Hello Red Door World. I have been gone for about two weeks and that is because from February 27th to March 9th I went to London, England on a school trip. The trip was amazing (apart from the eight-hour plane rides and the current sickness I now have because of it). I thought I would use this post to tell you what you need to see/do if you go to the London one day. Now
According to the Urban Dictionary, “passion is when you put more energy into something than is required to do it. It is more than just enthusiasm or excitement, passion is ambition that is materialized into action to put as much heart, mind body and soul into something as is possible.” Some people are passionate about sports, a favorite show or movies, being fit, eating healthy and making money. My passion is that I love making
Every year Victoria Secret picks two girls to be PINK Campus Reps for their campus. From there, the two Campus Reps hold a series of their own interviews to pick 5-7 girls to be on the Campus Team. The Campus Team helps the Reps with events throughout the semester. University at Buffalo is a part of this program, not every campus is though, mostly big schools. After a series of applications, awkward videos of me
            With St. Patrick’s Day apparel hitting stores and shamrock decorations filling store windows, I can’t help but think about my 3-day trip to Dublin, Ireland that I took in January while I was abroad. I hoped on a £15 flight (around $18.00 US dollar,) and before I knew it I was landed in Ireland. I took this trip with 10 other students that were abroad with me, we stayed in an Airbnb and had
Growing up I never truly understand what it meant to be an Afro-Latina. As a child my mother would always perm my hair, so that it could be long, STRAIGHT and beautiful. My mother, older sister and I would get perms daily but my middle sister had what I used to consider “good hair” which means she did not need to. She could wash and straighten her hair whenever she pleased. The moment my mother
The surge of people. The smell of popcorn. The exposition of orange, black, and white. The occasional orange wig. The excitement in the air as you find your seat. The cheering of the crowd. If you don’t know what I’m describing, let me help you out. I recently attended my first ever Bandits game. Now I will admit that I am not an athletic person, nor do I watch a lot of sporting events. I’ve
Around this time last year, my Mom was getting her nails done when the woman doing her nails made her aware of a situation going on. It was about a dog, named Tender, that she knew was being kept in a basement. The owners of the house wanted to get rid of the dog- by get rid of they meant kill or abandon somewhere. My mom, being the animal lover that she is, acted immediately.
As I said in a previous blog post I want to push myself outside of my comfort zone, as I feel I’ve been inside a box for a little too long. I did this on Wednesday, where I visited the West Side Bazaar for the first time with a group of classmates. If you are unaware on what the West Side Bazaar is, it is a shop of shops (almost like a craft show or
August 30th 2017 was when my little love story began. It was the 1st week of classes and I was coming back from work. My friends and I decided to head to dining around 7:00pm. I was waiting on line to get French fries, and randomly some guy whispers nutrient facts about the food. I have no idea who this guy is and sometimes I’m not a huge fan of talking to people that I
One of my favorite things is when I’m wearing something and someone goes “OMG, where did you get that?” My response? “The thrift store, $4.00”. Or even better, “OMG I love the new couch, where’d you guys get it?” “The thrift store, $25.00.” Besides the obvious perk of getting cheap stuff, there are actually many perks to thrift shopping. The first being, they actually have good stuff! Since prices are cheap, that leaves room for
I’ve had this conversation probably a hundred times. Person: “What college do you go to?” Me: “Hilbert College.” P: “What are you going for?” M: “English.” P: “Do you want to be an English teacher?” M: “No. I want to be an author.” Then you hear the most unenthusiastic but trying to be supportive “Oh that’s cool” and the conversation plummets. Trust me I get it. English is not an impressive gateway to becoming successful,
Hi everyone! My name is Alexa Graff and I was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. I am currently in my junior year at University at Buffalo, my major is Communications with a concentration in Marketing and Advertising. I am interning at Red Door Real Estate this spring (my first internship ever) and I am so excited. When I had gotten this internship in November, I had planned to start in January. With the