Valentines day is upon us and love is in the air. Your mind is full of great gifts to buy for your loved one or how you can impress that significant other you’ve had a crush on but haven’t quite figured out how to wow them. Fear no more as this article will give you all the romantic hotspots you can bring your date on so you can find the best fit
  Buying your first home is one of the biggest financial steps that you will ever make and it is important to take this decision seriously. You need to take the time prepare yourself in every aspect in order to make your home a blessing, and not a negative experience. Here are the basic steps that you should follow when it is time to buy your first home. 1.) Get your finances in check Banks
As the pages are turning from fall to winter in the Queen City things are only getting more exciting. Events are popping up left and right and many go unnoticed because us Buffalonians are just unsure as to where to find them. Being a small, local business ourselves, we at Red Door are all for supporting local businesses and events and love to see the Western New York community come together for the holiday season.
Paul Denikin With the summer ending, and the leaves beginning to fall, winter is really on it’s way. The chilly winds, snow, and road conditions will make you want to stay inside more than ever before – and that means it’s time to start prepping your home for winter! You refresh your wardrobe once chilly weather hits, and it’s no surprise that you should switch out some things in your home as well!
Clay Pitsenbarger Though Fall is about to give way to a much frostier winter season, there is still time to get out and enjoy all that western New York has to offer by way of seasonal fall activity. If to you, the passing of Halloween signals an immediate departure from the world of colored leaves, apple bobbing, and scarecrows, we’re here to help you slow that sleigh ride. Take a few moments to enjoy the
Now that halloween is over, it’s basically Christmas. Skip the turkey and the mashed potatoes, bring on the wrapping paper and the eggnog (preferably spiked.) And besides the gift giving, the best part of the holiday season is the decorations. The hours of sweating, and hanging, and “now where do I put this” are so worth it when you step back and stare at your masterpiece. The real struggle is not over decorating. We are
With Halloween only 2 weeks away, it’s time to start planning costumes for your little ones! Here are a few ideas we at Red Door think are great for Halloween 2017!!   Elsa from Frozen or your favorite Disney Princess!   Elsa’s long train & sparkling gown are irresistibly cute! Transform your little one into their favorite Disney princess!   How about Game of Thrones? Imagine your little one as Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen! Despicable
  Value Range Pricing (VRP) is a pricing strategy used by listing agents. Rather than listing a property at a set price, the property is given a range in which the seller will consider offers. Ideally the seller wants the higher price, but they will also consider offers at the lower price in the range.    There are many mixed feelings about value range pricing by buyers, sellers, & real estate professionals.    Buyers may find
It’s Fall! Walk out your front door and see leaves falling all around! The ground is filled with beautiful bright red and yellow colored leaves. Take advantage of the colorful leaves and natural scenery right outside your door by decorating your porch for the season! Here are FIVE easy to do ideas, even on a budget! 1. Front Door Wreath Decorate your front door wreath with brown, gold, orange, or red to capture the fall
LETS TACO ‘BOUT TACOS!  Let’s be honest here- if you ever meet someone that does not appreciate a good taco, do you really trust them? Buffalo is very lucky to have some wonderful places to spend Taco Tuesday.  Feel free to try all of them- there is a total of 5 on our list today which means that you should be set starting Monday to have tacos until Friday. We’re just going to say you’re
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  Parking in a city is never easy. Now thanks to a new app called, Buffalo Roam you can forget your change. Let’s be honest, you probably forgot it anyways. Buffalo Roam was released on May 26th of this year by PassportParking, Inc. I’m sure you’re wanting to know more about the app. Most importantly, I’m sure you’re wondering how much it costs, it’s free! The app has an average of 4.5 stars. Customers are
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Buying a house is a huge deal. It’s not easy either. A lot of times you look for months for the perfect house and sometimes it doesn’t even pan out. Sometimes you put in an offer and it doesn’t work out. Why put yourself through that if you’re not ready? We put together a list of 4 main questions to ask yourself before you go through it. Be honest with yourself. The housing market is
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