Places to Spend Taco Tuesday in Buffalo

LETS TACO ‘BOUT TACOS!  Let’s be honest here- if you ever meet someone that does not appreciate a good taco, do you really trust them? Buffalo is very lucky to have some wonderful places to spend Taco Tuesday.  Feel free to try all of them- there is a total of 5 on our list today which means that you should be set starting Monday to have tacos until Friday. We’re just going to say you’re welcome in advance.

Deep South Taco
WIth two locations there is almost no excuse to not have been to this wonderful place yet. The tacos are absolutely wonderful. The newer one being on Hertel Avenue, it is always a fun time no matter which you go to. The possibilities are endless here! With everything from tacos, to burritos, to nachos, to the BEST guacamole in Buffalo it is fair to say that if you leave here hungry it is 100% your own fault. The tacos all come in handmade corn tortilla shells and there are so many options that there is something for everyone. One we thing we have to tell you about is the Three Cheese Tequila Queso. I mean, if we are being honest here- anything with Tequila sounds like a fun time but this queso dip will knock your socks off.

Colosso Taco
Let’s just start off by saying that their tacos are actually colossal. Located in North Tonawanda, with another location opening soon in Niagara Falls, they have proven that they know what they are doing. If you ever find yourself in either of those areas go check them out. What’s even better about them- they are open late, just as late as our last call. Their tacos come in three sizes to cater to what type of hunger you’re having that day- small, large, or super. You can basically do anything you want to them to fit your taste buds. One personal favorite is the classic chicken taco. Unlike other places in Buffalo, Colosso uses almost a roasted chicken over ground chicken and it makes it taste a little fresher. It’s actually a place that is perfect for everyone. They offer pizza and wings and also have a chicken finger taco that everyone should have once. You’re mixing to amazing foods together- why wouldn’t you try that!

LLoyds Tacos
Starting off as a food truck only a few years ago, Lloyds is probably one of the most well
Taco places in Buffalo. The food is all hormone free and you can taste it. What makes Lloyds so great is that the Lloyds truck always seems to turn up when you need it the most. For example- when it is parked on Allen at 2 am and you smell those tacos just coming towards you- it is pure bliss. The minute you taste what it is that burrito it just feels right. Tacos can be very generic, but Lloyds has taken one of the most beloved foods in the world and made it their own. Which in turn means you can make it your own. If you have not eaten here yet, you are doing a disservice to yourself.

Elmwood Tacos & Subs (ETS)
ETS is THE spot to go to on Elmwood when you want food. Nothing else compares. Especially those waffle fries? Come on. Seriously, it is a favorite among most people living in the area. Their tacos just taste so fresh. You can literally taste how fresh their ingredients are. If you have ever watched any cooking show you probably know that the most important thing to give customers is fresh food over everything frozen.  That is exactly what you’re getting here. Their tacos are a good size portion, they taste fantastic, and it is the best place on Elmwood Avenue when you’re looking for your weekly taco splurge.

Mighty Taco
You can’t have a list about tacos without including Mighty if you live in Buffalo. It is a Buffalo classic. Most people in Buffalo will have some serious debates over Mighty Taco over Taco Bell and overall, at least in Buffalo, Mighty Taco always prevails. Wherever you go, there’s bound to be a Mighty right by you. With everything from traditional beef tacos, to fish tacos, to pork barbeque tacos, one of the best things about Mighty is that there is usually something new all the time. They try to stay current. However, personal favorite will always be a hard shell taco, with ground beef and medium sauce. It is literally the perfect crunch and combination of ingredients.

Tacos will always be a classic favorite for most people. Buffalo is no exception. Our favorite part about the places we listed is that they have taken a favorite that everyone knows how to make and they have made it their own. Hopefully we have given you a few more ideas in case there was one included that you have not heard of yet. Buffalo is like a hidden gem of food that most people in the world have never heard of and we’re happy we get to eat here all the time! If you are interested in eating as much Buffalo food as possible, it is probably time to think about moving here. Red Door Real Estate is opening doors all over WNY, we want to help you open yours! Give us a ring at 716-768-1177 and we can help you!

