platforms. The idea is to get everyone to stay home to save lives and not spread any potential germs we may have. At this point I think its known by all that this is the most important thing we can do to do our part. The #StayHome is being used on places like twitter, Instagram, youtube, snapchat and more. It’s more