I was determined to make the most out of Summer 2019. Even with a part-time job and an internship, I still made time to travel, show up for my friends, and take some much needed me time. My first trip was to a small rural town in Virginia. My dad thought it was important that I knew where my family originally came from. Being a city girl, I wasn’t super interested in the mountains and
My name is Allena Wright and I am a new Intern at Red Door! I am looking forward to making new connections and gain a deeper understanding of the world of real estate. I am currently a senior at Buffalo State College majoring in Business Administration. I am constantly told by professors and advisors to be active in the field of my major, to find something I like and apply myself. I’ve loved my time
Hello, my name is Tyler Compo and I am currently a senior at Daemen College pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. I am also pursing a Minor degree in entrepreneurship. I was born and raised in Lancaster NY where I have lived my whole life. After graduating from Lancaster High School, I decided to go to Daemen College because it was a very small private school where I’d be
Growing up in Buffalo, there is a lot of things you take for granted as it has become our norm. Like any hometown, we forget about the bakery tourists are excited to try or the natural wonders of the world in our backyard. I fell into this category quite heavily as whenever someone would ask what to do, I would reply that there isn’t much to be done. I couldn’t have been more wrong which
Hello, my name is Cassie Carney. I am currently enrolled at The University at Buffalo completing my 4th year. Red Door Real Estate is an amazing opportunity for me to expand on my current skill set and I am extremely excited to see what these next few months will entail. I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY but have always been extremely interested in world culture. This led me to make the decision to
It’s that time of the year again, the end of the fall semester. Meaning that my time here at Red Door has come to an end, it’s a bittersweet feeling. It seems just like yesterday that I started my internship here, I had no idea how fun and exciting it would be working here. My time here gave me an insight into the Real Estate industry, which I didn’t know much prior to starting here.
As this semester comes to an end, so does my internship here at Red Door. When I walked through that door 14 weeks ago, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I didn’t imagine I would meet so many different, wonderful personalities, all deep rooted in fun and determination. When I was immediately greeted by a rambunctious, energetic puppy, I knew that I was going to thoroughly enjoy this position.  Being a marketing major, I
In less than 2 weeks, I will be on my way back to Westchester for Thanksgiving, and I couldn’t be more excited. I only really get to go home for breaks, so I treasure any time home. Even though the 6 hour drive seem intense, I will be driving home with two of my best friends, Siobhan and Claire. We basically grew up in the same house, living right next door to each other. We
After living in the Buffalo area for six years, I finally went to my first Bills game this past weekend. This year I told myself to attend a game even though I am not a football fan or even like the sport. That may be hard to hear for people in Buffalo since a majority are big football fans, even if our team is not the greatest. If you ask me, I think soccer is
Boston This past weekend, I visited a few of my best friends out in Boston. It was only my second time in the city, but with every visit I fall more in love with it. Living right outside of New York City, I’m used to the hustle and bustle and steel and glass. So when I walk alongside the brick and the cobblestone it is almost a surreal experience. You can feel the history as
As I’m writing this post, my ears are filled with the steady patter of rain on the road, intertwined with sliding car tires and soft horns. It is a cool and rainy autumn day, the leaves just beginning to abandon their green gowns for a more bold color. Today is wet, dreary, cold and grey. One of my favorite types of days. I’ve always loved the rain, the thunder and lightning, the wind and the
Hi I am Manvika, travel and fashion blogger and a youtuber. I am a senior at the University at Buffalo, concentrating in Marketing and International Business. I am a transfer student from India, was initially into Engineering, later changed my major to Business, which was always my interest. I am so happy that I made this decision in my crucial year, now that i can do the things I love. Being a Marketing major, I