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5 Ways to Know You Have Found the House of Your Dreams

You’re looking for a house. Not just any house, but THE house. You’re first house, maybe your last house, the house you’ll have Thanksgiving in, maybe the house you’ll bring your first child home to. You are looking for a place to hold years of memories. Maybe it’ll even be a part of a story that sounds like-“ Hey remember when you lived at that house? The one with…” It can be intimidating if you look at it that way, and a lot of people do. Which is why a lot of people question when they have found the house they are looking at. Here are some ways you can be kind of sure that this is not just any house, but your house.

1: You forgive the flaws.
There is no lying about that. Nearly every house on the market will have something wrong with it. This could be  the older sewer, or the furnace on its last leg or the leaky faucet in the upstairs bathroom. If you are able to overlook these sometimes bigger issues then it is a possibility. If you are willing to even do the work or put in the money to upgrade it to what you want it to be, than it is probably the house you’ve been waiting for.

2: It meets your checklist we talked about a few posts ago
Remember when we gave you the advice to sit down and write what you absolutely needed in your house? If the house you are looking at meets all of that criterion chances are you may have found it. You and your partner or whomever you are buying with need to be happy when you are all moved in and you look around. It needs to be a place you look forward to going to after a long day. If the house your looking at meets all of those little things you aren’t willing to budge on- it should be seriously considered.

3: You can picture what it will look like
if you walk into a house and look at it and imagine what it will look like with all of your things and personal touches added- that is already a good start. But if you like what you envision than that is a fantastic start. You don’t want to buy someone else’s house- you want to buy your home. Can you see how you’d arrange the furniture, what you’d do with the backyard, what holidays may look like with your family? If you like this vision, and it is affordable for you- than you may have just opened the door to your new home.

4: You feel the flutters
Anyone who has bought a house remembers what it was like to walk into the house of your dreams. You feel nervous, excited, and joy all at one time. It can be quite overwhelming. That feeling travels all through your body and you get that feeling of “YES!”. However- just because you feel that does not mean it is the right house. Does it meet your criteria? Can you afford it? Don’t be stuck being house-poor. Life is more than just your house. But that feeling is a great thing! If it happens, you may have just found your home- but be smart about it.

5: You already feel pride in it
After the initial showing and a few days down the line you are going to think of the houses you have already looked at and there will be some that stick out. If there is one in particular you can’t wait to show pictures of to your mom or your best friend- this is great!  It means you’re excited about it and there is nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to it. There are a lot of factors that go in to finding a house that is perfect for you. Location, home features, landscaping- and so many more. If you aren’t embarrassed about any of them then it may be the house for you.

Finding a house is the beginning of a new chapter in your life. It can be fantastic! Hopefully some of these tips will help you make you your final decision. Both you and whomever you are buying with should be happy with wherever you choose! If you are looking to find the house of your dreams, just give us a call at 768-1177. We are opening doors all over western NY, let us help you open yours!

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Things To Do Before a Home Inspection

Buying and selling a house is exciting but is almost just as equally stressful. By the end of the journey most people just want to be done with it! The home inspection is no exception- it can be one of the most nail biting experiences of the entire process. There are some ways to make this part a lot easier on yourself. It doesn’t even take much! Most of the tips we have listed won’t take you more than a day to do or get together. Believe us-you’ll thank yourself when it’s all said and done. Here are some tips to make your home inspection go smoothly:

1: Give Access
Frankly put- if the inspector cannot get to what they need to, they can’t check it. Removing stuff out of the way of sinks, hot water units, furnaces, drain clean-outs, etc. can make their lives a lot easier. If they can’t get to certain spaces it may look bad to the buyer.

