This summer I stared a new chapter getting a social media marketing internship with Red Door Real Estate. Over the Summer, I learned a lot about how a small company manages their social media as well as their work the real estate industry. I came into this with no knowledge or interest in real estate, so I learned and used my knowledge of other interests and applied them to this position. The main project I
It’s crazy to think that just a few months ago I started my internship at Red Door. I had no idea what to expect, but I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. It gave me an insight into a team of hard working women and gave me something to aspire to be. During my time here at Red Door I had the chance to learn a lot about social media marketing. I expected to have
Starting out here, I didn’t know what to expect. As soon as I walked into the office, I was greeted by a nice puppy and I quickly learned that this was a cool environment to work in. My role here has been to market the listings that the company has. From creating eye-catching flyers to advertising on Instagram, I have been able to help Red Door expedite their process of selling a home. I have
As summer comes to a close so does my journey here at Red Door. While I am incredibly sad my experience here is ending, I am so grateful for my time spent here. Red Door has opened my eyes to what I will be looking for in my future employer; a kind, open, and welcoming environment. An environment that doesn’t think twice about having puppies in their work space, an environment with fresh ideas and
So I feel like I’m joining a trend visiting Nashville this summer. It seems like a hot tourist spot that everyone’s visiting. I was really excited to go and see what all the hype was about. When we landed I was soon greeted with true Southern Charm. Everyone was so friendly and would stop you on the street just to say hello, they were genuinely nice human beings. When we landed we went for lunch
While being abroad in Europe I discovered one of my all-time favorite cities – Prague. I wasn’t expecting to fall in love in Europe but Prague had stolen my heart and I have yet to get it back. I think about Prague all the time, whenever I get an itch to travel I picture myself walking down the old streets of Prague in the warm summer heat being greeted by beautiful old architecture and friendly
This past weekend, my Fisher Lacrosse team participates in a summer tournament at RIT. We’ve been doing this since before my freshman year, 3 years ago. The whole point of the tournament is to get the team together over the summer and to meet the incoming freshman. We take pride in how close our team is that it really is like a family. Each player cares for each other. Overall, we won 2 games on
This past January I had the opportunity to travel to Ghana with my college business program. I still think about my trip to this day, so I’m going to take this opportunity to share some of my favorite parts of the trip. My first day in Ghana we visited a chief’s castle in the mountains. While there we met the medical team, who were giving aid to the elderly. This was my first look into
I’m excited to see how the Bills kick off their season this year. With the same QB as last year, but a more mature, Josh Allen will be in control of our offense. We also added another WR Cole Beasley. As the players begin to compete for the 53-man roster, they will have to play their hardest and finest. We drafted Ed Oliver earlier this year as well. This is a big key player to
The Rolls Royce Cullinan. This is the first-ever SUV made by Rolls Royce. The attention to detail in this vehicle makes it like no other vehicle on the market. With a sticker starting at $330,350, you get a lot of cool features that will have you ready for whatever you have planned. Coming standard with 22-inch rims, you can upgrade to the 24s but I don’t really see the need. This car looks about as
During my trip to Las Vegas, I experienced a lot of amazing things. To start, the food was spectacular. All of it was fresh and made by the best chefs in the country. I also got to try some items that I have never tried before like this fruity pebble ice cream (see below). The seafood here was also very fresh and presented with elegance. I also got to enjoy my favorite burger from In
Having a parent that was born and raised in Boston, I’ve learned to love the city. I’ve been there more times than I can even count since I was born. It’s a tradition for my family to go and spend the Fourth of July there. Read closely as I share with you some of my favorite things about the city. Coming from a Sicilian family, I’m most familiar with the North End of Boston, also