If you keep up to date with blogs posted from Red Door, then you’ll know that last August we posted a blog about places to spend taco Tuesday in Buffalo. But since then, we’ve had a lot of delicious taco places come to Buffalo, and they’re just too good to leave out. Here’s a list of some newer taco places, as well as a few honorable mentions that can’t be left out if we’re going
It was a rainy, but warm summer evening, Saturday, July 14th. Just as the rain subsided, the clothes came off. At a secret location, we gathered, in various forms of undress. Our motivations for doing this “crazy” thing varied. Some of us wanted to feel liberated from our clothes and were given this opportunity. Others simply wanted to express themselves and bring attention to the fact that nudity isn’t really a big deal. But all
From July 9th through July 11th, SUNY Erie City Campus hosted the Facebook Community Boost, a free event that held workshops, business training, and networking. Over the span of these three days, there were a variety of different courses offered that were designed to teach local businesses and professionals more about social media and how to utilize it. It provided the opportunity to connect with other local businesses, grow personal networks, get specific training, and
Did you know that the average person spends 80 hours a month on the internet? We are all guilty of getting sidetracked on our computers and phones! With each day there is something new to see on the internet because this is where people spend most of their time. Through Facebook, and other media platforms, expanding businesses are generating customers through ads on the internet because it is quick and easy for the customer. This
  Facebook Community Boost was a recent event that came to Buffalo from July 9th to the 11th. This event was created for every type of business owner whether it be small or large, new or old, or even just thinking of starting one. The idea of this event was to connect with entrepreneurs and help them gain knowledge on topics like eCommerce, Promotion, Connecting with customers, and the overall use of Facebook and Instagram
In the heart of Elmwood Village, you’ll find Bidwell Park, one of the many hidden gems in the Queen City. Bidwell hosts some of the summer’s best events that bring together the local community for fun and entertainment. Here are just a few of the things you’ll find at happening in Bidwell this summer. https://explorebuffalo.org/neighborhood/bidwell-parkway/ Buffalo Subaru Chase https://runsignup.com/Race/NY/Buffalo/Subaru4MileChase On July 20th, over 1,400 racers from all over will meet in Bidwell for “Western New
One of the most popular locations in Buffalo during the warmer months is Canalside! Canalside is a developing location along the water in downtown Buffalo at Pearl Street and Marine Drive. Canalside dates all the way back to the year 1825 when the Erie Canal Harbor was originally built. It was known during this time to be one of the most successful ports for the exchange of people and goods from around the world. As
“Adopt, Don’t Shop” is a saying that many of us have heard at one time or another. It refers to adopting pets from shelters rather than right out buying them from retailers. But why? Have you ever stopped to think why this saying is so commonplace, and why it even matters in the first place? Adopting an animal from a shelter has a wide variety of benefits, that go beyond just owning an animal. Adopting
    With the Summer Solstice done and over with, summer is officially here! Time to lounge around, enjoy the sun, and spend the next few months doing whatever you want. Living in Buffalo provides no shortage of activities. With so much to do, there is only so much money to spend. We have an exciting option for those of you that want to have fun and not worry about having to spend money. The
Leave the cookies and cake at the kid’s table for the next cookout. Do yourself a favor and make these enticing and delicious desserts. With just enough, you’ll be able to turn up your summer! Winesicles & Sangria Ice Pops                           Cool off with a Raspberry Mango Sangria Ice Pop or Melon Mint Wine Sicle. Just some fruit and wine is all you
Walking through the streets of Buffalo is like visiting a museum exhibition of 100’s of years of architectural history. Formerly one of the largest and most important cities in America, Buffalo’s rich history is evident in its construction. Two-hundred years of American architectural traditions are represented in Buffalo, spanning from the Colonial Era to the postmodern period. It has historically called one of the best designed American cities. From the unique Art Deco style of
At some point when you were younger, you imagined what your first home would be like. Some may have imagined living in a castle, or maybe the home their parents lived in as a child. Before you can make your dream home a reality, there are some things everyone needs to consider. The process of buying a home can be difficult, dragged out, and not the slightest bit of fun if you aren’t prepared or