2: Do your repairs before the inspection
A lot of times, it is easy to forget to do certain things around the house that you have become blinded to. For example- the kitchen sink is usually slow to drain but that has not bothered you in months, but it will both the inspector and the potential buyer. Unclog any drains, fix any leaks, tighten up those few loose valves etc. Another good tip- check the batteries in your smoke and CO detectors! Just testing them to make sure they work can help you out too. Check the towns code just to be sure you have the right amount of detectors before you have the inspection done- sometimes it may vary from town to town. If there are a few minor things around the house that are not done it could potentially make the inspector think there are so some serious issues they may be missing.

3: Do some preventative maintenance
Just getting a few things cleaned and tuned up will mean a lot to the inspector and the potential buyer. Getting your HVAC system tuned up and cleaned and changing the filter means that you are still keeping up with the appliances in your home even though you may be leaving soon. Leave the receipts on the counter to show that you have kept up with these things. Getting the gutters cleaned or having the hot water tank checked as well will also help.

4: Clean the Home
Make no mistake- potential buyers would rather buy a home from someone who is neat and tidy over someone who is messy and even dirty. Wouldn’t you? If a home is neat and tidy it is usually a sign that the current owner takes a lot of pride in their home and they care about it. Making sure the home is clean for the inspection will give the impression that you care about what happens to it. It is a good way to start off the inspection process.

5: Leave the house
There is almost no reason for you to be there during the inspection process. Inspections can take a long time and the inspector has to do a lot of things- go up on the roof, turn the AC or furnace on full blast, open cabinets, the list goes on. You standing there watching them can make them nervous or hesitant to do certain things. It is also a time for the potential buyer to be there and able to speak freely without fear of offending you. A lot of time and money goes into buying a house, and it is a huge investment. The buyer has the right to be fully aware of what they’re getting into. Most home inspections take a while- so be sure to schedule for at least 3 hours away from your house.

6: Leave Any Receipts There
If there are things you have invested in during your time in owning the home it is important to let the inspector know. For example- if you have put in a new sewer then make sure the inspector is aware of it. That way, on the write up they can make it known that the sewer was replaced a few years ago so there is no need to check certain things. Any maintenance done to HVAC systems or replacements should be included there as well. It not only makes their life easier, but also builds the value of your home.

Home inspections determine a lot and they can be nerve wracking- there is no doubt about that. A lot goes into them. But following some of these easy tips can help. Buying and selling a home is a big milestone in anyone’s life and there is no reason to make it harder than it needs to be. We all wish you the best of luck in it and we hope we helped! For more tips on buying or selling just give us a call. We are opening doors all over WNY, and we would love to help you open yours. Just give us a call at 768-1177!

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A Few Parks Around WNY Worth Visiting

Life gets crazy and around this time of year especially. It seems like every weekend there is another barbeque or event that we have to go to or make an appearance at. Sometimes it feels good to take a mental vacation for a few hours- leave the phone in the car and get back to basics. What better place to do that than at some of the wonderful parks here around WNY! We all know of the bigger ones but there are so many that we put together a solid 4 that should keep you busy- at least for the month of July! Here are some great options when you are craving some one on one time with nature:

1: Reinstein Woods- Located in Cheektowaga NY
Reinstein is beautiful. It has so many lakes and ponds that are all over the place- and streams that follow it too. With trails that are winding and vary on difficulty level it is a perfect activity to do with a serious hiker or a young child. It is a very quiet, serene place that not too many people know about. It even has a place for kids to play with wood branches and learn about nature known as the Nature-Play area. Reinstein is also full of history and they want to tell you about it!  The history trail goes through the history of the park and the history of WNY. Reinstein is located right next to Stiglmeier Park which is also an amazing stop.

2: Knox Farm- Located in East Aurora
Knox Farm is hidden gem. It is the former estate owned by the Knox Family from Buffalo. Over 600 acres in size, it truly is just amazing to walk through. Pulling into it makes you feel like you’re almost stepping back in time. Looking out into it feels like you’re not even in New York anymore. It is absolutely gorgeous and I would highly encourage everyone to go at least a few times during the year. In the fall the leaves make it look even more stunning than usual.  There are several things you can do at Knox Farm and horseback riding is most definitely an option throughout the park. There are acres of habitats, wetlands, grasslands and wooded areas. So really- there is no shortage of areas to explore. Knox Farm also hosts a variety of events for the community- visit their website and you can learn all about them.

3: Tifft Nature Preserve- Buffalo, NY
Tifft is like the little slice of paradise in the middle of the city. Standing in the middle of the park you forget you’re in Buffalo. It is a 264 acre piece of land that is dedicated to the safety and preservation of wildlife in Buffalo. It has one of the most interesting back stories of most parks. At one point it was a massive dairy farm owned by George Tifft. Later it became a transshipment center for coal and iron ore and then finally during the 1950s, became a dump. That’s right- it was a dump! In the 1970’s Tifft started to get cleaned up a bit. They decided to enclose the 2 million cubic feet of solid municipal waste in clay and then cover it with soil from other places in the preserve. They then widened the ponds and added more wildlife to it. Since then it has become a department under the Buffalo Museum of Science. It is a beautiful place to just walk through. There are lots of information signs throughout it as well that explain exactly what you are looking at.

4: Buckhorn Park- Grand Island NY
If you are looking for a place to kayak this is a very good contender. Buckhorn is located right on the north side of the Island and it is very easy to miss. It is probably one of the most hidden parks on the list and is very much a hidden gem. There are trails that will take you right by the water and trails that will take you into deep wooded areas looking up at massive, old oak trees.  It’s a great place to go on a hot summer day because nearly all of the trails are shady and covered so you will be that way too. There is so much to explore there too. It is very quiet and peaceful and a great place to visit to clear your head and de-stress.
We all hope you enjoy your exploration of some of these beautiful places. Make some time for yourself and go walk around and enjoy some of the amazing wildlife and trails that we are so lucky to have. Let us know which one your favorite is!! Happy July everyone!! If you would like to explore some houses around the area as well- let us know! We are opening doors all over WNY and we want to help you open yours. Just give us a call at 768-1177!

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5 Tips to Make the Buying Process Less Stressful

Buying and selling a house is one of the most stressful things someone can do in their lifetime. So much goes into it- the timing, the planning, etc. Everything needs to be planned perfectly and if one person does not hold up their end the entire thing could fall through. On the plus side, there is a few ways to not have to do this when looking for a house. For those of you that are about to, currently, or thinking of going on a house hunting journey these four tips should really help.

Tip 1: Decide What Your Requirements Are
Buying a house is one of the biggest and most important purchases a person will make in their lifetime. That being said, you want to love it, and if you’re moving with a partner you want them to love it too! Even when you’re even kind of thinking about it- nothing is set in stone, sit down with whomever you are moving with and think about what you want. How many bathrooms? Do you want a pool? How many bedrooms? Will you have a lot of people coming to visit? What size? What area of town? There’s a lot of decisions that are going to be made during this conversation. Write down and list the absolute minimum requirements for your future dream home. This will help the buyer’s agent find a home that you love too. It is important to get a house that you’re happy about, your partner is happy about, and that is functional for your lifestyle.

Tip 2: Get Pre Approved for a Mortgage
There are a lot of positives on getting pr eapproved for a mortgage. Number one on the list: it helps you to know your budget. One of the worst things is finding a house, falling in love and figuring out it’s just not in your price range. Getting pre approved can help get rid of that. It helps you know exactly how much you can borrow, and know your mortgage payment. Secondly, it also helps in the negotiating process. The seller will actually figure that since you are pre approved your offer is good and a sure thing. Because you’re pre approved, the seller will take your offer over other peoples because it adds a level of certainty.

Tip 3: Don’t Rush the Process
The second you decide you want to buy a house, start getting ready to buy a house. Give yourself enough time to do everything you want to do. Nobody wants to buy a house they kind of like, only to find the one you love days later. Give it some time to find exactly what you want. Start exploring your options early on, as this can help you minimize stress. The feeling of urgency is one of the number one reasons this process can be so stressful. Avoid that by giving yourself ample time to figure out what is perfect for you and your family.

Tip 4: Plan your viewings
Instead of having 15 different viewings all on different days, see if it’s possible to block off hours for multiple viewings in one day. Trying for weekdays is also good as less people go for viewings during the week. Your agent is also going to be able to give you more of their attention.

Tip 5: Get an Agent
Getting an agent is one of the most important parts of the process. Agents know the process like the back of their hand. They can help you navigate the market and decide what works and what doesn’t. They are there to carry most of the workload during the buying process. They are there to make it as easy as possible for you. An agent can be one of the best tools you can have. They are there to advise you on what to do, how much to offer, and answer any of your other questions. Finding an agent you can trust, rely on, and call with any new information is important. Lastly, they have access to newer listings before other people do- which means they can find your dream house faster than you can sometimes.
Hopefully using these five tips will help to ease your buying process and make it less stressful for you! Remember that at the end of it will be exactly what you wanted- the house you need for this point in your life. No matter what happens, house hunting is quite the adventure. We wish you all the luck with it. We do like being a part of the adventure however. Red Door of WNY is opening doors all over WNY! Give us a call or stop in and we can help you open yours!

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4 Famous Houses in Buffalo

I think we take Buffalo for granted. This place has seen a lot of history! From the Erie Canal, to the burning of the city, to being called New Amsterdam for a little while- this place has been around for quite some time. Walking around the city will show you just how long it’s been around. We have some of the oldest buildings and a lot of new ones too.  This doesn’t change the fact that we have some pretty cool houses around you. Today, we’re only going to talk about 4.

1- Darwin D. Martin House Complex, Frank Lloyd Wright
125 Jewett Parkway & 118 Summit Avenue, Buffalo NY 14214
Constructed in 1903-1905, this complex consists of multiple structures. It is from the ‘prairie house’ style portion of his early, much celebrated career. It has 394 art glass windows just to give you a brief idea. It is most famous for the Wright style of horizontal lines and sharp angles and ranks among his most famous works. Frank Lloyd Wright designed the six structure property for a very wealthy and prominent business man, Darwin D. Martin. Over time, parts of the complex have been demolished, but there are still a few original structures standing. The complex is now going through a complete restoration. Cool thing about this place- it has the home of the famous ‘Tree of Life’ stained glass window. Go check it out- there are tours going on there all the time!

2- Birge- Horton House, Green & Wicks Architectural Firm
477 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo NY 14202
This was built by one of the most famous Buffalo Architects- E.B. Green. It was originally built in 1895 for Henry M. Birge and his wife.  They would come to own a dry goods store, but then change focus to wall paper. Soon, they would be the largest producer and distributor of wall paper in the nation under the name of M. H. Birge & Sons after he took his sons, Henry and George in as partners to the business. The business eventually closed down as wall paper lost popularity in the late 1980s. The house itself is Georgian-revival style and it is four stories tall. It was the last home constructed during the row-houses era, which is a type of house unique to Buffalo. In 1906, Katherine Pratt-Horton would end up living there, eventually buying the property in 1920 from Fanny Birge- wife of Henry Birge. After she passed away, the home was inherited by the Daughters of the American Revolution- the current owner.

3- Robert T. Coles House and Studio
321 Humboldt Parkway, Buffalo NY
Robert T. Coles is one of the most famous people that Buffalo has ever produced. He is credited with designing the Merriweather library, U.B.’s Alumni Arena, the John F. Kennedy Recreation center, and many more. The studio was built in 1961 and designed by Coles to be his primary residence and studio. It has been his home with his wife Sylvia for over 50 years now. The house is modern style and it is an L-shape. It is a single story home with two units connected by a small hallway. At the time of its construction, it was considered one of the most modern designs ever. Looking at pictures of it, the home looks so liberating. I feel at home just looking at it.

4- William Dorsheimer House
434-438 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, New York
This is actually the first property designed in Buffalo by H.H. Richardson. This house would actually lead him to even more important and prestigious projects because of how well-received it was. It would actually lead him to getting the commission for the Richardson-Olmstead Complex.  The home was built and designed between 1869-1871, and is three stories tall with a simple design. The home was built for William Dorscheimer, a wealthy Buffalo lawyer. He would go on to become a politician and later a journalist. The house is now used for commercial purposes.

Just walking around this city can lead you to a multitude of places to look at and enjoy. There are so many famous and historical houses in Buffalo, 4 is just scratching the surface. Who knows? Maybe the house you live in will one day become famous too! At Red Door of WNY, maybe we can help you find that house. We’re opening doors all over WNY! Let us make your dreams come true!

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6 Ways to Update Your Outdoor Spaces

With the arrival of summer also comes the arrival of a variety of get togethers at your home. Where do these get togethers usual occur? The backyard- on the patio or in the backyard. Being in a place where the cold weather is a good portion of the year, our patios and outdoor spaces take a big hit when it comes to our extreme weather. Since this is the case usually an update or two is needed every occasionally, to spruce of our space. Here are some tips for ways to update these spaces so that you can enjoy them more and add to the value of your home when it is time to sell it.

1- Add a fire pit.
There is nothing like sitting around a fire with your friends and family on a cool summer night, relaxing and having conversation. Fire pits are becoming more popular than ever. It also adds an entirely new look to your backyard while offering your guests a reason to stay later. It also can be used as a centerpiece of an entire event. There are a lot of options for getting a fire pit. Most people just buy them and throw them somewhere in the backyard. Make sure to put them on something more solid than grass or you will have strange yellow circles in the backyard where the grass is now dead. Some people do add permanent fire pits on the patio and in the backyard and Pinterest has hundreds of ideas on how to make them. Good thing is- if you use a more permanent way you can use it in the winter. Don’t forget the smores!

2- Grab some paint.
Painting some of the areas in your yard with bold, contrasting colors help to make the space more seasonal. For example- painting the desk a bold yellow and adding a blue rug helps to contrast your space. This adds to the overall feel that you are in summer mode. Another option is picking a more neutral color which can callow you to add some bold color accessories that you can change as you please. The southern states have recently started painting their patio ceilings ‘haint blue’. Who knows? Maybe this will become popular in the north.

3- Create some art
It’s amazing what a few DIY projects can do for you. Putting some decorative things in the backyard can really help make the space more oriented towards you and who you are. They can be as simple as some painted step stones to the garden to some creative bird houses. One idea to get your kids involved as well is painting some rocks for your garden. Grab some acrylic paint and let them design a few rocks that you can place around your space. This will add some character.

4- Put some light on it!
Adding lights in the backyard can really help when the party keeps going on into the later hours of the night. This can be simple as there are many ways to do this. Adding some string lights along the back fence or over the patio itself help to give it a more celebratory look. Adding some mason jars around the backyard with some simple candles is just as easy as it sounds. One idea we saw was to paint some of your planters with glow in the dark paint. During the day, you cannot even tell that they are painted but at night they can light up the stairs or a walkway to make it easier to navigate

5- Do some planting.
Adding some planters or hanging baskets can really make the outdoor spaces feel like you’re in an outdoor space. Plus, part- they’re pretty to look at. Making a planter is easy and it give you a chance to be creative with it. There are literally hundreds of ways to add some personality to your plants. Another fun project for the kids is getting them to design a pot and teaching them how to plant their favorite flower. It can be a good afternoon activity when they’re home on summer break. Hanging plants are no exception- wire baskets, metal baskets, plastic baskets, etc. Just pick out your favorite flowers and add them to your backyard to increase your appeal. It’s a simple, cheap and easy way to update your outdoor space.

6- Use Pavers!
If you’re looking for a bigger project, one way to update is using pavers over having solid concrete poured. There are companies that do this, but if you’re feeling good that day than it is something you can do on your own. Pavers are great because if one cracks or it gets weathers all you do is a get a new one to cover that piece or just turn it over. These little things can save you time and last a lot longer than some other traditional building options for your spaces.

We hope that you use some of these ideas to make your outdoor space, patio, or backyard the beautiful oasis that you want it to be. You should want to be outside and spend your time there, not dread it because it doesn’t look as good as you wish it did. Your home is your place- make it yours as much as possible! At Red Door of WNY, we are opening doors all over WNY. We want to help make your dreams come true- and finding a great house with a good outdoor space is no exception. Give us a ring and we can help you too!  

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Hertel Avenue Is on the Rise

Over the past few years, Hertel Avenue has changed its look, and we are LOVING it. Once a place of old bars refusing to update the entire community has seemed to step into the modern era. New businesses have moved in and new restaurants and bars are taking this slice of Buffalo to the next level. It has been a wonderful transformation. People want to be there even more than before now. How do we know? Drive down Hertel Avenue at almost any point during the day and there is traffic. Apartments in that area are going for nearly twice what the rent used to be, and houses are sold faster than they go up. Right now, is a wonderful time to be by Hertel Avenue.

A lot of these new restaurants are serving up some of the best food in town right now. They should be honored; of all the places in the states Buffalonians are some of the harshest food critics. Can you blame us? We know good food. In my opinion, one of the best places on the ‘new’ Hertel Ave. has to be the Burning Buffalo. This lovely little spot is located right down the street from the North Park Theater,  and it is the best place to sit and have a drink with friends and just enjoy the day. Now open for brunch, their menu offers unique American style food. Personal favorite is the Hertel Avenue chicken sandwich which is a unique blend of sweet and savory. For those of us that are gluten free they do offer gluten free options. And they’re actually good! They offer unique sliders and wild game burgers. Their menu honestly has something for everyone. They also have games to play if you just want to kick back and enjoy some time with your friends. The Burning Buffalo is bound to become a Buffalo classic and I am excited to see what they have in store for us.

Lake Effect Ice Cream has just opened a location on Hertel Avenue. With their first location in Lockport, it almost makes sense for them to start growing. Their unique flavors such as Couch potato and sponge candy make them the premier place to get Ice Cream in Buffalo. Their ice-cream makes us proud to be from Buffalo. They are now formally open for business on Hertel and have two sundaes unique to that location. One of them being the ‘North Park’ which has rock candy right on top, the other being ‘Bella Italia’ which include lady fingers, espresso sauce, and coffee Ice-Cream. I spoke to Jo at the Lockport location just to ask a few questions about their new location and she really helped us out. She said her favorite sundae is offered at both locations and it is called ‘Salty Caramel’. This sundae has Salted Caramel popcorn on top of the sundae! I guess we know where we’re going later.

Lastly, one of the newest places on Hertel is Hertel Avenue Poutine and Cream. Owned and operated by the same owners of Allen Street Poutine Company- we already know what to expect. It is almost heaven on a plate, and what can possibly go better than French fries and Ice Cream! It is located on the strip, right next to The Burning Buffalo. The star of the menu is their unique style milkshake- called “freak shakes”. However, the personal favorite seems to be the ‘’creamy buns” which is doughnuts filled with ice cream. The poutine portions are large and are a meal. The poutine is a wonderful marriage of flavor and creativity. All the options will keep you full and probably warrant you to take some home. Hertel Ave Poutine and Cream is going to most definitely become one of the most popular places on the strip. We’re just happy we don’t have to drive all the way to Allentown for great poutine now!

Hertel Ave is quickly becoming one of the best places to be right now. With new bars and restaurants opening, and more people going down there it is one of the places to be in Buffalo right now. Do yourself a favor, and when you question where you should go think of one of these new places adding to the rich culture that is our lovely city. If you are looking for a house in the North Buffalo area, or around Hertel Avenue, give us a call. Red Door is opening doors all over Buffalo, and we want to make your dreams come true!!

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7 Tips to Sell Your Home Faster


One of the most stressful things a person can go through is selling a house. This is not even an opinion- but a fact. Buyers walking in and out constantly, possibilities of deals falling through or going through, trying to find the perfect home in time, the list goes on. It’s no wonder that owners usually want to sell as fast as they can. With some homes on the market for as long as 400 days, to homes for only 7 days, there are a variety of ways to speed up the process.

Tip 1: De-clutter your home
For a lot of people this may be the hardest on the list. Buyers do not want to walk into your home and see your stock piles of clothes hidden in the closets. They will look through every inch of your home. Which makes sense. Wouldn’t you? Exactly. Getting rid of a third of your stuff is the standard. Start by going through your storage areas- closets especially and taking out or getting rid of at least half of it. Put the stuff that you want to keep in the closets back in an organized way. You may want to get a storage unit for this portion because it will allow you to keep a lot of stuff without making it apparent to buyers. Make sure to hide more personal things deeper into your closets or store it into drawers. This will also help when you move to! Getting rid of your stuff or putting it into storage will make your life easier during that hectic time.

Tip 2: Curb Appeal
First impressions are everything! This is no different when it comes to buying homes. Adding some plants, more flowers, paint some of those things you’ve been meaning to do for a few years. Flowers near the entry to the home make it feel more inviting and comfortable. Cleaning the exterior of the house may also help- power washing the siding and cleaning the windows can also spruce up your home. Potential buyers will always be looking. Not just at an open house, but they may drive by just to see the neighborhood around it and see if it looks the same in pictures. You can more than likely get a 100% return on your investment when it comes to sprucing up your curb appeal.

Tip 3: Depersonalize
Potential buyers do not want to see their house as your home, they want to see it as their home. Taking down pictures of your family, political posters or anything religious can help make it seem more like a blank canvas. If you don’t want to hire a stagier, rearrange the furniture to make it look less cluttered and more open and hang up some generic wall art to tie it in. This will help make the space seem larger.

Tip 4: Add more Light
Make sure your home does not look like the Adams family residence. Add more light! Optimize your current light fixtures by adding the highest wattage it can hold to make it brighter. A new coat of light paint can help too. It is well known that a lighter room helps to open it up and make the space seem larger than it is. Cleaning the windows, cutting down shrubs or trees, or pulling back the drapes can also help to let the sunshine in. Especially for showings during the day, good natural lighting can be a selling point.

Tip 5: Get rid of anything to do with your pets.
Dogs are man’s best friend, but that does not mean that they are the potential buyers best friend. Hiding the litter box, the food bowls, leashes, toys, etc. is good when setting up showings. Make sure to deep clean the home of all dog or cat hair-having things that mean a pet lives there also brings the perception that the house is not clean. Not everyone is a cat or dog lover and it is important to remember this.

Tip 6: Make some small upgrades
Fixing a few things around the house can make a world of difference. Painting the cabinets, fixing a doorknob, or getting nicer decor for the kitchen or bathroom will make the house already look better. Instead of remodeling completely, only upgrade a few things that you can afford and will see a return on. Getting new appliances may only cost you $2500 but a kitchen remodel can cost as much as $10,000. Only make upgrades on things you know will get paid back to you.

Tip 7: Be Flexible
Being available when buyers may want to view the home helps a lot. Trying to schedule showings may be difficult, but remaining able and ready to show whenever they want helps. The buyer is a customer, so being accommodating throughout the process will make them more willing to go with you and your home over someone else. Someone may find a beautiful house that they love, but if the buying process is going to be difficult because the seller is being difficult, it is enough to make them turn away. Being flexible and friendly can help sell your house just as much as any other tip on this list

There we go! Hopefully through following these tips, your home can be sold before you know it. Special thanks to Trulia and HGTV for helping us come up with some of these. If you are interested in going through Red Door of WNY to buy or sell a home, please give us a call at 768-1177. We take your dreams seriously, and we are opening doors all over WNY. No matter whom you go through, we all really hope you have luck in listing and selling you’re home.

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